How to Keep Her Interested and Wanting a Second Date

How To Keep Her Interested In You Between Dates

Do you ever open social media and feel all kinds of emotions as you see lots of photos of couples, engagements, and weddings? 

When it feels like a lot of people around you are falling in love and that’s something you want for yourself, it can understandably stir up a lot of feelings.

If you’re an introverted man who’s attracted to a woman and wondering how to keep her interested in getting to know you more, you’ve come to the right place for dating tips!

Today, we’re going to cover how to keep her from losing interest in you.


What to do when your confidence affects your dating life

Once you’ve become interested in a woman and invested some time getting to know her, it’s normal to want the relationship to keep progressing!

Having a crush on someone can feel vulnerable. Without unshakeable confidence in yourself, it can be easy to get tied up in worry about whether the feeling is mutual.

To maintain a peaceful, content mindset through the ups and downs of dating, it’s so helpful to be rooted in your identity and to know what makes you uniquely attractive.

This allows you to embrace each new experience as a wonderful learning opportunity with exciting potential to blossom into a fulfilling connection.

That’s why we created this free 22-page ebook, so you can date with peace and confidence!

Download it here so you can read it after you finish this post. 

Now, let’s dive in! 


First, keep connecting in a playful way.

When you see her or text her, keep your communication light and carefree.

For example, you can…

  • Ask her how her week is going,
  • Comment on the beautiful weather, or
  • Share a funny joke or meme!

Meanwhile, keeping the conversation light means…

  • Using positive phrasing,
  • Steering clear of language that feels heavy, and
  • Reframing anything negative in a happier light as much as possible.

For seven practical, in-depth tips on this topic, check out this article: Playful And Witty Conversation: The Introvert’s Handy How-To.

When you connect playfully, it helps her to feel warm, open, and engaged towards you, associating you with fun and joy! 


Second, convey your desire with confidence.

Desire can be a bit confusing to navigate if you aren’t sure where to start.

You want to be obvious enough that she doesn’t feel “friend-zoned,” yet subtle enough that she doesn’t think you’re self-centered (like Gaston in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast).

While it may feel like you need to walk a fine line between those two extremes, there’s actually a lot of room for you to experiment! When you add in actions like giving her genuine compliments or incorporating touch, it conveys your interest all while showing her that you are a true gentleman.

For example, in combination with the other three tips we’re sharing today, check out this article: How To Convey Attraction To A Woman: 4 Relaxed Ways.


Third, communicate with enthusiasm.

There are few experiences that feel more unpleasant than talking to someone who doesn’t seem like they want to talk to you.

That’s because we can feel someone’s level of enthusiasm about connecting with us. When that level seems low, we feel uncomfortable especially when we don’t know why it’s low.

Communicating with excitement leaves you feeling the relief, warmth, and peace of a genuine connection!

Who would you rather go on a second date with? A woman who checks her phone, looks disinterested, and seems happy to leave… or a woman who listens intently, nods along, and smiles warmly to let you know she relates?

She’s looking for the same in you! Put your phone away and pay attention to what she is sharing with you. Not only will you be present to get to know her on a deeper level, you’ll also show her how much you value connection.


Fourth, give her something to respond to.

A response that effectively ends the conversation is no response at all. It’s more like a read receipt.

We’ve all been there! Maybe you said “oh nice” after she finished telling an epic story, or perhaps you sent a disengaged text (even if by accident!).

Either way, a response without substance, whether in-person or virtual, is like a giant stop sign in the middle of what could have been a wonderful conversation!

On the other hand, offering or requesting more information can create opportunities for you both to express enthusiasm, desire, AND playfulness, just like we’ve talked about today!

That can look like…

  • Asking a question (if she mentioned music, ask about her favorite artist),
  • Sharing how you relate (if she told a story, tell her what her story made you think of), or
  • Making a suggestion (if she likes coffee, ask to take her to a new place you found).

Before you say anything, ask yourself: if I were her, would I be excited to hear this and respond? If you wouldn’t, this is the perfect opportunity to reframe what you’re about to say or ask!


Conclusion on how to keep her interested

Although each of these four tips can keep a woman interested, the absolute best way to make her want a second date is to use all of this advice together.

Let’s review what we went over today: 

  • Connect playfully,
  • Convey desire confidently,
  • Communicate enthusiastically, and
  • Give her something to respond to.

Not sure what to do next? Keep reading!


Your Next Steps

  1. For more advice, check out this article: How To Ask For A Second Date Without Sounding Desperate.
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Micayla from IA
Micayla from IA
Micayla is resident writer here at Introverted Alpha, which is known as the premier dating coaching company for introverted men; featured by Forbes, Business Insider, Cosmo, and more. Pick up your free copy of our 22-page ebook inside the blue box just below.

Attracting An Amazing Girlfriend Starts with Finding Your Own Vibe.

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In this powerful free 22-page ebook, “Why PUA Doesn’t Work for Introverts And What Works Instead,” you will uncover… 

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Attracting An Amazing Girlfriend Starts With Finding Your Own Vibe.

In this powerful free 22-page ebook, "Why PUA Doesn't Work for Introverts And What Works Instead," you will uncover...


--> A 3-step exercise to find what makes you uniquely attractive
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