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What's Your Next Step to Attracting Women Naturally and Building Deep-Down Confidence as an Introverted Man?

Whether you want to focus on dating or self development, or prefer a fully customized approach or an independent self-study, we’ve got you covered! See all program options below… 

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Dating Programs

Excellent for those who are looking to improve their dating skills, whether through one of our 1:1 coaching programs or self-study options.


Launch Your Dating Life

Be and feel sexually attractive, meet and connect with great women, and get numbers & go on dates.

Format: 12 Weeks of Modules
Plus Your Personal 1:1 Coach, 12 Sessions
Investment: $7,000

Couple walking in grass - Virtually Irresistable - circle

Virtually Irresistible

Attract quality women online and inspire them to meet you for in-person dates, all while building your confidence.

Format: 4 Weeks of Modules
Plus Your Personal Coach, 4 Sessions
Investment: $2,700

Man On Phone Circle

Virtual Virtuoso

Find out which apps to use, select your best photos, write the perfect profile, and send great messages that lead to dates.

Format: Evaluations and Recommendations
Plus Your Personal Coach, 12 Sessions
Investment: $3,000

Couple In Park Circle - Meet More Women In-Person

Meet More Women In-Person

Confidently approach women in-person and build chemistry naturally, while staying true to yourself as an introvert.

Format: Evaluations and Recommendations
Plus Your Personal Coach, 6 Sessions
Investment: $3,000

Circle Man with surfboard on beach - Rock Solid Confidence - Introverted Alpha

Magnetic Confidence

Become attractive to quality women, replace “nice guy” patterns with genuine strength, and develop an unshakable sense of self.

Format: Self-Paced; Self-Study
Investment: $497

Couple holding hands on beach - circle

First Touch To First Kiss

The 10-step seamless sequence to earning her trust, turning her on, and always knowing what to do next.

Format: Self-Paced; Self-Study
Investment: $497

Couple Embracing Circle - Benevolent Badass Boundaries

Benevolent Badass Boundaries

Create the perfect dating zone by creating healthy personal and interpersonal boundaries, and set appropriate pacing and growth for each point of your relationship.

Format: Self-Paced; Self-Study
Investment: $79

Man Taking Picture Mountain and Lake Circle - IA Academy

IA Academy

Reach the pinnacle of social and dating success authentically in this comprehensive, end-to-end, 1:1 personal academy.

Format: 24 Modules
Plus Your Personal Coach, 26 Hour-Long Sessions Investment: $14,000

Man and Woman Couple Circle - Level Up Coaching

1:1 Coaching Session

Get the 1:1 feedback and guidance you need from your own dedicated IA Coach.

Format: Evaluations and Recommendations
Plus Your Personal Coach, Up To 3 Sessions
Investment: $179 per session

Christians In Love

Attract a beautiful Christian girlfriend and build a strong Christian relationship.

Format: Evaluations and Recommendations
Plus Your Personal Coach, 12 Sessions
Investment: $5,000

Couple With Coffee And Cupcakes - Discovering Deeper Beauty

Discovering Deeper Beauty

The exciting journey to finding out who she is.

Format: Self-Paced; Self-Study
Investment: $247

Coffee And Plants Circle

More coming soon!

Stay tuned for more great program options coming soon!

Self Development Programs

Perfect for those wanting to work on their career and social life first before focusing on dating. Many of our clients choose one of these options as a bridge into one of our dating programs.


Become A Benevolent Badass

Find your true north, bring out your best around others, and become an intentional social leader.

Format: 12 Weeks of Modules
Plus Your Personal 1:1 Coach, 12 Sessions

Investment: $7,000

Clay Enneagram

IA Enneagram Program

Understand yourself so you can live "in the zone" and be connected and fulfilled in all your relationships.

Format: 8 Weeks of Modules
and Q&A Recordings
Investment: $1,800

Kitchen Circle Introverted Alpha

Casa Casanova

Become comfortable in the kitchen, confident in your wardrobe, and cozy in your home.

Format: Self-Paced; Self-Study
Investment: $497

The Quiet Hero

Slow a racing mind, overcome perfectionism, and safely let go of overthinking.

Format: Self-Paced; Self-Study
Investment: $27

For Past Clients

If you’ve done a coaching program with us, this is a wonderful next step for continued support from us!

Friends Mountain Circle - Level Up Coaching

Level Up Coaching

Powerfully Increase Your Success In Dating, Your Social Life,
and/or Romantic Relationship with Personalized
1:1 Coaching Through Your Own Hand-Crafted Curriculum

Meet with your IA Coach weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
Each plan is month-to-month.

Our Approach at Introverted Alpha


As a team of women who love men, we firmly believe (and have seen, since 2014!) this truth:

Men who are more linear and logical by nature can absolutely attract women naturally. We will show you how to become more confident, genuinely attractive, and skilled in your own unique way, by becoming more of yourself and not less.

Our clients love how special they feel (and are!) to us as individuals. We can’t wait to care for you just the same. :)  That’s the whole point around here! To love you into your greatness.

As you pick your next step above, here are some helpful considerations:

    • Are you a student or do you have tighter financial considerations? If that’s the case, check out our self-study options! Magnetic Confidence is fantastic for developing a strong sense of self, and First Touch To First Kiss gives you everything you need for moving things along chemistry-wise.
    • Are you somewhere in the middle? If you’re curious about Launch Your Dating Life but you want a more “toes in the water” approach, check out Virtually Irresistible. And if you geek out on personality typing like we do, the Enneagram Program is a must-have for understanding yourself better than ever.

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  • Why the “pickup artist” approach will never work for introverts and what works instead
  • How to attract women naturally being your best self

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