Become A Benevolent Badass

1:1 Social Leadership Program for Introverted Men to Strengthen Their Vibe

Find your true north, bring out your best around others, and become an intentional social leader… all while laying your powerful foundation for more success in this 12-week high-touch, comprehensive program.

What Is A Benevolent Badass?

At Introverted Alpha, we know that every man can become a true Benevolent Badass. 

What does Benevolent Badass mean anyway?

Benevolent comes from the Latin words “bene” which means “good” and “voleo” which means “power”… so it’s using your power for good.

This implies that you have power to use in the first place! You do. It’s inside of you, and together we can draw it out.

Badass simply means knowing what you want and going after it with singleminded focus in a way that benefits you and others around you.

Put these together, and you become unstoppable.

As an introverted man, you may have felt like being powerful or badass was elusive for you. You’re good, yes, but powerful? Maybe you’re not so sure.

I’m here to tell you that you are.

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of watching man after man show up with very little hope in himself and then walk away after my program with tremendous fortitude and courage in all relationships and life direction.

How Does The Program Work?

Become A Benevolent Badass is a 12-week online program, with robust training material and 1:1 coaching calls.

During your 12 weeks, you will get 12 in-depth training modules with material that has been developed and refined over years of supporting hundreds of 1:1 clients like you.

What makes this program so wonderfully personal are the 12 coaching sessions you’ll get with your personal coach, 60 minutes each.

Each call is recorded and sent to you for your records, and it will feel great to listen back and hear the change that has taken place in what you’re saying in the calls and how you’re saying it.

Unlimited email support with your coach is also included. Send her screenshots of your text messages, email threads, and new outfit! She’ll be there to give feedback and celebrate your win’s, a truly special vibe between you.

Also included is feedback on your style, grooming, overall look, and vibe. Your coach will tell you exactly what is working well and what to improve in your very first session. It’s an awesome head start to your journey.

When you makeover your social media profilesyour coach will be there to help. Since we work with so many guys in real time, she’ll have the best, most cutting-edge feedback for you!

At Introverted Alpha, we love that there is no ceiling on just how good things can get. That’s why we continually update the material, and you will get access to all future updates. 

Become A Benevolent Badass

1:1 Coaching Program Overview


1. Find Your Inner True North

Embody the Benevolent Badass vibe, understand your sphere of influence, and powerfully shift out of old patterns.

2. Bring Out Your Best Around Others

Feel relaxed and at ease socially; become playful and “flirt” as a way of life, shine at work, and resolve conflicts with grace.


3. Become A Social Leader

Uncover your leadership strengths, establish what you want socially, and engage people to new levels of closeness.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Program:

Phase 1:
Find Your Benevolent Badass True North

  • Module 1: Embody The Vibe (self-actualizing into a deeper version of “good man” and a “real man” while staying 100% true to yourself at your core)
  • Module 2: Understand Your Sphere of Influence (what is inside your control versus outside, how to shift the things that are and come to peace with what isn’t)
  • Module 3: Shift Out of Old Patterns (what behaviors are you doing by default that don’t fit in with who you are now, upleveling those intentionally one-by-one)
  • Module 4: Define What BB Means for You (what does your Benevolent Badass life look like in each facet: career, home, presentation, social, travel, hobbies, etc)

Phase 2:
Bring Out Your Best Around Colleagues,
and Family

  • Module 5: Feel Relaxed and at Ease Socially (allowing yourself an open, deliberate, yet fluid stance in your body and mind even in intense moments)
  • Module 6: Be Playful as a Way of Life (how to “flirt” with everyone and delight yourself and others with fresh originality, creativity, and humor)
  • Module 7: Shine at Work Among Coworkers and Influencers (being the “life of the office” even while quietly doing your thing, becoming more trusted and sought after by colleagues)
  • Module 8: Resolve Conflicts with Grace (dealing with conflicting views and desires, being a liberated leader in difficult family and work situations)

Phase 3:
Become An Intentional
Social Leader

  • Module 9: Uncover Your Social Leadership Strengths (identifying your existing strengths and traits, seeing how to use those artfully and benevolently)
  • Module 10: Establish What You Want Socially (clarifying your vision of the social circles you'd love to build out, and your own preferred natural social roles)
  • Module 11: Engage People to New Levels of Closeness (introductions, making new friends, deepening existing friendships, nuances of all this)
  • Module 12: Nestle People Where You Want Them (keeping the level of closeness/distance you want without being needy or rude)

What's Included in Become A Benevolent Badass

12 weeks of private 1:1 coaching calls with your dedicated IA Coach. You’ll get weekly calls, 12 in total, plus all session recordings.

Unlimited email access to your coach for the entire 12 weeks. Celebrate wins; show her your messages; get her personal guidance.

12 modules of in-depth content, leading you through three major phases: inner discovery, connection, and social leadership.

The investment is $7,000. (3-month and 12-month payment plans are also available.)

Considering joining? Apply to discuss with us 1:1:

Launch Your Dating Life is a 12-week customized 1:1 training program to equip you with lifelong attraction skills.

The investment is $7,000. (3-month and 12-month payment plans are also available.)

If you would like to discuss potentially joining the program, please apply for a 1:1 conversation just below:

Questions? Email [email protected].

What Other Clients Have Said

“Keep doing what you are doing. You have put together a great program, unlike a lot of things that are out there. I’m about halfway through, and I have been finding it extremely helpful in clarifying things in my life so far.”
“I’m incredibly grateful for all I learned about myself and the adventure I’ve been on since the program. It’s not perfect, but I’ve been “more” of the things I wanted to be more of.”
“I’m the type of person that tends to over-analyze everything, so having someone who understood that side of me and had my best interests at heart was what I needed to get moving.”
“I wish I could describe the power that you’ve awakened in me, out of my head into my life. Thanks for sharing the abundance in your life. I can tell that you come from a place where there is no such word as scarcity.”

For audio reviews by clients, go here. Many have told us that these reviews were helpful as they considered the program.

For FAQ’s, go here. We’ve compiled answers about Introverted Alpha and how we work.

Want to see if this is right for you?

Become A Benevolent Badass is a 12-week customized 1:1 training program to equip you with lifelong social leadership skills. The investment is $7,000. (Payment plans are available.)

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