10 Quick Confidence Boosts You Can Do Right Now

Small achievements can make a big difference in your confidence and vibe…

Many prospective clients we speak with during Exploration Calls know they need effective and quick confidence boosts in order to achieve the type of dating lives they want; they just don’t know how.

That’s because they equate “confidence boosts” with a major accomplishment: earning a degree, getting a new job, or sparking a conversation with a beautiful woman in an elevator.

Yes, these major events can lift your self-esteem, but how often do they actually happen?

Our clients have shown us over and over that accumulating small wins allows them to feel more at ease and connect better with women.

The best part: these vibe upgrade opportunities are everywhere and you can start them right now.

We talk about your vibe here at Introverted Alpha a lot because it’s very powerful to understand how women experience you.

And there’s no more powerful way to develop confidence on your own than our awesome self-study program, Magnetic Confidence!

Today we’ll be covering some quick upgrades to your overall sense of self. That said, confidence runs deeper than what we’re about to cover! To get true confidence in your uniquely attractive vibe, download our free ebook. (And note the helpful exercise on page 8!)

Now, let’s take a look at 10 quick confidence boosts together…


5 Quick Confidence Boosts to Upgrade Your Internal Vibe

These actions will help you shift into a more proactive, productive mindset, especially important if you find yourself in levels 1 or 2 of the “7 Levels Framework”.

As a result, the world will appear more organized, joyful, and sensible to you. Your inner vibe will have more calm and less chaos.


1. Fix a small annoyance.

We all have things in our day that bug us again and again, even though they’re relatively quick fixes.

Maybe it’s getting a new shower caddy so that bottle of shampoo stops falling off the ledge onto your foot.

Maybe it’s leaving a stash of reusable grocery bags in your trunk because you never remember them.

Think of what that is for you, come up with a solution, and do it.


2. Write (but don’t send) a letter to someone.

Even after a relationship has ended, sometimes there are still things unsaid. It might be an ex-girlfriend, a family member, or a friend from your past.

If you find yourself returning to those relationships in your mind, or having imaginary conversations of what you would have said, try writing it down in a letter to that person.

The key is you don’t have to send it.

In fact, some of those things may be better left unsaid, or it simply doesn’t make sense to reach out in real life.

The act of getting it out of your head and onto paper can be incredibly freeing.


3. Do something nice for “Tomorrow You.”

Think of a way to help out “Tomorrow You,” the guy who is going to wake up tomorrow in your house and your body and go to your job.

Does he always get hungry at work around 3pm and could really use a snack? Will he be angry that he doesn’t have anything clean to wear to work when he wakes up tomorrow morning?

Do something that will make his life easier tomorrow.

Thinking of yourself in the third person might seem weird, but it can actually be a helpful way of seeing yourself for who you are and treating that person with kindness.


4. Go out in nature.

It could be a major hike or a simple walk around your neighborhood.

You don’t need a dog or a bike or a podcast (although those things don’t hurt); it can just be you and yourself enjoying the day.

Any way you do it, getting out in nature has proven mental benefits.


5. Meditate.

If regular meditation isn’t a part of your routine, there are lots of apps like Headspace to guide you through the process and help you get started.

You can choose to clear your head, or focus your attention on something specific.

Many clients find meditating on their Values and Factors from our Charm Finder exercise in the ebook helps them understand them even more.


5 Quick Confidence Boosts to Upgrade Your External Vibe

These quick confidence boosts will help improve how others view you. Women will notice these small upgrades and feel a strong pull toward your new, fresh vibe. You can discover much more about this here.


6. Take stock of your wardrobe.

Here’s a quick way to assess and declutter your wardrobe:

1. Pull everything out of your closet and place it on your bed in groups of like items (pants with pants, t-shirts with t-shirts, et cetera).

2. Take a look at each category and mentally rank items from most favorite to least favorite.

3. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can the least favorite be donated?
  • Should you buy a second of your favorite item in a different color because it looks so good on you?
  • Is there any category that you have too much that you can pare down?
  • Is there any category that’s too sparse and you need to stock up?

4. Make a shopping list of things you need and set aside anything for donation.


7. Adopt a houseplant.

There’s something nice about having fresh greenery in your home, and a lot of plants are surprisingly low maintenance (I’m looking at you, succulents).

If you enjoy cooking, a small herb garden can be a lot of fun and serve more than just an aesthetic purpose.


8. Clean out your car.

Toss any trash and take whatever’s been hanging in the trunk to its proper place.

Make sure the insurance and registration documents in your glove compartment are up-to-date and restock the items you like to keep on hand (gum, sunglasses, et cetera).

Then either wash it yourself or take it to be professionally cleaned.


9. Do some easy meal prep.

A bit of thought into what you’ll be eating over the next week or so helps you stay on track with your health goals.

You don’t have to go crazy and have every single meal stacked in Tupperware inside your fridge, but meal-planning has been shown to help people feel more organized and prepared.

Plus, you’ll be more inclined to cook your own meals, which is healthier and better for the budget compared to ordering in or dining out.

YouTube has tons of meal prep videos customized for different lifestyles and even for different grocery stores.


10. Get groomed.

Book a hair appointment, and if you have a stylist you trust (also a great tip!), ask him or her if there are any tweaks to the usual that might suit you.

As far as facial hair is concerned, from our talks with many women, most tend to prefer their men clean-shaven or with a short beard (¼ inch), although there are always exceptions.


Summary: Quick Confidence Boosts Equals a Better Vibe Around Women

This article isn’t intended to be a checklist.

Whether you do 1, 5, or all of the quick confidence boosts above, the important point is to feel a well-earned sense of accomplishment.

That way, you’ll have some positive energy to combat the stress you feel when you’re around an attractive woman.

For example, a previous client adopted a houseplant. He put it in his apartment window and its luscious green and blue colors immediately added life to the space.

The next time his friends came over, they commented on how nice the plant looked. This made him feel more comfortable, confident, and excited about having women over.

Just that small change made a big difference for him in how he felt in his home.

So take heart: you do not need a life-changing success to boost your confidence and improve your vibe around women.

There are small steps you can take right now that can have major payoffs tomorrow.

If you’d like to go deeper on this topic, here are our most in-depth guides on building confidence:

The time you spend on effective, quick confidence boosts improves your vibe and will pay huge dividends further along in the dating process, whether you’re approaching women out-and-about, meeting someone new at a friend’s party, or sitting down to a first date with a woman you met online.

Finally… if you haven’t gotten our free ebook, “Why PUA Doesn’t Work for Introverts & What Works Instead,” it’s right here ready for you! Enjoy.

To dive deep into sustainable, long-term, fun confidence boosts, check out Magnetic Confidence. It’s our self-study program made for introverted men to find their edge, overcome “nice guy” vibes, and become effortlessly magnetic. Learn more here!


About the Author:

Amy has been an Alpha Advocate with us for the past 2 years (she just had her second anniversary!). During calls with potential clients, she carefully listens to each situation and shares her honest thoughts on how each guy can improve his dating life and whether or not our program is the right fit.

Sarah from IA
Sarah from IA
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Attracting An Amazing Girlfriend Starts with Finding Your Own Vibe.

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Attracting An Amazing Girlfriend Starts With Finding Your Own Vibe.

In this powerful free 22-page ebook, "Why PUA Doesn't Work for Introverts And What Works Instead," you will uncover...


--> A 3-step exercise to find what makes you uniquely attractive
--> Why the “pickup artist” approach will never work for introverts and what works instead

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