Flirting Body Language: 5 Tell-Tale Signs from Shy Women

Flirting body language in shy women

Have you ever felt curious about how to recognize flirting body language? If so, sit back and enjoy because that’s exactly what we’re going to cover today.

Reading body language is a nuanced art. Happily, we’re sharing a few simple strategies that will make it easy to pick up on these five tell-tale signs that a shy woman is flirting with you!


Learning the signs of flirting body language

A large part of developing dating literacy involves the ability to confidently interpret body language.

Understanding body language often leads to better results as you flirt with women!

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Recognizing and responding to a woman’s flirting body language will only serve your dating life well if it’s built on a strong foundation of knowing why you’re uniquely attractive.

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Now, let’s dive in!


5 tell-tale signs that a shy woman is flirting with you

While exploring these tips, remember that body language can sometimes be misinterpreted. A woman’s unique personality, as well as the situational context, greatly influence body language messages.

It’s important to keep a positive mindset as you learn to interpret body language and nonverbal signals. Honing any skill takes time and effort. When it comes to these five signs of flirting body language, a woman showing two or more of these signs likely means she’s flirting!


1. Her eye contact grabs your attention.

If you feel drawn into a magnetic connection via eye contact, she may be using that visual cue to indicate her interest in you. Pay attention if she glances at you flirtatiously over her wine glass for example, as that’s a good sign she’s wanting to sweetly draw attention or show interest in you.

This great sign can make the surrounding environment seem to fade away. Eye contact is a powerful, scientifically proven aspect of flirting body language! For more tips about flirtatious eye contact, read this article.


2. She seems relaxed and excited around you.

Here at Introverted Alpha, we say that Relaxation + Excitement = Chemistry!

So how can you tell if she’s at ease around you? She may be relaxed if she…

  • Is visibly more peaceful than tense in her body,
  • Holds an item (like her drink or purse) loosely without clutching it nervously, and
  • Takes slow, deep breaths instead of quick, shallow ones.

Meanwhile, her excitement will show through her…

  • Blushing (usually visible on her cheeks or neck),
  • Physical contact,
  • Laughter, and
  • Pleasant facial expressions.


3. Her body language seems receptive.

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of receptive is “inclined to receive; open and responsive to ideas, impressions, or suggestions.”

Some external signals that her body language is receptive and flirtatious can be seen when her…

  • Body or feet are turned towards you,
  • Head tilting as she listens to you,
  • Arms and legs are open and uncrossed, or
  • Torso, arms, or legs are pointed at you.

Furthermore, if you notice this type of indication coupled with either of the two signs above (attention-inspiring eye contact or a relaxed, excited disposition), this is likely intentionally flirting body language!


4. She enjoys being near you, even if it’s indirectly.

If a woman moves close to you, her desire for proximity indicates interest and attraction!

Moving near you may look like…

  • Scooting her chair closer to yours,
  • Talking closely or whispering in your ear, or
  • Leaning in with her torso or arms.

In contrast, if you find yourself moving closer to her while she slowly creates more distance between you, this is the opposite of flirting body language.

Are you looking for some other indirect signs that suggest she wants to be close to you? She may be interested if she…

  • Makes plans with your friends,
  • Eavesdrops subtly on your conversations,
  • Seems to keep bumping into you,
  • Is close enough (and in-tune enough) to offer help when you need it,
  • Starts following you on social media,
  • Sticks around until you leave, or
  • Mimics your gestures or mannerisms subconsciously.


5. She responds well to your touch or even touches you first.

Have you ever had a hug where the other person felt rigid? Now, contrast that experience with a time when the person you were hugging seemed to melt into your arms.

This type of positive response to your touch can also be a form of flirting body language.

Whether you touch her on her hand, arm, leg, back, or shoulder, you can tell if she’s reacting positively to the physical contact if she…

  • Absorbs your touch without flinching,
  • Reciprocates the contact,
  • Leans into you warmly instead of shrinking away, or
  • Seems soothed by your touch.

These are all signs that your touch makes her feel good, so if she is privately feeling uncomfortable at all, it’s with the pleasant discomfort of attraction!

Responding warmly to your touch is one aspect of flirty physical contact. The other half happens when she initiates touch with you!

If a woman feels bold enough to touch you, this is the epitome of flirting body language! This can happen in many different ways, like if she…

  • Gives you an encouraging squeeze,
  • Lets her touch linger on your skin, or
  • Strokes your hand, arm, or leg fondly.

These are all wonderful signs that she is into you!


Final thoughts on flirting body language

Woman Laughing and Smiling - Fliting Body LanguageNow that you know how to recognize flirting body language and you are on your way to becoming your own body language expert, you can apply that knowledge to improve your dating life and respond accordingly when you notice these tell-tale signs!

Today, we covered the five indicators of flirting body language from shy women:

  1. Attention-inspiring eye contact
  2. Undeniable chemistry defined by a relaxed, excited vibe
  3. Open body language
  4. Sincere desire to be near you
  5. Positive response to touch

For more information on this subject, read this article entitled “What is flirting, and how do I do it?”

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In this powerful free 22-page ebook, "Why PUA Doesn't Work for Introverts And What Works Instead," you will uncover...


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