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We help thoughtful men attract women naturally without being someone they’re not. Click the button to download our free 22-page ebook on why the pickup artist approach doesn’t work for introverts and what works instead.

Does this sound like you?

Pick-up doesn’t work
well for you.

You could never accept that PUA’s focus is on “getting laid” instead of real connection. Plus, it assumes a loud, brash disposition that doesn’t suit you.

Your love life is the one missing piece.

Though you’ve achieved a lot, something feels missing. You’re ready to have someone to wake up next to, cuddle with, and talk about your days together.

You want to be your best self.

You want to get better with women to improve your love life and to self-actualize. More than anything, you’d love to feel genuine confidence.

Here’s how we see things at Introverted Alpha:


Social fluency is a skill, not a personality. “Introverted does NOT equal “socially awkward.”


Each introverted man has a unique vibe all his own. When he discovers it in himself, women notice.


A True Alpha has a strong sense of himself. He is honest with himself and is devoted to the win-win.


Dating is a skill to build (not an innate talent). You can build that skill with a roadmap and guidance.


Genuine women love genuine men. There are amazing women out there for you.

What would you like to know?

Why and how you are uniquely attractive

Find out why standard dating advice doesn’t work to attract genuine, intelligent women, and see what works instead in this 22-page ebook.

Meet women outside of bars and clubs

We’ve put together the 5 best venues for introverted men to meet great women (NOT bars and clubs), so you can find the right venue for you.

How to best approach an attractive woman

Learn the 4-step (non-creepy!) sequence that is respectful to you and the women you’re drawn to in this free Approach Sequence PDF.

I especially like how you’re a strong alternative to short term, shallow PUA tactics.

What you guys are sharing is so great and stimulating! I could never imagine that dating would be so sharply broken down to a science.

I can tell from the site and program structure that IA truly cares for building relationships with their clients and seeing them succeed.

I definitely do consider you on par with Ramit Sethi / Tim Ferriss. Your work comes off as so honest and sincere it really makes me believe that you want the best for us men (and the women in our lives!).

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