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Attractive Vibe

Man Hiking - Introverted Men Are Attractive

Tap into a confident introverted dating mindset.
Attract quality intelligent women naturally.
Embrace your unique introverted nature.

Meeting Women

Woman Looking at Records - Approach a Woman

Choose the best venues for your introverted nature,
Meet women online and in dating apps.
Approach women with ease.


Chat Over Coffee - Conversation Topics

Read women’s flirting signs with ease.
Become more comfortable with physical touch.
Build your arsenal of conversation topics and tips.

Dating Leadership

Attract quality intelligent women.
Stop settling for women you’re not into.
Bring out your inner Introverted Alpha male.

Ultimate Guides

Podcasts and Features

On Dating and Relationships:

On Business:

Feature Pieces on IA:

  • Business Insider Feature: This is a profile piece nine months after IA’s inception called, “Meet the San Francisco dating coach who earns up to $20,000 a month teaching introverted men how to be successful with women.”
  • Profile: This is a detailed look at why I started IA and what it’s about. Here’s an updated article by their sister site,
  • GrowthLab Article: I wrote this explaining why we took all our products off the market. (The dating coaching program outlined in the article is now revised. See the latest version here.)

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