Approaching A Woman At Yoga

Curious to meet women at yoga class?

If you practice yoga or are thinking of trying it out, you are also likely interested in meeting women there, especially since most of these women are in-shape and take care of their bodies.

That said, you don’t want to be creepy or show up at yoga JUST to meet women…

But if you’re already at a class or you already practice at home, why not combine two great things into one?

Then it becomes a strong and relaxing workout, plus a way to make new connections. Yay!


How to approach a woman at yoga without being creepy?

This is what one IA reader asked.

See if you can relate:

In yoga classes, I often see some of the women leaving very quickly after the end of class. In this case, does it make sense to chase after her?

It’s also easy to tell myself that she’s already leaving, thus ending up not approaching. What would be a good way to approach this?

Excellent question, and great points!


It’s more than possible, and I’ll show you how.

In this post, we’ll talk about approaching a woman at yoga in a way that feels natural, fluid, and very respectful towards everyone.

This will be quite useful for you because compared with other ways to meet women, when you meet a woman in a physical-activity based venue, that makes for an extra appealing vibe.

Reason being, sharing a workout is a bit suggestive in a fun and chill way… it recalls *other* times people may be sweating together. ;)

So there’s that very subtle and innocent underlying aspect of sensuality and vitality that adds a fun flavor to everything.

Again, super subtle and nothing to focus too much on, but it’s just there in the background supporting the vibe of new connections being formed.

Now, let’s get into the specifics of how to capitalize on the great opportunities that a yoga class provides to meet wonderful women who are more than open to being approached!


Roll your mat out near someone you’re drawn to

You may think that women NEVER want to be approached at yoga. Am I right?

That is a very common thought, and totally understandable.

Happily, though, it’s not the case!

Women are very open to being approached in the right way… which is gradual, respectful, in-tune with them, and no pressure.


When a woman catches your eye at yoga…  

As you walk into a yoga class with that yummy lavender essential oil smell, or whatever your class teachers use, the first thing is notice who you’re drawn to.

Then position yourself close to her by rolling out your mat near hers. This way, after the class, you’re already right near to her to say something.

Voila (and more details below)!

Do you see how approaching a woman at yoga class doesn’t have to be hurried, frantic, or all-at-once stressful?

It’s a natural and organic process, just like the farmers’ market apple you have in your yoga bag for after class. ;)


What to talk about after a yoga class …

After class, you’re feeling refreshed and rested. You almost went to sleep during Shavasana!

But you didn’t because you were staying just a bit alert so as to remember to make conversation with her as the class wraps.

While everyone’s rolling up their mats, you can make a comment or ask if she’s been there before.

You can make small talk with her; that’s all approaching a woman at yoga really is anyway.

Here’s how you do it, and it works beautifully in every case:


Let’s say you’re new to this yoga studio:

You can say to her,

Hey, this is my first time here. What do you think of the studio?


You look like a regular. Or are you new too?


If you’ve been coming for a while and you’ve not seen her:

Even better! You can say,

Hey, I’ve been coming here awhile and I’ve not met you before.

Then you could introduce yourself,

I’m so-and-so.

Or you could say,

Are you new, or have we just missed each other?

Very casual, very chill.


Or maybe you’ve been coming awhile, and you HAVE seen her.

But you probably haven’t said anything yet because you hadn’t read this post yet!

Then you could say,

Hey, I’ve seen you around here for a while, and I don’t believe we’ve met yet. I’m so-and-so.

See how doable that is?

It makes approaching a woman at yoga seem like a piece of gluten-free coconut cake. ;)


Read how she’s responding to you

Now that you’ve started a conversation, notice if she seems open to you.

Then think of a simple way to keep it going.

You can easily tell if she wants to keep the conversation going by paying attention to body language.


For example, if she is making space around herself in any way, like…

  • Moving backward
  • Turning her body or feet away from you
  • Seeming unhappy or discontent

That is her moving away.

In that case, you can let her go.


Now, if she is showing you that she likes you, for example…

  • Moving towards you by leaning in or certainly not at all moving away
  • Standing and facing you in a relaxed and happy way
  • Engaged and seeming to have a good time

In this case, she is open to talking to you.

She is telling you that she’s interested in continuing the conversation a bit more.


Walk and talk to y’all’s cars.

This could be a great opportunity for you to offer to walk her to her car, especially if the class ends at night.

Then once you’ve walked her to her car, this could be a great time to engage in a friendly touch.

Things like leaning next to her by the car or lightly touching her arm while making a point are awesome little signs.

But don’t feel like this is something you have to do.

If it doesn’t feel like the appropriate time, you can certainly pass on the friendly touch. This will still be enough to get you to a good place to get her number.

While you’re talking, take this chance to ask a bit more about her interests, especially things related to yoga, since you already know she enjoys that activity.


From there, if all is going well, you can get her number.

As you’re talking, see if you can think of a place that she might like, given the vibe you’re getting from her and the things she’s shared so far.

You can then say that you would love to take her there because you feel that she’d enjoy it.

If this doesn’t come up naturally, you can use this as an opportunity to take out your phone and get her number. (And here’s more on how to ask for her number in four seamless steps.)

One thing to keep in mind is to see if you can get her number outside of the yoga studio, since people are already dispersing and you’re outside together.

This will make you less self-conscious or awkward, and it shows her that you are conscientious of her privacy.


Summary on approaching a woman at yoga: 

  1. First, notice who you’re drawn to.
  2. Second, position yourself close to her by rolling out your mat near hers.

How to know if she wants to be approached? 

Let her go if she is… 

  • Moving backward
  • Turning her body or feet away from you
  • Seeming unhappy or discontent

She is open to talking to you if she is… 

  • Moving towards you by leaning in or certainly not at all moving away
  • Standing and facing you in a relaxed and happy way
  • Engaged and seeming to have a good time


What’s next?

If you’d like more support on approaching women at yoga class, awesome!

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Also, have you seen our other posts on how to tell if she wants you to talk to her or on dos and don’ts when approaching women at the gym? These are helpful when it comes to approaching women and starting a conversation.

Thanks for reading, and reach out if you need anything! We’re at [email protected].



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