The 10-Step Seamless Sequence To Connecting with Her, Sparking Chemistry, and Always Knowing What To Do Next

(Even If You’re Shy, Inexperienced,
or Not A Touchy Person)

Is it possible to learn how to touch a woman, even if you’ve never really known how?

When you were a boy, you probably figured it was a given.

You might have thought that when you grew up, you would just automatically know how to touch and kiss a woman.

One of those mysteries of being a grown-up that sorts itself out as you get older, right?

Well, now that you’re a grown man, you still find the whole chemistry-thing elusive – at least when you’re first getting to know a woman.

The problem is, if it takes you too long to get comfortable with her, she moves on.

Pick-up doesn’t work for you, and you hate the thought of feeling or coming across as creepy, so you just tend to sit on the sidelines.

Understandable, but it sure isn’t fun.

At this point, it might look like every other man on the planet understands women besides you, and you figure if you don’t already know what to do, then how can you possibly learn? 

You CAN learn, and we will teach you how.

Wait a second, how can we be so sure?

We’ll tell you how. It’s logical, really:

We’ve watched other men just like you learn, implement, and do very well. 

Smart introverted men who previously had no clue how to touch a woman learned what they needed to learn and had their first kiss ever in just a few weeks.

It’s amazing, and the world changes a little bit with every “nice guy” who becomes absolutely irresistible. 

What if YOU could inspire an attractive woman to melt in your arms, just by being you, but more confident and skilled?

What if it’s not an elusive talent you missed out on, but rather a skill you can start building now?

Imagine going on a date with a beautiful woman and knowing exactly how to touch her.

… feeling her relax around you, while you feel laid back and confident.

Imagine sensing her excitement, even at the gentlest brush of a hand.

Because you’ve learned how to read her body language, you can see that she feels safe around you and intrigued by you.

The chemistry is already flowing early in the date. 

You feel relaxed because you know exactly how to touch her at each moment, how to escalate seamlessly and lead amazingly well.

As you talk together, you watch her relax around you, and you feel closer to her as the date goes on.

By the end of the first date, a kiss is inevitable.

At Introverted Alpha, our clients have had dates like that… even after years (decades!) of no physical intimacy whatsoever.

By the way, every guy we talk to thinks he’s the only one who doesn’t have experience with women. He’s not.

We’ve talked to several guys who lack experience, and they’re all good men. Really great, successful men – they just haven’t figured this out yet for fear of seeming creepy.

Once you finally know what to do, the impossible becomes simple.

Before we started Introverted Alpha, one of our clients was 27 years old, no dates ever, no first kiss ever with anyone, before he found us. He felt deeply ashamed of this.

He used to have a lot of trouble being social as well, and he learned how to do that on his own. By the time we spoke, he was a really social guy, into improv and all kinds of things, but still… no first kiss.

We taught him the First Touch to First Kiss system, and within a month, he’d had his first kiss.

The date went beautifully because he knew what to do when.

He slowly built chemistry, and when he gave her a kiss goodnight (his first kiss ever!), she was so attracted to him that she prolonged the kiss.

On their second date, the chemistry was electric the whole way through.

He told us how relaxed he felt because this was the first time in his life he actually knew what to do with a woman. Yay!

Btw, “Just do it!” is not a workable solution.

Stop harassing yourself just because you can’t close your eyes and rush headlong into a kiss with a stranger.

This is *not* a problem.

You are a linear, logical man who requires a linear, logical solution.

A linear, logical solution, even when it comes to chemistry, is NOT too much to ask.

In fact, we happily provide it for you.

Enough with subjecting your ears and mind to, “Just get out there and do it, man!” ridiculousness. It’s demoralizing and demeaning. We won’t have any of it.

Besides, if it were as easy as “just doing it,” then why do so many men come off as creepy? We’ll tell you why: 

The “eyes closed, rushing forward” technique causes more harm than good.

Sure, you might luck out here and there by just “putting yourself out there and seeing what happens.”

Here’s the thing though. No need to see what happens because we already know what happens: awkward unpleasantness.

And not just for you, but for her too. Not a fun moment. That’s why you need an alternative learning method that capitalizes on your strength: your mind.

It’s time to start using that brilliant and able mind of yours to learn exactly when and how to touch a woman you’re on a date with. You can do that.

Once you understand the logical sequences and subtleties of touch, chemistry can flow smoothly.

At that point, it’s irrelevant whether or not you were born knowing how to touch (you were, by the way – we all were – but you just haven’t yet been taught how to do that well yet).

To elevate yourself from the mass of men who come off as desperate or creepy, you first have to know what to do, how, and when.

Then your mind is free to elegantly follow through.

At that point, the whole process of touching a woman, even one you’re on a very first date with, starts to feel intuitive.

These little tidbits that I’m picking up are causing waves of change.

Your feedback has already left a mark in my life, and I’m confident that I’m not the only one.


Thanks so much for helping me. I’m a better man because of you.


Once again I’m floored reading everything you have sent so far.

I can feel how much you love men coming through in the tone of your material and your commitment to helping men find their dream woman.


You have made the material playful and fun, even while dealing with “serious” or “important” matters.

In this way, you are able to make complex problems/challenges seem like opportunities that are light and easy to address.


Even if you COULD learn, would you?
Here are a few normal fears about touch:

“I’m too shy.”

“I’m too shy to touch a woman, even if you told me the step-by-steps. It takes me a long time to warm up to new people, so I don’t know if I could start touching soon enough for any kind of sequence to work for me.”


That makes sense. If you’re a private person, it can take you a while to feel comfortable around someone new, and you don’t want to touch someone you don’t even feel comfortable around.

At the same time, if you wait too long, then you start feeling uncomfortable because you HAVEN’T touched, and so that’s not working either.

You’re just not sure how to feel a nice, easeful connection with someone new and incorporate touch in a gentle, non-threatening way that also doesn’t friend-zone you.

Whew! Totally get that.

“I’m not a touchy person.”

“I’m just not the kind of guy to openly touch people, not even friends that often, much less people I’m just meeting for the first time. I don’t want to feel awkward or make them feel awkward. I also don’t want to try to be someone I’m not, by pretending to be touchy.”


Makes sense! If you’re naturally a low-key guy, you’re not going to want to come across as a brash, touchy guy. Not really your style.

At the same time, sometimes you might hold back touch even when you want to touch. It’s important that you find the right timing and style for touch that feels true to who you are as a man: not too little, not too much.

When you start doing that, you can feel even more natural and genuine than you do currently.

“I’m afraid I’ll come off as creepy.”

“The last thing I want is for her to think I’m creepy or desperate. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. When I’m attracted to a woman, I usually don’t touch her because I’m afraid that if I do, it will come off all wrong.”


It is an awful feeling to think you’re giving off the OPPOSITE impression you actually want to be giving off.

You’re a good guy. You’re not creepy, so you certainly don’t want to look that way.

If you did inadvertently touch her in a creepy way, it wouldn’t only ruin any chances you had with her; it would humiliate you and make her uncomfortable.

“I don’t want to be a sleazy jerk.”

 “I don’t want to be weird or make her uncomfortable. I’m afraid that if I touch a woman, it will automatically feel predatory, and I don’t want that. Plus, I’m not going around looking to get laid. What if my touch makes her think that?”


That’s a completely understandable fear.

You’re a good guy, and you don’t want to come off the wrong way.

Plus, you don’t want to get yourself into a situation that you feel uncomfortable in. If you start building chemistry, you don’t want to feel like you’re pressuring her or yourself.

“What if it’s too late for me?”

“I’m already 28 / 36 / 19 / 62. I feel way behind the curve. If I’ve not gotten comfortable with women yet, when will I? Maybe it’s just not possible for me. Maybe it’s too late to even try.”


Whoa, whoa, whoa there tiger! We get it, but don’t let yourself go there. It is NOT too late.

The reason we listed the ages above is because we’ve heard men at EACH of those ages tell us, “I’m already X. Are you sure you can help me?” The answer is yes.

All those concerns above are normal, and we hear them all often.

In fact, we’ve heard them even since we started working with men on these things at all.

Here’s how our approach is different than PUA (in case that’s not already apparent)

If you’ve spent any length of time in the PUA world, you’re familiar with a few of their core premises, which we simply don’t share:

Typical PUA Approach: 
“Just do it, man! Just get out there and go for it!”

In other words, “You have to pretend to be outgoing, or else women won’t want you. The best you can hope for with a new woman is pseudo-connection. I mean, why would you want real connection anyway? That’s not very manly of you.”

!! Not good. 

Our Approach:
Be proactive, yes, but only once you know what you are doing.

Learn the sequences and subtleties so that when you go to implement with someone you’re interested in, you’re implementing based on what you’ve learned, not shooting in the dark.

You do need to be bold, but not brash. Quietly confident and engaged will do beautifully.

In fact, that often creates more mystery and intrigue than the typical outgoing guy.

Your introverted nature can be an asset when you know and appreciate what it can do for you.

We are human beings, and humans want to connect with other humans.

The only reason we pull away from connection is because we’re afraid. Otherwise, we wouldn’t settle for cheap or fake intimacy.

As human beings, we want the real thing. We want REAL connection.

There are Five Pillars of Success at Introverted Alpha

PILLAR 1: Science of Sequences

Assembly lines are a great illustration for this. 

It is a fact that when we build something in a sequential manner, doing the right things at the right time, we make progress.

Contrast this with the chaos of, “Just do it, man!” and you get a vastly different approaches and outcomes.

A benefit to using the science of sequences is that it’s very easy for the linear, logical mind to understand.

If we were to tell you to wing it, that would be careless of us.

Instead, we take pride in creating sequences for you that you can understand and implement in your own unique way. 

Pillar 2: Art of Subtleties

Chemistry isn’t *all* science.

There’s also the art of subtleties in reading, responding to, and affecting the woman’s body.

Because of your introspective nature, once you understand the context and what to look and listen for, you are especially primed for the art of beginning a genuine connection.

There’s an ancient proverb that says, “The silence between the notes makes the music.”

As an introvert, you understand this especially well. When it comes to attraction, SO MUCH is hidden in the silence.

We teach you how to become adept at the art of the beginning stages of sincere connection so that when women are around you, they feel relaxed and excited at the same time.

Allowing for that is an art that you can learn.

PILLAR 3: Clear, Focused Mind

To be successful at anything, you have to have the presence of mind to focus.

Attraction is no different.

When your mind is clear, it is amazing what you can do.

Our coaching certification was primarily in the realm of success mindset, and the 7 Levels framework is at the core of how we help our Introverted Alpha reach a clear, open state of mind.

If you’ve read our Core Confidence article on the blog, you’ll remember these levels.

If not, or if you’ve forgotten, not to worry as they’ll be reviewed in this course and applied to the content you’ll be learning.

PILLAR 4: Deep Self-Respect

You can have all the science, art, and mental clarity in the world; yet if you don’t have a strong sense of yourself as a man, what you do will fall flat.

Especially when it comes to attraction and chemistry. 

When you know yourself and your authentic vibe, you start having a lot more fun and become much more attractive.

In First Touch To First Kiss, we’ve included a section helping you find your unique vibe.

It builds on what you’ve already learned in the “Why PUA Doesn’t Work For Introverts & What Works Instead” ebook, and it also refreshes you on the exercises in there in case you need it.

The reason this is so important is that knowing yourself as a man – who you are and why you’re awesome – is the bedrock of your respect for yourself.

When you know who you are and simultaneously go after what you want, something awesome happens:

You become effortlessly more attractive to the beautiful, kind, intelligent women you want to develop chemistry with.

PILLAR 5: Fierce Devotion

If there’s one thing we’ve seen through working with men like you, it’s that loving encouragement is a healing tonic.

This is why PUA is so dissonant to men who respect themselves – because it capitalizes on fear, the opposite of devotion.

When you are treasured, enjoyed, celebrated – especially by a woman – your confidence skyrockets.

That is what we aim to do with each piece of communication we write, with each word we speak to you.

You deserve fierce devotion, especially from yourself.

It’s the only way healthy, self-respecting women can be genuinely attracted to you.



The 10-Step Seamless Sequence To Connecting with Her, Sparking Chemistry, and Always Knowing What To Do Next

(Even If You’re Shy, Inexperienced, or Not A Touchy Person)

First Touch To First Kiss is the only program teaching step-by-step seamless escalation for smart introverted men.

When you join, you’ll get the exact 10-step sequence our clients use.


Inside the course, you’ll learn how to touch a new woman
you’re attracted to, from the very first brush to the first kiss.

You’ll learn not only the science-like sequence from first touch to
first kiss, but also the subtleties of connection.

This includes how to read a woman, clear your mind,
and come across in the best way at all times.

Through First Touch To First Kiss, you’ll be able to solve these problems:

“I have no idea how to touch a woman, no clue where to start.”

We’ll teach you exactly when and how to touch as you get to know her, during your first date… exactly how and when to kiss her, how to know if she WANTS a kiss – if she’s even into you. All of that. Let our system remove the guesswork for you.

“I get nervous even thinking of touching a beautiful woman…”

Inside First Touch To First Kiss, you’ll learn how to let escalation feel natural and smooth. You’ll find out how to feel comfortable touching her, even as you’re just beginning to know her. Even if you’ve been very nervous up to now, you can learn.

“Is something wrong with me that I don’t know this basic thing?”

It’s normal to feel discouraged or overwhelmed that you don’t know this already. That’s why we’ve broken the course into logical sequential sequences. This way, you can viscerally experience that it’s not you, just lack of know-how and you can definitely master this.

“I’m afraid beautiful women who might be interested in me are SLIPPING BY.”

This is painful because either you never see them again, or worse – you do see them, buy they now only conceive of you as “just a friend”. It’s a real danger if you don’t escalate. When this happens, it is heartbreaking for everyone.

“Sometimes I’ll have a great date, but then I NEVER hear from her again.”

On one level, you’re genuinely wondering why. On another level, you know it’s probably because you didn’t really know what you were doing, and so you either didn’t escalate or you came off the wrong way. We can resolve that together.

“I’m confident, but I second-guess myself around beautiful women.”

By second-guessing, you’re inadvertently making it IMPOSSIBLE for women to be truly attracted to you. This is because warm and intelligent women want men who are strong and comfortable in their own bodies. We’ll teach you this.

What will you learn through First Touch To First Kiss?

You’ll learn how to touch a new woman you’re attracted to, including…

how to switch from a flirty and playful interaction to more romantic interest, 

how to feel natural when initiating touch,
even if you’re not a touchy person, 

how to touch her in a way that doesn’t mask your attraction,
but at the same time is not creepy or sleazy, 

how to know what’s appropriate for the specific woman or situation, 

how to know what amount of touch is necessary to make a connection, 

exactly how to touch a woman, from very first touch to first kiss, 

WHEN to touch her and what step to use, 

how to master the art of initial escalation.

You’ll learn the right timing, including…

how to ensure the first kiss is as natural as possible, 

how to read the situation correctly, whether it’s the right time to kiss her, 

how to read what touch is most appropriate and when,

how to know what needs to happen before the kiss,
what should lead up to it,

how to understand the first kiss beyond what instincts can tell you, 

how to know what angle / position you should use when going for the kiss, 

how to know when the moment is right.

You’ll learn how to NOT come off as creepy, including…

how to connect with her without trying too hard,

how to let go and just enjoy the moment (hint: “just do it” doesn’t work.
A step-by-step sequence REALLY helps here),

how to make sure you’re not coming across as “off” or inappropriate,

how to ensure that the kiss is not a shock to her system
after a long period of platonic interaction,

how to prevent your touch from being misinterpreted,

how to make sure you don’t go too far ahead of yourself in your mind,

how to never scare a new woman away –
how to NOT touch her too soon or make her uncomfortable,

how to make sure you’re not overstepping.

You’ll learn how to read her, including…

how to tell whether she feels the same way before you kiss her,
so you avoid unnecessary rejection,

how to read her without making brash assumptions,

how to know IN ADVANCE whether she will be comfortable with a kiss,

how to know if she’s just being friendly or giving you romantic signals,

how to escalate gradually so that women don’t recoil from your touch,
but rather welcome it,

how to make sure you’re not intruding into her personal space,

how to gently test what is within and outside of her comfort zone,

how to gauge whether she’ll give you a positive reaction,

how to prepare for touch ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about it,

how to tell whether she feels chemistry with you and likes your touch.

You’ll learn mindset tools, like…

how to overcome lack of experience,

how to be so prepared that you can let go and enjoy,

how to access your intuition in the moment,

how to get out of your own head and focus on her without getting really nervous,

how to know for sure you’re not fooling yourself that she likes you,

how to ensure the kiss will be reciprocated,

how to know when touching is and is not okay,

how to make a first move while staying casual, confident and relaxed.

What would it mean for you to learn and master this?

The friend zone will miss you. :)

You will inspire a woman in the way she is designed to feel around you.

You’ll learn steady, strong, firm, yet gentle step by steps of touch.

Once you can confidently lead into the first kiss, many good things will follow:

Because you’ll be confident about touch, you will naturally ask more women on dates without having to push or force yourself.

This will mean you’re going on more dates meeting more great women, instead of missing opportunities.

As you practice, you’ll get more and more comfortable with touch and kissing, which will just compound your success.

This will prepare you for meeting the right woman for you.

When that happens, you’ll be able to build chemistry seamlessly and set yourself up to win her affection and attraction.

You’ll be prepared in advance.

Imagine that.

Imagine knowing EXACTLY how to touch a woman.

You can tell yourself all day and night to be more confident.

At the end of the day, nothing will quite do it for you like knowing, practicing, and succeeding at touch.

Inside First Touch To First Kiss:


Module One:
10-Step Sequence



1. Get Comfortable with Her (Steps 1-3): Become a natural at social touch to easily connect.

2. Flirt with Her (Steps 4-6): Understand exactly what needs to happen well before the kiss.

3. Kiss Her (Steps 7-10): Seamlessly ramp up physical intimacy so the first kiss is inevitable.

Module Two:
Read Her Body



1. Know how to tell if she’s just being friendly, so you never come across the wrong way.

2. Decipher her body language to see exactly how she feels, as if she’d told you outright.

3. Amaze her (and yourself) by touching her in exactly the best ways at the best times.

Couple Hugging Circle

Module Three:
Clear Your Mind



1. Learn how to come across in the most attractive way possible.

2. Establish comfort with her early, even if you’re an introvert and you’ve just met.

3. Effectively deal with insecurity, nerves, and fear of rejection, so you’re free to connect.

Module Four:
Stay Relaxed



1. Ensure that your touch will never be (or be misinterpreted as) desperate, creepy, or sleazy.

2. Overcome lack of experience so you look and feel like you know what you’re doing.

3. Make a first move while staying casual, confident, and relaxed, while not overstepping.


When you join First Touch To First Kiss, you get…

Video Modules

We’ve organized all this information into 3.5+ hours of helpful and easy-to-follow video presentations, so you can easily learn the material as we guide you through each lesson.

Helpful Worksheets

Crystallize your learnings through worksheets. There is one provided for each module, so you can integrate your learnings and refer to your personal reflections later on.

Full Transcripts

Get the slide decks and word-for-word transcripts of each teaching module, so you can study them closely, highlight, note-take, whatever helps you best integrate the material.

mp3’s & mp4’s

Download the audio mp3’s and the video mp4’s, so you can listen from wherever, whenever. Our students listen while driving, going for a run, or getting ready to go out.

Investment: $497

Our Promise to You:
Try First Touch To First Kiss FREE for 60 Days.

Feeling a little timid? Here’s what we’ll do:

Go through the course, and if in the first 60 days you’re not into it,
email with your filled-out worksheets attached,
and we will give you a full refund.

Only purchase if you’re going to go through the program with gusto.
You do NOT have to go out and implement before you’re ready.

All the worksheets are about internalizing what you’ve learned
through different mental frameworks to review.

This is because we know that once you know what to do, and it seems
doable for you (the ENTIRE point of this course is to get you there!),
then you will NATURALLY take real-world steps.

We’ve seen it dozens of times before, and we know
that’s just how earnest, introverted men work.

Investment: $497

How is First Touch To First Kiss different?


This is the first program to break down the first-touch-to-first-kiss sequence in a linear logical way.

The whole process is broken down into a simple sequence that you can easily understand and implement with confidence at the pace that is right for you.

It’s also (by default) the first program to do that WHILE teaching practices and mindsets that are 100% in integrity to start building connection with a woman while sparking chemistry.

Also, when you join now, you’ll get lifetime access to the course as it evolves.

When you learn and implement this course, you will be able to earn a woman’s trust and excite her, all while being 100% genuine.

As you do that, she will want to see you again. So, just be ready for that option once you start implementing. 

Ready to join First Touch To First Kiss?

Investment: $497

I’m carrying myself a lot, lot better. I feel my confidence is not so much the fake kind anymore, like I’m not acting confident, it’s more genuine and becoming how I roll.


I was astounded to find a person teaching being introverted as being a good thing. The thought of using this part of me to my advantage is exciting to say the least.


The principles in FTFK and your writings on IA are a key part of how I strengthen our relationship: the constant negotiation of boundaries & ongoing wooing of my girl. 


Once the car arrived I initiated a hug with her, and just went in and kissed her. I didn’t even think about it, or any of the remaining FTFK steps. It just happened, felt natural. 


Is First Touch To First Kiss right for you?

It’s NOT right for you if…

First Touch To First Kiss is NOT right for you if you don’t respect women. Disrespect towards anyone in any way is not tolerated here.

If, at any time, you demonstrate anything less than full respect, we will remove you from the course and refund you in full.

(That said, we don’t expect this to be an issue.)

This is also not right for you if you think learning and developing isn’t fun. We have fun improving here, so be prepared for that.

It IS right for you if…

First Touch To First Kiss IS right for you if you are a kind-hearted man. You care about people, and you are earnest. You are strong and respectful. 

It’s right for you if you’re a linear, logical thinker who prefers structures and frameworks to the “just do it” approach.

It’s right for you if you are DETERMINED.

If learning how to touch women in a seamless, confident, relaxed way is really important to you, even if a bit scary, then it’s game time.

Why should you trust that this will work, period?

We’ve taught lots of men just like you, and as soon as they know what to do and get a little guidance, they know how to inspire a woman to melt in their arms. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

The reason we’ve been able to help them is because of our education at iPEC Coaching; our cumulative hundreds and hundreds of hours in the field helping linear, logical men like you; and the dynamic is just right.

When it comes to touch, we’ve helped so many men become so successful that we’ve distilled our findings into 10 seamless steps, from first touch to first kiss.

Now, what was previously only revealed behind the closed doors of our limited-spot 1:1 coaching programs, we’re now bringing to you for a fraction of the high-end coaching investment.

Our first clients invested hundreds per hour to learn what we’re about to teach you for a *tiny* fraction of their investment.

(We gave the course to those first clients for free. It’s the least we can do, as we refined the system LIVE while coaching them!) Now it’s all packaged up and ready for your learning benefit. 

As a contributor on Forbes, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Cosmo, and more; our message has been resonating quite a lot with folks.

We’ve been able to develop meaningful relationships with people who we esteem very much and headed up building an entire coaching company for someone else before launching Introverted Alpha.

Hundreds of men have worked with us and our trained coaches at Introverted Alpha. 

In operation since Summer 2014, people reach out to us daily wanting to connect and thanking us for our work. The letters pour in, and we’re so grateful to have created a program that is so resonant with people.

Men LOVE our approach, and they get solid results with our team.

This is not because we’ve got some marketing scheme going. It’s because we care about you – DEEPLY – and are creating an artisanal brand to help you become a benevolent badass and sweep your beautiful date off her feet.

That’s what all this excitement is about.

You’re not simply helping us find a woman to build with, you are helping us become better men for our women. Period. That’s the investment. That makes this world a better place. Thank you.


I thank you for your attitude, but foremost for your love to us, men. I really appreciate it.


I could get a sense even from our initial call that you were different (a good different :)) ) from other coaches or relationship advice people I had come across in blogs and on youtube.


Is it worth the money?

Whenever you buy something, you want to consider these two things:

First, “Is this extremely important to me right now?”

And second, “Is this a promising path to get me there?”

Let’s address these one at a time:

#1: Is learning how to touch a woman, step-by-step, so you never have to worry about it again, important to you?

Is it in line with your values and goals this year? Meaning, do you want to have great dates and open the door to finding an amazing girlfriend?

If so, you really can’t forfeit touch. It’s kind of impossible.

If you don’t touch her properly, she will have no choice BUT to friend zone you, and it’s not her fault.

Being frank, it’s yours. So don’t be that way. 

Let’s get you all set to beautifully lead her, to give her the wonderful opportunity of falling for you.

In order to do that, you’ve got to learn how to touch her.

#2: Is this a promising path to get you there?

Meaning, is First Touch To First Kiss relevant, and can you trust the quality?

Well, it’s a pretty straightforward program:

If you want to learn how to go from first touch to first kiss with a woman you feel chemistry with, then learning how to do that in a sequenced way is important.

Add in critical information on reading her body and making sure you stay  confident and relaxed so you’re coming across the right way, and you’ve got what you need.

Everything in this course is inside because it’s relevant key information for escalating in a way that feels natural and wonderful for you and for her.

As far as quality… 

We take great pleasure and pride in creating excellent material.

That said, if you’re not happy for any reason and you tell us so (homework in hand) within the first 60 days, we will promptly refund you in full.

As you learn and implement this material, you won’t be able to help but create fond memories, excitement for the future, and happiness at how you’re already changing and becoming better on dates as you go.

Ready to join First Touch To First Kiss?

Investment: $497

Can you trust yourself to implement?

How do you know you will implement?

If you show up, fill out the worksheets, and practice what you learn in real life, you can’t not succeed.

We like to use a cake-baking metaphor:

If you set out to make a cake and you have all the proper ingredients, a reliable recipe, and you follow the recipe and put the cake batter in the oven at the right temperature for the right length of time…

you can’t not take out a beautiful baked cake.

You can try and try, but if you follow the instructions, you’re simply going to get a great result.

Is your first cake guaranteed to be perfect? If you follow the recipe exactly, it will be pretty close.

In First Touch To First Kiss, everything is streamlined to make implementation as easy as possible for you.

Your success matters deeply to us.

If you’ve achieved success in other areas of your life, you can use that familiar linear logical approach here as well. It works!

Your success habits kick in, and you have another chance to show yourself what you’re made of.

Is First Touch To First Kiss right for YOU?

“I haven’t gotten good at approach yet. Should I study that first?”

If you study approach without knowing how to touch…
you’re going to get friend-zoned.

This is because if you start talking to a woman and you’re not touching her at all – or in the right ways – she’s not going to develop much attraction for you…

unless you’re out-of-this-world objectively attractive, and at that point, if you’re not showing interest through touch, she’s not going to think you’re interested.

Whereas men respond first and foremost to physical looks, women respond first and foremost to touch.

So if you’re not touching her, that’s like a woman going out in really baggy sweat-clothes without a shower to a first date. Not so hot. 


“Will I be overwhelmed or intimidated by all this info?”

You might be excited and nervous about the idea of getting close with someone – even just reading about it.

That is NORMAL. Shouldn’t stop you from implementing, though.

All successful people are scared sometimes.

As long as you are committed to moving forward in a gentle and pleasant way through the course and into real life, you WILL be able to pull this off.

Not only even if – but *especially* if – you are gentle and introverted. Integrity is the foundation for earning women’s trust, and now we can add in the exciting spark.

It’s so much easier than you think. 


“Should I learn this stuff from a woman?”

One of the things our students love most about learning from us is that we are women.

Not just any women, but the kind of women who are respectful and respected.

This is really important, because women like us think and respond differently than the kind of women that PUA targets.

Women who respond to PUA material are not the kinds of women our students want to attract.

Rather, our students are generous, good-hearted men who want the same in a woman.

While every kind, intelligent woman has her own preferences, women all do share some things in common:

We like it when a man we’re interested in touches us in a way that is connected and strong.

We like it when a man is relaxed and comfortable in his own skin and not afraid of us – respecting us but not fearing us.

We like it when the connection feels effortless.

We can teach you how to do those things.

We’ve taught many men before you, and we’ll teach many men in this course.

We’d love it if you were one of them!


“Will all women respond positively to this touch sequence?”

No, they won’t.

But you’re not going to be practicing it with all women – only the ones who are genuine, kind, intelligent, and attractive, not the ones who snub you on their barstool.

You only want to build connection with women who are warm and kind.

If a woman is rude to you, she’s disqualifying herself by the very act of being rude.

As far as subtle personality and preference differences, there are variations included in each step to help you know what’s right for what kind of woman and in what context – together with what will feel most natural for you and come across the best.

So no, it won’t work for all women, and that’s alright.

It will work for the women who you actually want it to work with – women who are beautiful, intelligent, and kind, as well as open and receptive to you.

These are real words of wisdom – I’ll never forget these conversations – they’re jam packed with stuff – incredible thoughts.

I am really truly amazed every time I talk to you. I can’t thank you enough.


I had never really had this thought that women want to be touched by a confident man, (in an appropriate way).

But reading what you wrote made a lot of sense to me and had made me conscious of the fact that women enjoy it.


You come across as totally attractive on so many levels. Your communication is super clear.

I hope one day I can be like you. So crazy to think I have felt ill feelings towards women in my past and here you are, such an inspiration to me.


You do have other options:


Bootcamps can be great. Usually these are focused on approach – not a lot on the finer details of friendly and flirtatious touch and the first kiss.

Many bootcamps tend to have a message of, “Just do it, man!” which puts the gentler and more mysterious man on the spot, making him feel uncomfortable and frozen.

This is NOT a weakness; it is a personality preference.

The men we teach prefer to learn things in a linear, logical, systematic way, and then implement it in their own time, come back and learn the next step, and then implement that.

This is sequential and layered skill-building over time, which for something like this, tends to last longer and get better results than trying to force yourself into an uncomfortable situation to “see what happens.”

We’ll tell you what happens: it’s frustrating.

Bootcamps can be great for the right guy and the right subject, but it’s $3-10K down the drain if it’s not the perfect fit.


PUA Material

Lots of guys learn from PUA.

In fact, many of our clients used to do PUA or at least used to read it before they chose the Introverted Alpha approach.

Whenever we hear that a new client has NOT done PUA, we get so happy because he hasn’t been torturing himself with trying to make something fit that just doesn’t.

A man who wants to be true to himself and respectful of women – just a really good guy – does NOT jive well with manipulative NLP tricks and canned one-liners that have nothing to do with him as a person.

It’s like oil and water struggling to mix.

So if you’re following any teachers who make you feel like you need a shower after you read their stuff – do yourself a favor and clean them out of your inbox.

Only keep the teachers around who are actually ADDING to your life and your sense of self.

Employ self-respect. Learn only from people you trust and want to be like.

And if you join our course – even if you don’t but you just read our free material – all of the mental energy that would have gone towards trying to force something that was never you – now goes towards being the best man you can be within a benevolently badass system.

The blog does that, but our programs including First Touch To First Kiss does that even more because it’s module after module of focused, quality content, all made for you.

Bottom line, only join if you already feel good about us. 


Figuring it out yourself with random blogs and podcasts:

You can do that. For some men, that works.

But if you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, or sixties; then figuring it out on your own is something you’ve already spent decades doing, and it’s a struggle.

All you’re losing is time, but what is your life, if not time? This is real talk, folks.

If we sugarcoated things, it would not help you.

Our goal is to help you by showing you the reality of the situation, and the ones who resonate with what we’re saying and who feel it’s time to begin – come join.

There’s lots of great material out there, sure.

It also takes 100’s of hours to scour for the right material for you at the right time, and often you just get bits and pieces of the puzzle.

First Touch to First Kiss is ALL the pieces on escalation from that first touch to first kiss, organized in a sequential logical manner.

This creates a seamlessly hot experience for you and the women you experience it with.

It all depends on how important this is to you right now.

If this is truly important to you – if you want to learn how to touch a woman once and for all, then First Touch to First Kiss is your ticket.


You can go on all the dates in the world, but if you don’t know how to touch a woman, it’s not going to lead very far.

She’ll sense your discomfort in your own skin, your terror at touching her, and she’ll withdraw. Even worse, if you try to touch her and get it wrong, you’ll scare her off forever. Don’t do that.

Learn the system, and get it right so that every woman you touch from now on will feel really good about your touch, if not melt into your embrace. 

This course will teach all of that – the basics and the subtleties.


CAN you be friends for years and then something develops?

Sure, it happens all the time.

These rules are not absolute, but let me ask you something:

Do you want to wait painstakingly for years, wondering whether or not she returns your feelings, all the while losing precious time and missing out on all other opportunities?

Probably not.


Ask your friends.

Go for it. Friends are great and sometimes helpful.

They’re not going to whip out a 10-step system for you though.

Let’s be real: when was the last time they ever gave you clear, cohesive step-by-steps – not just the steps but the different variables, contexts, and situations for those steps?

Right… unless we are best friends, not likely.

Take this course – learn the steps – and YOU become the man in your circle who your friends ask for advice. 



Matchmaking is a great service that often leads to lifelong happiness with a great partner.

It is a COMPLETELY different service than learning exactly how to touch a woman.

Sometimes they give 1:1 consults, but even then, they’re not trained coaches, and they’re not experienced in the nitty-gritty of helping linear logical men spark chemistry with a woman.

They help with etiquette, presentation, and confidence – all GREAT things. But not 10 steps from first touch to first kiss.

For that, you’re on your own, my friend.

Unless you join our course, and then we’re in it together. We want you to have this skill! We can help you build it.

We’ve already made the course, so it’s really not that hard.

All you have to do is walk down the road we’ve paved for you.


Coaching with Other Coaches:

There are great coaches out there, many of whom are my friends.

That said – again – no one else knows this system but us at Introverted Alpha.

How do we know that?

Because we created it.

Plus, everyone – clients, readers, and colleagues alike – have been wanting to get it as soon as we mention “the 10 seamless steps from first touch to first kiss.”

Once they get it – it works. Now it’s open. Go for it!

Again, this 10-step system is crystal clear, effective, custom-tailored for linear logical men like you.

It’s honestly irreplaceable and is found nowhere else. 


Doing nothing:

This makes my stomach turn.

It is by far the saddest approach, if we can call it an approach at all.

It’s essentially numbing out because things have been too painful or still seem unreachable.

Please don’t do that to yourself.

Rise to the occasion you were born for, alright? You can do this.

You’ve got this. We think it’s time.

Are you ready to see what it’s like?

How awesome will it feel to know exactly how to touch a woman?

What will it be like to read her body language, and be totally confident that she’s into you because you know what to look for and you know how to come across well?

How much ANXIETY will this eliminate from your life, once you know what on earth to do?

And how much better equipped will you be to sweep the right woman off her feet?

Let’s do this.

In case you can’t tell by this mammoth of a page, we really care about you and we want you to win. WE CAN HELP YOU.

Now all you have to do is let us support you. 

Let’s go! 

Ready to join First Touch To First Kiss?

Investment: $497

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