As an introverted man, do you sometimes wonder if you can ever be attractive to women or if you’ll always just be a “nice guy”? Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on your life, because you’re trying to please other people and you forgot (or even never found out!) what it is that *you* want? 

Build Magnetic Confidence

Introverted Men: Get Noticed by Quality Women, Replace “Nice Guy” Patterns with Genuine Strength, and Develop an Unshakable Sense of Self.

Why Is Real Confidence So Hard to Build?

Reason #1: Hollywood expectations

If you’re an introverted man today, confidence can be a particular challenge. 

Reason being, in Western society today, the extroverted, gregarious, “life of the party” vibe is seen as attractive… and the quieter kind of man is not always appreciated in our culture. 

This can lead you to feel that you’re not attractive, when you TRULY ARE. (!) 

Just because Hollywood isn’t making introverted men like you the stars of every movie doesn’t mean that women everywhere aren’t waiting for you to come out of your shell and woo them in your own amazingly gentle and unique way! 

Women don’t always want the “life of the party” type of guy; many times they want a real, attentive, quiet, and confident man! Confident people are attractive, no matter whether they are extroverted or introverted.

Reason #2: Coping as a “Nice Guy”

When you were growing up, perhaps you learned on the playground that the “strongest survive”…

As an introvert, perhaps you were picked on as a boy, or at the very least, you may not have always felt desirable or popular. This may have affected your sense of self for a long time, even as a child.

Now that you’ve grown up, you might feel like there’s only one way to get the love and attention you desire: by being a “nice guy”… bending over backwards for others, afraid of conflict.

But after awhile, that starts to not feel genuine… You want to be strong, assertive, AND kind. All at the same time! And you can be. (We’ll get to that in a moment!)

Reason #3: Pressured into Status Quo

More than your extroverted counterparts, as an introverted man, you need to be encouraged and shown how to bring out your personal best.

It doesn’t just happen because there is so much pressure to fold into the status quo: doing life by other people’s design instead of your own.

But to be fully alive (and attractive!), you must make a life of your own choosing in line with what is most important to you.

If you don’t do this, it’s all too tempting to get swept into “louder” agendas, forsaking your own heart. This is tragic! We can resolve this so that you can shine as your own amazingly wonderful man… more below.

Wait, why do I know all this?

Since June of 2014, we’ve been supporting introverted men like you in finding their own unique sense of self… 

So you can bring that out and attract the right women for you! 

Our whole approach is about becoming more of yourself and not less… 

That’s the only way you can build magnetic confidence and connect with women who will see and love you for who you really are! 

The amazing thing about developing such a strong sense of self is that no matter what happens, you stay true to your core and feel centered and genuinely yourself. 

Then, finding an incredible woman to share life with is a beautiful bonus on top of an already amazing, full, adventurous life. 

When you have deep-down confidence and feel good about yourself, everything else flows out from that (including people being attracted to you!). 

That’s exactly what this program, "Magnetic Confidence,” is designed to do.

What you’ll find inside this program has taken years to discover, refine, and perfect into a teachable form especially for men who are more introverted and thoughtful by nature.

Why This Works

Uniquely Crafted

It’s important to us that you’re able to strengthen your sense of confidence because that’s the bedrock for EVERY SINGLE skill you build. 

Style, presentation, online dating, approach, flirting, even job performance and social relationships… everything is only as strong as your confidence is.

But confidence isn’t a magic pill you can just swallow! It has to be built.

Based on our years of deep-diving into confidence-building with smart, linear, logical men like you, we’ve discovered three phases and worked them into a powerful process that builds confidence and a growth mindset.

Made for You (with love!)

Because it’s designed specifically for men like you, it’s incredibly easy to understand and implement. 

You can learn to build confidence without even stepping out of your introvert comfort zone!

Every single word of what you’ll discover was written for the introverted man who has a kind heart and a linear mind… 

That’s you! :)

Designed for Quick Wins

In your very first module, you will learn keys to give you a burst of energy that others can sense on you tomorrow morning when you head into work. 

And in just one month, you will have jumped leaps and bounds beyond your current confidence level.

You’ll be into the broad green pastures of true, unshakable confidence in yourself, what you stand for, and the kind of people you want in your life. 

This means people can *finally* see you for who you really are. They feel your strength, and they want to be around you! 

"But wait, will this work for me?"

If you suffer from social anxiety or if you get “analysis paralysis” in social situations, that’s okay! What you’ll learn in this program will help you take huge strides in your own personal growth. 

The beautiful thing about this is you’re on your own journey! And because this program is so gentle and created exactly for men who have dealt with the same challenges, it will move you forward in a significant and liberating way.

Sometimes we can “disqualify” ourselves based on our looks, our location, or background, or any other factors that we cannot control. But that thinking is tragic because it’s completely unneeded and unfounded! 

You can absolutely change things! You CAN become the man you’ve always wanted to be, someone you respect deep down and feel privileged and thankful to be every day.

This program is exactly what will help you with that because everything is broken down into easy-to-understand steps and the work is internally focused (so no scary “approach 10 women in one night!” exercises!).

Everything is focused on your relationship with yourself, because when that’s on track, you are more magnetic automatically.

Without much (or any!) experience, dating and even confidence can feel impossible. I get that!

We’ve had so many guys come through our doors who were *this close* to giving up altogether because they just didn’t think that a fulfilling love life (or any love life!) was “in the cards” for them. 

What they found was that as they applied themselves to the exact principles you’re about to learn in this program, they flourished… and because of that, they GAINED the very experience they had previously lacked.

Now, let's imagine for a moment...

What will happen when you develop this level of magnetic confidence?

Your Mind Will Be At Ease

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how life will be when a familiar pain is resolved. So that’s what we’re about to do together.

Once you know why you, as an introverted man, are especially attractive, what a load off that will be… 

Finally, you won’t have to worry about not finding a woman anymore because you will feel confident and see exactly why a woman would want to date you!

You’ll Enjoy Life (and Dating!)

Additionally, because you will have overcome your “nice guy” tendencies and will be offering a kindhearted, strong vibe instead, you will have so much more time for things you enjoy…

  • hanging out with friends you love,
  • taking that trip you’ve been excited about (this time, with so much more confidence to help you have that much more fun!), and
  • maybe even foraying into the dating world with renewed hope and resilience.

And all this will be happening because you know that no matter what, you are feeling confident and building the life you want, which feels wonderfully magnetic and freeing!

You Will Become More Successful

On top of all that, imagine how much further you’ll go in your career!

With your new sense of self and healthy parameters, you’ll get more done with ease and will catch the attention of your boss and colleagues with how refreshed and productive you are each day. 

Because your confidence affects everything else in your entire life, the benefits are nearly endless! 

A Well-Trodden Path to Success

At Introverted Alpha, we’ve been able to help hundreds of men 1:1 and tens of thousands beyond that with all the material we’ve created.

If you resonate with our approach so far, then you’re in the right place and in amazing company. This program is the perfect way to develop your confidence!

For example… 

>> How will it feel to walk into a room full of strangers, confident and relaxed? 

>> How amazing would it be to watch people approach *you* at that same party, because you have such magnetic and confident body language?

>> What will it feel like to look across the table at your date, noticing the glimmer of excitement in her eye as she talks with you and tells you she loves how confident you are? 

>> If you’re on social media, how would it feel when women you’re attracted to like and comment on your posts, because they feel drawn to your confident vibe?

What other men like you have experienced...

“This is exactly what I needed. It would have taken me a lifetime to figure these things out.”
- A.
“I love how personalized and caring you guys are at Introverted Alpha! It's so wholesome and refreshing.”
- I.
“I can't remember ever being so comfortable in my own skin... confident and grounded.”
- S.

Build Magnetic Confidence as an Introverted Man

A 4-Week Complete Program to Get Noticed by Quality Women,
Replace “Nice Guy” Patterns with Genuine Strength, and
Develop an Unshakable Sense of Self.

Here’s what you’ll learn!

Section 1: Find Your Introverted Edge

Know deep down why you as an introverted man are attractive.

As an introverted man, you might feel marginalized. But in fact, you are AMAZING.

You’ll find out how to identify all your awesome qualities, where these qualities can go “wrong” and how to redeem them into something amazing.

Then you’ll be given practical steps and ideas to harness your introverted strengths, bring them into the real world, and be a confident person.

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Couple feet on beach

Section 2: Overcome People-Pleasing

The “nice guy” situation is unfortunate because it’s not attractive! 

The great news is it doesn’t have to do with YOU deep down; it’s simply a pattern on top of your true nature. 

Learn a powerful system where you can point out any “nice guy” vibes in two seconds flat, and move to a healthier place! (This is the exact powerful formula we’ve taught our clients for years, and it is often their very favorite thing they learn with us!) 

Equip yourself with 8 practical ways to catch “nice guy” thinking and upshift into a much better place. You’ll get exact scenarios and exercises to do this with confidence. 

Section 3: Be Magnetic

If we don’t have strong boundaries, our lives aren’t ours anymore. That is no way to lead! That’s no way to date or raise a family. Awesomely, we can fix this! 

Learn how to become strong within yourself, knowing and honoring who you are and who others are, so you can lead well. You’ll also find out a special metaphor that is easy to visualize and remember when you need it! 

Get step-by-steps to navigate sticky situations across all the areas of life that impact you most (dating, relationship, family, work, friends, even with yourself) to keep your confidence rock-solid consistently over time. 

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Magnetic Confidence includes...


Absorb the information for each section through downloadable mp4 videos.


Listen to each class on your commute, taking a walk, anytime anywhere!


Read through each class to learn everything on that deeper visual level.

Right now, there is an amazing opportunity to get personalized support from us at the close of your program journey! In a special Magnetic Confidence Implementation Call, get 1:1 feedback on all you learned and what is next for you.

Also… Not only will you get all of this material and the bonus 1:1 call with us, you’ll also get Implementation Worksheets to internalize all your learnings and bring it into strong action!

For all this, the investment is only $497. 

Because our team is limited, I’m not sure how long we can offer 1:1 support as part of your graduation. So now is the time! 

And even more importantly, what about you? 

What about the timeline of your life? 

How long do you want to put off developing confidence, or are you ready to build it now? 

60-Day Guarantee

Especially because I’m giving you a full 60 days to dive in, learn and implement, and then receive an in-full refund if you’re not completely happy with the program!

All you need to do is turn in your Implementation Worksheets, and if for *any* reason you’re not happy, we’ll gladly refund you in full.

I’m doing this because I want you to feel totally confident in enrolling and taking this powerful step for yourself. 

All you need to do is go here and enroll:

You’ll immediately receive your login credentials and a special bonus from me (that is only available until Friday!). 

From there, you will have full, unrestricted access to all materials right away. 

You’ll also be able to reply to your welcome email with anything you need! 

We’re right here for you, by your side, cheering you on through this exciting journey of building magnetic confidence for yourself! 

“Introverted Alpha was a hugely transformational experience for me and one I will never forget. From it I have grown and had relationships and life experiences that have taught me even more. It has allowed me to live life a bit more on my own terms.”
- R.

Wouldn’t you like to have the same kind of transformational experience? 
Let’s get your story right here on this page. :) 

Next Steps to Magnetic Confidence

Sometimes it’s scary to take a strong step for ourselves, especially when we’ve felt burned by advice in the past that tried to get us to be someone we weren’t. 

Of everything we’re passionate about here at Introverted Alpha, drawing out your unique genuine self is TOP of the list! 

We can’t wait to find out the man you become when you have developed a magnetic confidence of your very own. 

One more thing… what will life be like *without* this confidence? 

Is that the life you want to lead, especially given that this opportunity is in front of you and it’s up to you to take it? 

Remember, you get a full refund if you’re not totally in love with all you learn! And that’s worst case (not so bad!). ;) 

Best case, it changes your life. 

Let’s start building confidence… 

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Before You Go...

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