How To Approach A Woman At The Grocery Store

How can you approach a woman at the grocery store in a natural, fun way?

Let’s say you’re at the grocery store, doing your weekly shopping.

Between the oranges and the lemons, you look up and see a beautiful woman. Your heart leaps in your chest, and you want to say something to her…

But what would you say?

Also, would she even want her shopping to be interrupted by a stranger trying to talk to her?

What if she’s not single?


There are so many contingencies that it’s easier to just let her walk past you and try to forget you ever saw her. But you can’t forget forever.

There will always be more gorgeous women in the produce aisle and all around your neighborhood grocery, and you never know when you’ll see another one.

Everyone has to go grocery shopping, so you could meet lots of women at the grocery store!

That’s why it’s so important to know what to do and say in these situations!

Let’s dive into it.


First off, she may be more open to you than you might think.

Whether you’ve seen this particular woman before or not, she probably lives in the neighborhood and the two of you have chosen the same grocery store.

There’s a natural connection and affinity there that you can build on.

It may not seem like it, but grocery shopping is intimate. Everyone can see what you’re buying, and then you take your groceries back home.

This helps you realize,

Oh look, I have something to work with here for a connection with this person.

Y’all are not on different planets right now; you’re in fact in the same neighborhood where you both live.

You’re at the same grocery store getting the same kinds of food (otherwise you’d not have bumped into her).

So there are some things in common, and it helps to see that you’re not so separate.

Not only that, but she’ll appreciate how nice it will be to tell her friends and family she met this great guy at Whole Foods rather than on Bumble or Tinder.

This has the makings of a story that feels both romantic and wholesome.

So, what do you say?


What to say to her in the grocery store…

The only hyper-relevant thing to talk about at a grocery store is, well, groceries.

The good news is that the grocery stores offer a wide selection of food, beverages, and conversation topics.

You’re both in the same area of the store looking at the same sort of things, so the conversation topics are literally right there in front of your eyes.

Here’s what you can do:


If you have an opinion, you can make a recommendation.

You don’t have to be the world’s expert on all things food to know that you tried this particular food before, and it was great.

Let’s say she’s looking at different varieties of lettuce. If you’ve tried the lettuce in question, you can say something like this:

Oh, this spring mix is delicious.

You can be helpful like that, but that’s not always going to work because you won’t always have a sincere recommendation to offer her.

Pro Tip: Don’t make up a recommendation about something you’ve never tried as that’ll get awkward fast.

So what if you don’t have any suggestions of practical value?

Not to worry…


You can always make her laugh.

The playful and bold approach would be to say something like,

I haven’t tried that variety yet, but I really recommend it!

It’s funny because you’re recommending something you’ve never tried.

If she laughs or at least smiles and makes eye-contact, your bold move worked to lighten the air and form the beginnings of a connection.

The key is to open up the way for a connection with either a practical suggestion or a bold, playful recommendation.

So if it looks like she’s trying to decide and you feel you can be helpful, go with the practical suggestion.

And if you don’t have an opinion, then go with the playful advice.

Either way, you’re being helpful, either giving her a real suggestion or giving her a laugh.


“Wouldn’t that only work if she actually asks me what I think?”

If you want to approach a woman at the grocery store, don’t wait for her to initiate.

You would likely have to visit the grocery store many, many times before a woman asks for your grocery advice, so you’ll need to take the initiative.

Who knows if you’ll ever see her again?

The great thing is the earnest advice approach is something you can practice with on a platonic level because you can offer that to anyone.

Reason being, it’s sincerely helpful. You actually have tried the item in question, so you’re simply offering a friendly, useful suggestion.

To practice this part, go into the store to pay attention to what people are doing, and be helpful when you can.

And if you don’t have practical advice, then sure, offering a playful suggestion on something you haven’t yet tried is a bold move.

You’re coming out of nowhere, playfully, and that’s what makes it inherently funny.

When you do that, even if it doesn’t lead anywhere, you’ve added some lightness to her day and to yours, keeping your good vibes flowing.


“What if she already knows what she wants?”

How do you start a conversation with a woman who is not pondering what to choose?

Well, you can make a suggestion to her that isn’t necessarily an item on her shopping list.

She’ll be okay with that.

The idea here is to open up for a connection, not to give her perfect advice.

Let’s say you happen to be in the produce section near her.

You could say something like,

Blueberries are in season, and these are amazing. Just letting you know as you might want some of these.

Now you’re not depending on encountering her while she’s in the midst of making up her mind.

You are simply already nearby, looking at something similar in the same area she’s in, whether it be fruit, wine, or protein bars.


“Wouldn’t this make for a really short conversation?”

So you’ve now made a suggestion, whether practical or playful.

She looks up and makes eye contact with a glowing smile and a little comment.

She seems happy to be talking with you, her body language is opening up, and now the conversational ball is back in your court…

It’s up to you to extend this short, pleasant exchange into something more.

How do you do that?


Ask her a relevant question.

Depending on how she responds to you, a relevant question can be precisely what you need to ask at this moment.

But what makes for a relevant question?

The best way to keep the conversational momentum going is based on what you’re observing.

Context and congruity are critical. You want to ask her something related to…

What she has in her grocery cart, or the foods you were just discussing.


(A) What’s in her cart?

If she has a lot of things in her cart that makes it look like she’s cooking a big meal, you can ask her about that.

If she apparently *really* loves yogurt because she has 20 cartons in her cart, you can comment playfully on that.

Or if she has a healthy mix of food in there, you can compliment her on that.

When your eyes are open and you’re noticing things, there are so many low-hanging branches to swing from!

Not sure how we just got into the branch-swinging jungle from the grocery store, but we’ll roll with it.


(B) What food were you discussing?

If you’ve just suggested a variety of kale or wild salmon fillets, then perhaps you could ask her what she’s planning to cook for dinner.

Or sometimes the question to ask arises naturally over what she says in response to your initial suggestion.

If she replies to your wine suggestion with,

Oh? I’ve never tried Namaste Pinot Noir before.

Then you can ask something about what wine she likes the best.

If she says she loves it, you can follow up with a question about what other wines she likes.

The great thing about a grocery store is that the conversation topics are literally right in front of your eyes.

Once the conversation starts to flow naturally, you’ll both soon forget how you started talking in the first place.

Maybe you’ve now transitioned into talking about music or something else. Let the conversation flow where it will.

Wait… before you each go on with your shopping, there’s one more important thing you need to do.


Proceed to get her number or her Instagram.

So you’ve hit it off, and now it’s time to get back to shopping.

At this point, you’ll want to transition into getting her number or her Instagram if that feels more natural for you. It depends on what age you are and what your style is; either is fine.

Remember, that nobody around you knows that you just met; no need for you to feel self-conscious.

People are going about their business, getting their own grocery shopping done.

So you can stay confident and ask for her number before you each go back to grocery shopping.

You can say something like,

It’s been really fun talking with you. Can I take you out for a coffee or a drink sometime?

If she likes that idea, then get her number. Simply open up your phone to the contacts or text message screen, and let her enter her number right into your phone so you have it.


Then follow up!

Text her that same day or the next day at the latest saying something like,

It was nice meeting you at the store today.

followed by a question like,

What else did you end up getting?


How did the rest of your day go?

Of course, you could ask her a question relevant to something you chatted about at the grocery store.

She’ll respond to your text at some point, and the two of you will message back and forth a few times. Then within a few messages, invite her on a date!


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Yes, it’s risky to approach a woman at the grocery store, but not that risky, and if it doesn’t go well she’ll forget about it.

What if it turns into an amazing relationship?

She’ll be grateful for the rest of your life that you took the initiative to approach her.

The next time you see a woman you’d like to meet at a grocery store, talk to her!

You now have more specific knowledge about how to approach a woman at the grocery store than any man who’s not read this post.


Conclusion on How to Approach a Woman at the Grocery Store

Remember, when you approach a woman at the grocery store, conversation topics are literally right there in front of your eyes.


Here is a summary of what you can do …


You can make a recommendation.

If you have an opinion suggest a food variety. But don’t make up a recommendation about something you’ve never tried as that’ll get awkward fast.


You can always make her laugh.

You can always show your playful and bold side with this approach and say,

I haven’t tried that variety yet, but I really recommend it!

You can ask her a relevant question.

In order for your question to be relevant, you can always look at what’s in her cart, or ask a question about foods you were just talking about.


You can then proceed to get her number or her Instagram.

You can say something like,

It’s been really fun talking with you. Can I take you out for a coffee or a drink sometime?

And now, you’re off to a great start when approaching women and moving the connection forward.


Your Next Steps

For more advice on how to approach and talk to beautiful women, check out our article on how to talk to a beautiful woman, and how to start an engaging conversation in any social setting.

To learn more about how introverted men attract women, check out these alpha male qualities you probably already have.

And if you want more in-depth help on how to approach a woman at the grocery store and elsewhere… as well as what to do before and after approaching her, apply to talk with us about how we can help you personally!

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In this powerful free 22-page ebook, "Why PUA Doesn't Work for Introverts And What Works Instead," you will uncover...


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