4 Signs A Woman Is Open To You Approaching Her

Is it possible to tell in advance if a woman is open to being approached?

Yes! You can certainly learn to tell whether she is open to you approaching her or not.


Imagine knowing if the woman next to you at the grocery store, or at the gym, or anywhere else is open to you approaching her…

How much easier things would be!

It would make your chances of rejection much lower, so you can proceed with confidence.

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By the end of this article, you will have a stronger buffer against fears of being creepy, embarrassed, or rude; and you’ll be well on your way to reading a woman’s potential openness with much more ease.

Let’s start with signs she is *not* open to you approaching her at all.

Then we’ll move to signs she’s very open, and then to signs she is neutral.


Signs she is NOT open to you approaching her

If a woman is not open to you approaching her, you definitely want to read those signs!

The last thing you want to do is get into her personal space too soon or in a way that she doesn’t want.

Here are some signs that she is NOT open and doesn’t want to be approached by ANYONE at this time:

  1. She is talking on the phone. (an obvious one) ;)
  2. She has her headphones in, listening to music.
  3. Perhaps she seems to be in a hurry, rushing about or a bit frantic.
  4. Or she is unhappy or frowning.

The latter two can be flexible if you are confident that you can provide her a little relief, that you can help with her hurrying, or a cheerful comment for her frown to turn to a smile.

But if you’re still getting your sea legs with approaching strangers, then it’s likely best that you don’t approach in any of the above four situations until you are comfortable, and then, only with great awareness and consideration in #3 and #4.


Signs she is VERY open to you approaching her:

Just as you don’t want to approach when she is NOT open, you also very much don’t want to miss an opportunity when she IS open, right?

Life is made of opportunities and little moments where you can capitalize on the stars aligning just for you…

And it doesn’t do any good for the stars to align for you or even to do backflips for you if you don’t notice!

So here are four signs that she is very open to being approached:

  1. She is smiling, in a happy mood.
  2. She is already talking with people who she doesn’t seem to know well, like the cashier or store clerk (meaning she is friendly/open to new people).
  3. Maybe she is looking at you warmly and invitingly (go here for flirting signs).
  4. She is relaxed and unhurried.

These are all wonderful signs that you can start a little conversation with her and see where things lead from there.


Signs she is NEUTRAL to you approaching her:

Now, you can’t always be looking for perfect star alignment in order to consider approaching a woman.

Reason being, in the dating world sometimes just moving forward, as long as there are no negative signs, can be quite helpful.

I wouldn’t approach in this neutral category until you are ALREADY QUITE COMFORTABLE approaching in the “very open” category.

Reason being, you’ve got to build step-by-step gently; otherwise, you create undue stress on yourself that sets you back rather than propels you forward.

Such is the nature of an analytical, introspective man!

So take note of these signs that she is neutral to you approaching her:

  1. She seems lost in her thoughts.
  2. She seems relatively happy.
  3. Perhaps she seems aware of you but is not moving towards or away from you.
  4. She seems unaware of you.

Feel free to approach her if you see any of these signs.

These are more advanced.

So, again, for the benefit of everyone involved, it’s advisable only to approach in this neutral category once you’ve already gotten comfortable saying hello to those women who are already smiling openly at you or chatty with the store clerk or whatever other open sign you notice.


Conclusion on whether a woman is open to you approaching her:

Sometimes the fear is more about what happens AFTER your approach than during…

Or about what about you would make her receptive to your approach.

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Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones
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