Attract women naturally.

You can attract women without
being someone you’re not.

Find Below: Dating Advice
for Introverted Men

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“I especially like how you’re a strong alternative
to short-term, shallow PUA tactics.” – K.

Dating Advice for Introverted Men

Attract women naturally without
having to be someone you’re not.

Hi, I’m Sarah Jones, founder of Introverted Alpha.
Are you in the right place?

This website is for thoughtful, intelligent men who want to
attract women naturally while being true to themselves.

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“I just want to say THANK YOU for having a website that manages to stay more neutral and celebrates individuality without being fluffy.”

– D.

“I’m delighted to have found Introverted Alpha. I had a hard time trying to be an extrovert until I finally noticed that even if I did that, it wouldn’t be me, and eventually women would notice that.”

– B.

“I could never accept the fact that the primary focus of pick-up was just getting laid, with very little focus on an emotional connection, if any at all.

“I struggled with accepting the fact that pickup is the only thing out there for a long time – until I found your website a few days ago.

“I find myself agreeing with everything that I’ve read of yours so far.”

– P.

“Your website, blog, e-books, and course have been both enjoyable and informative to contemplate. This information is organized in a way which gives clarity to the overall ‘roadmap’ while also defining the hazards and navigation details to confidently traverse the path ahead.”

– M.

What is an Introverted Alpha?


Let’s take a look:

{re}Defining Introvert:


An introvert is a deep and thoughtful person. He’s rejuvenated by peace + quiet.

Three qualities make him especially attractive:

He is easy to be around. He is genuine and real. He is mysterious.
Many people think introverted = socially awkward.

That cannot be further from the truth.

A person who is socially awkward can either be shy (introverted version) or loud and bumbling (extroverted version). That said, everyone can evolve past social awkwardness, into SOCIAL FLUENCY.

Social fluency is a skill. Not a personality.

A developed introvert is very comfortable in his own skin, puts himself in situations and places that are favorable and enjoyable, and takes wonderful care of himself and appreciates his quieter nature.

{re}Defining Alpha:


A True Alpha has a strong sense of himself.
He takes pleasure in excellence.

There are three distinguishing factors of a True Alpha:

He is comfortable in his own skin. He has an air of quiet confidence.
He adds value as a way of life. Many people think alpha = asshole.

It absolutely does not.

A pseudo-alpha is constantly clamoring for external validation. He says to his buddies, “Dude, I’m the alpha. Respect me. Be my wingmen. It’s all about me.” A True Alpha, though, doesn’t need constant validation.

One-upping is a weakness. Not a strength.

A True Alpha knows and respects himself and cares genuinely for others. He has an air of quiet confidence, and men and women alike flock to him because he feels so good to be around.

Taken together, Introverted + Alpha = Benevolent Badass.


An Introverted Alpha is genuinely strong and naturally attractive.
Women love him because he loves himself and loves them.

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“I love how personalized and caring you guys are at Introverted Alpha! It’s so wholesome and refreshing.” – I.

Does this sound like you?

You are a smart
introverted man.

You’re a linear, logical thinker with an incredibly rich inner world. You prefer quiet nights in with a good book or an immersive video or computer game. Because of your intelligence and diligence, you have a fulfilling career and material comfort.

Your love life is the one missing piece.

Even though you’ve got everything else in place in your life, you often feel lonely. You’d love someone to wake up next to, cuddle with, and talk about your days together. Without that, things feel a little hollow – like something’s missing.

Pick-up doesn’t work
well for you.

You could never accept that PUA’s premise is just on getting laid with little or no focus on genuine connection. Plus, most of it assumes an extroverted disposition, and it often has a hard, harsh feel to it that you don’t like. In short, it’s just not your style.

You want the freedom to choose an amazing woman

You want to first become good at dating so you can easily filter for the right woman for you when you are ready. Whether you end up wanting a playful dating life or a deep intimate relationship, you want to share your life with women who are honest, loving, and inspiring.

You want to be the very best version of yourself.

You are already successful. Now you want to learn how to get better with women, not just for more pleasure in that area of your life, but to self-actualize. For you, it’s about being the best man you can be, living a full satisfying life, and enjoying true confidence.

You are ready to overcome your fears & enjoy intimacy.

Though you might feel a little bit timid about getting intimate with someone, you are clear that you definitely want to overcome your fears. You want to find comfort within yourself and put yourself out there in a way that suits your personality and preferences.

You’re not sure how to handle attraction.

You’re not sure how to be natural with a woman, how to tell if she’s interested – and in fact – how to know what makes you sexually interesting at all. Because you don’t want to risk making her uncomfortable, you usually end up not escalating.

It can take you a long time to warm up to people.

You often go out of your way to avoid small talk, and you find yourself over-analyzing and over-thinking more than you want to. Also, it’s hard to initiate contact with a stranger without an obvious reason or a structure in place, like at work for example.

You want a deeply caring, fun, intelligent woman.

At the end of the day, you want feminine beauty and passion in your life. For you, a woman makes it all worth it. A beautiful, loving, honest, and gentle woman would give you that extra boost of meaning in your life, your career, and your accomplishments.

If that sounds like you, let’s
go a layer deeper.

In my work with men like you,
I’ve uncovered three distinct
Introverted Alpha Archetypes.

Each archetype has his own fears,
desires, challenges, and strengths.

Which Introverted Alpha
Archetype are you?

Let's find out.

Want to know me a little better?

Hi, I’m Sarah Jones, and I love men.
Especially smart, introverted men.

That’s why I founded Introverted Alpha.

Because I think you’re wonderful and you deserve the best.
You are earnest, accomplished men who are adding value in the world.
You have everything else handled and are now ready to
address your love life with gusto.

If that sounds like you, awesome.
Here’s what I want for you:

The joy of attracting refined, quality women as your day-to-day norm.
Freedom to choose the right short-term and/or long-term partners for you.
An ever-deepening sense of happiness, sensuality, and connection.
The confidence that comes from attracting women naturally.
A mind-blowing, super hot and connected intimate life.

Another facet of my mission is to
help end human trafficking.

Not only does every successful man deserving a fulfilling love life,
*every* single girl on this planet deserves to be safe.
The grave problem with men feeling unsatisfied in their sex lives is that
it leads to human trafficking and other unacceptable abuse.

Every Introverted Alpha student automatically sends a % of his investment to Not For Sale, a powerful campaign to
end human trafficking.

I dream of a world where where men and women honor each other and everyone is safe.

Why smart introverted men?

Maybe it’s your logical, analytical way of thinking.
Your earnestness in staying the course until you get it right.

Your quiet strength and steadiness, gifts to all womankind.
Even when you don’t see some of these qualities in yourself, I see them.

If you hang around here enough, you will too. There’s nothing more fun than finding your personal “brand” and using it to attract women naturally.

I truly appreciate you. Equally important…

I understand and enjoy you.

I’ve helped many men up-level their love lives, and I’ve spent most of my life around smart introverted men – most often engineers.

My dad – engineer. My brother – engineer. My boyfriend – engineer. Many of my friends, my ex, most of my clients… all engineers.

I’ve also known and coached men in other analytical professions: entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, market analysts, consultants, and more.

I get you guys. I enjoy you, and I honor you.

“I was astounded to find a person teaching being introverted as being a good thing. I’ve struggled with this for a long time. The thought of using this part of me to my advantage is exciting to say the least.”

– C.

“I can’t thank Sarah enough for making things clearer for me. I always knew what I wanted but just struggled being able to express it into words and now I can. :) Many thanks for such a great site. :)”

– R.

I want you to succeed.

When there is a painful disconnect between you and the beautiful, loving, intelligent women you belong with, that is unacceptable to me.

Since you are a kind-hearted intelligent man, you shouldn’t have to wade through PUA tricks that make you feel awful.

You shouldn’t have to scour the internet for randoms tips and half-assed techniques on social and dating skills.

In my world, you should be given only the highest-quality information on these things.

Even further, this information should be so beautifully crafted and so lovingly delivered to you that it feels pleasurable to learn and implement.

I take it as my responsibility to provide that for you.

Thankfully, when it comes to training smart, introverted men in self-confidence, social leadership, chemistry, dating, and relationship foundations, I’ve been doing it long enough to notice something fascinating:

What I’m doing at Introverted Alpha is working.

Because of my extensive training at iPEC Coaching, and the years I’ve immersed myself in coaching guys like you, my readers and clients are now happier and more confident than ever.

They are deepening their sense of self, emerging as social leaders, becoming fluent in sexual escalation, skilled at dating, and fulfilled in relationship.

Every day, I am taking what I’ve taught them – what was once only revealed behind the closed doors of private high-end 1:1 coaching – and I am eagerly bringing it straight to you.

If you stick around, you will learn:

How to earn your own self-respect through confidence and assertiveness.
How to genuinely connect with people, even upon first meeting.
How to actually enjoy dating and avoid the friend-zone.
How to touch a woman: from first brush to unforgettably hot sex.
How to transition into relationship with a strong foundation in place.

I'm sticking around!

Excellent! I’m happy to have you. :)


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If you are our ideal client, you are already enjoying success in many facets of your life, which sets the stage for success here.

In coaching and in our programs, I promise to always treat you with respect and to coach you via gentle and pleasant means, which is honestly the most effective.

All our programs start by showing you what’s great about you and cleaning out old habits so you are free to authentically connect with wonderful women.

Together, we lay the foundations for an exciting, fulfilling love life with beautiful, intelligent, caring women when you are ready.

“I’m so glad I found you. I can’t even tell you… your insight, your views, perception. You’re one in about a million, at least. You’re good. You’re damn good.”

– S.

“Yours is the only online source I’ve ever resonated with. I have not found any individuals I’ve been prepared to trust in supporting me with this.”

– B.

“You are able to make complex problems/challenges seem like opportunities that are light and easy to address rather than like over-complicated elephants.”

– R.