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Here’s how to convey attraction while staying easeful and relaxed.

A lot of reserved, introverted men don’t know how to convey attraction to women they’re interested in.

Some guys feel so uncomfortable expressing interest that they just don’t start the conversation at all.

They’re afraid that they wouldn’t convey it in the right way, or that they would convey too much.

Either way, they’re worried it would all come out wrong, especially because they feel so uncomfortable in the first place.

And you know what?

They’re right! It would come out strangely if they are uncomfortable.

The solution, though, is NOT to avoid conveying any attraction at all. That would be counterproductive to the very connection you’re wanting to make.

You also don’t want to be a big cheese puff hitting on girls right and left.

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Instead, you can successfully convey your attraction to quality women.

It is a subtle art and a skill you can build. Learning this skill gives you the confidence boost you need to start showing interest more often.

Here are four relaxed ways you can show a woman you’re interested.

They range from subtle to direct, and they all can feel wonderful when you are at ease in your own skin and aware of her and how she’s receiving you.

1. Step up for her; be a gentleman.

If you are not at all sure or comfortable with how to convey attraction to a woman you’re interested in, this could be a great first step for you.

It makes you look and feel great, and it is a service to women who naturally love to feel safe and cared for.

It’s also quite subtle because for all she knows, you could just be a chivalrous kind of guy.

But it opens the door to more, and it can pique her curiosity about you in a good way and wonder whether you are interested.

Ways you could step up for her and be a gentlemen include… 

  • Clearing her plate or bringing her back a drink if at a party.
  • “Saving her” from an unsavory conversation by swooping in if she looks unhappy.
  • Offering to help her put on her coat or jacket or giving her yours if she is cold.

At Introverted Alpha, our clients have done all three of these.

Not only do women feel seen and appreciated and safe in their presence, they feel like Benevolent Badasses themselves.

In fact, one client was at a wedding and did the first suggestion of clearing the plates of everyone at the reception table.

It just felt intuitive for him because he was feeling so good in his own skin after the work we had started.

As a result of that and his general easygoing charm (which he had NOT tapped into yet, just a few weeks prior!), guess what happened?

The mother of a woman he was attracted to pulled him aside.

She said to him, “You are such a catch. How can I help facilitate you asking my daughter out?!”

This had never happened to him before. He felt awesome that he could make that kind of impression just by doing something simple and chivalrous.

Woman in Parking Lot - How to Convey Attraction2. Compliment her with feeling.

Women love to be desired. If there is already an underlying spark of attraction, it can fan that flame on her side if she feels desire from your side.

Things you can compliment her on include anything you notice, like…

  • What she is wearing and how it looks on her.
  • Something she said and what that says about her.
  • A thing she did that you noticed and appreciate.

When you compliment her, make sure to say whatever genuine thing you’re noticing while fully appreciating the effect she has on you.

This makes it feel more authentic and powerful for you and for her.

Couple on Bench - How to Convey Attraction3. Incorporate touch.

If you’re wondering how to convey attraction without words, there is a way to do that!

It is very effective and fun for both people, as long as you can read from her that she is enjoying interacting with you so far. (These flirting signs will help you interpret that.)

Here are natural ways you can incorporate relaxed touch into your conversation with her…

>> If you’re sitting, you can let your legs or arms touch a little bit at first and if she is not pulling away, then more and more.

>> If you are standing, you can lean into her shoulder just a bit with your shoulder.

>> And if you are standing or if you are sitting without a back on the chair (on an ottoman or bench, for example), you can touch her back in a moment of closeness.

Note: Since that last one is more intimate, only do this one when you can see she is feeling very good being near you.

This kind of no-pressure gentle touch helps you explore mutual chemistry.

That’s because as you get closer and connect body-to-body, you can tell if there seem to be butterflies on both sides.

Is she seeming warm and excited by your touch, just as you are by touching her?

Once you get going on this and she is clearly into you (!), here are signs she wants you to make a move.

People in Coffee Shop - How to Convey Attraction4. Tell her outright.

To become very comfortable in how to convey attraction when you’re interested in a woman, you can simply tell her outright.

Here are a few ways you can word that, depending on what feels natural in the moment… 

  • “I feel so X around you; I love being near you.” (Fill in the blank with whatever you feel!)
  • “I feel attracted to you.” You can be that direct!
  • “You know what, I love being near you. I’d love to see you again.”

What makes these so powerful?

What makes them powerful is when you are not expecting ANYTHING from her as you say that.

You simply feel delighted to be saying what is real for you, with taste and class and ease.

With any of these, make sure you are expressing how you feel as a gift to her, without expecting anything in return. It is so satisfying to just say how you feel, to say what is true.

Once you do that authentically and boldly with a relaxed and easy way about you, you are full! You feel fulfilled. You don’t NEED anything from her.

Now of course if you approach it this way, she will likely feel even more attracted to you at that point…

(Because, who does that?? Other guys are clamoring for her attention; meanwhile you are engaged and yet cool as a cucumber.)

Those are the four ways you can convey attraction to a beautiful woman and have it feel wonderful for both of you. 

Now for some behind-the-scenes mindset support:

How To Convey Attraction - Introverted AlphaMindset and confidence boosts to help you out:

It’s probably occurred to you that conveying too much attraction too soon is creepy. Well, have you considered that hiding attraction out of fear is also creepy?

To remedy this, clean out the cobwebs in your mind so you can convey attraction clearly and warmly.

As you get good at this, women will feeling more drawn to you and excited about the possibility of getting closer to you.

We’ll need to clean out two major “cobweb causes” in order to do this:

(1) Rather than shrink back in fear, understand what’s great about you already.

In a culture that more regularly emphasizes women’s attractiveness over men’s, it’s no surprise that many men never really think about it.

They may not realize (a) how and why men are genuinely attractive to women, much less (b) how they themselves are attractive to women.

It’s a complex matter, and it’s why I wrote this article on introverted men’s attractiveness, so you can learn the answer to BOTH those things.

(2) Rather than feel less-than, maintain the context of continual self-development, which is sexy.

Becoming a Benevolent Badass who knows how to convey attraction well is an ever-unfolding process.

Hold the intention of becoming more intensely and consistently badass by being more comfortable, at ease, and happy in your own skin day by day.

As we like to say around here at Introverted Alpha, “Enjoy the hell out of being you.”

When you are doing everything you can with what you’ve got, you become more and more attractive.

Also, the fact that you’re going through process itself is attractive because of the confidence and character that self-actualization implies. 

In summary, here’s how to convey attraction well:

  1. Incorporate touch to explore mutual chemistry.
  2. Compliment her while fully appreciating the effect she has on you.
  3. Step up for her; be a gentleman.
  4. Tell her outright.
Now that you know how to convey attraction in a relaxed and easeful way, here is what’s next:

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Editor’s Note: I originally published this post in August 2015, and in September 2017, I updated it for comprehensiveness and quality.