How to Notice Female Body Language Signs of Attraction

THE COMPLETE GUIDE to recognizing sexual attraction: 33 signs

Picking up on the often subtle signs that a woman is showing interest in you is understandably easier said than done, and happily you’re in the right place!

Learning to read female body language signs of attraction can become incredibly simple with the right strategies and tips to recognize the tell-tale signs that a woman is drawn to you!

For example, take this quote from an Introverted Alpha reader (we’ll call him Zach):

“I have started to see the signals that women like me, something which I was quite blind to. Suddenly I started to see the smiles, the interest. I think they were always there, but I had totally missed them!”

Many introverted men we talk to like Zach either miss the signs that a woman is crushing on them, or they don’t have the confidence to believe it’s really happening.

However, if you can’t confidently figure out whether a girl likes you, how are you going to take that connection to the next level? How will you find out if that person could become the most important woman in your life?

Today, we’re going to review all of our 33 very best tips for reading female body language signs of attraction, all in one handy place.


Why does attraction matter in the first place?

When you can distinguish signs of attraction that a woman is giving off, then you can confidently know how to take your interactions beyond friendly acquaintances.

Before we go further… 

In order for any of this to be of use to you, you first need to find out what is attractive about you.

Reason being, women are drawn to men who know how to showcase their best qualities to others.

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The complete list of signs that a woman is into you

From body language to prolonged eye contact and the way she spends her time to her texting style with you, here is our complete list of female body language signs of attraction that prove she’s attracted to you!

  1. She looks right at you while flirtatiously touching her hair. That could be twirling a strand around her finger, pumping up the volume, or brushing her hair away from her face while maintaining eye contact with you.
  2. She seems extra joyful, enthusiastic, or upbeat when you’re around. When you walk into the room, her face completely lights up simply from being in your presence.
  3. Her body is aligned towards you. Maintaining open body language toward you is her way of saying that she wants to feel connected to you and that she hopes you come talk to her! Take this as your sign to walk up and start a conversation.
  4. She goes out of her way to do something for you. Without you asking her to, she buys you coffee before an important meeting or grabs your copies from the printer for you to alleviate the stress of your work’s busy season. She wants to show you that she has your back!
  5. The energy around you is buzzing with life. You can feel the desire, intrigue, and nerves mixed in together with those feelings of ease and comfort in each other’s presence.
  6. She blushes a little or looks away when in your presence. If she keeps glancing at you in a shy yet happy kind of way, that’s a good sign she is attracted to you!
  7. She reschedules conflicting events to hang out with you. Even if she can’t reschedule a prior commitment, she makes you feel valued as she prioritizes your next opportunity to spend time together.
  8. Her eye contact is encouraging. If you feel like she’s trying to invite you over with the messages she’s sending through her eye contact, RSVP “Yes!” and head her way!
  9. She seems to be enjoying your presence. Maybe she laughs at something you do or say, or she appreciates how you interact with a waiter or someone else in the vicinity. If she seems happy to be in your company, this is a good sign she is interested in more than friendship.
  10. You catch her moving objects that are in between you out of the way. This is a subtle psychological phenomenon that she may not even know she’s doing! Removing obstacles to make it easier for you to make your way to her is her mind’s way of wanting to be closer to you.
  11. She nods her head as she listens intently to you. She is fully engaged with your every word as she soaks up your time together.
  12. Her flirtatious teasing lets you know that she’s keeping your interactions lighthearted. Teasing is a low-risk, high-reward way to build chemistry that can escalate quickly!
  13. She recalls and follows up on the things that you share with her. She isn’t just listening for show; she genuinely cares about and remembers what’s important to you.
  14. When she catches your eye, your surroundings fade into the background. If you feel like you’re the only two people in the room, you can safely assume she is interested in you on more than a platonic level.
  15. She initiates or reciprocates touch. You touch her on the hand; she does the same. You touch her on the arm; she touches you on the knee. Reciprocating touch is a great sign that she is comfortable around you and enjoys being with you.
  16. The two of you are both smiling so much that your cheeks are sore. That level of happiness in someone else’s company is reserved for very important people, and big crushes definitely top the list!
  17. She simply melts into your touch. She’s leaning in, enjoying herself, relaxing her muscles, or tensing in excitement.
  18. In social settings, you notice her gravitating towards you. The best type of chemistry isn’t just palpable, it’s magnetic!
  19. She seeks out your opinion or expertise. Whether she’s asking about which show to watch next, how to service her car, or how to complete a home improvement project, the fact that she is asking your advice is a good sign she values your opinion and is drawn to you.
  20. She looks for you when she isn’t right by you. She likes to know exactly where you are (and she stops looking around for you when you’re by her side).
  21. When you’re speaking, she’s completely locked in. Not distracted, not looking around, she’s paying attention to you and what you’re saying.
  22. She finds creative ways to let you know she’s thinking of you. Whether that’s passing you a cute note in person, winking at you subtly in a group setting, or texting you a funny gif or meme… she thinks about you A LOT and wants you to know you’re on her mind!
  23. Her body language mirrors yours. This is another psychological aspect of attraction that many people don’t even pick up on! Pay attention to see if she crosses her legs or leans in closer after you do the same.
  24. She pulls her chair or barstool toward yours. Any small action she makes to be closer to you is a subtle way she is showing her interest.
  25. Her extended eye contact is noticeably warm. Both in terms of the number of times she looks at you and how long she sustains eye contact, you can tell by her facial expressions that something is different with her than other girls.
  26. She touches you gently, yet intentionally. Brushing your arm, touching your shoulder, and grazing your leg with hers at the movie theater are all great examples of flirtatious behavior.
  27. She drops hints that she’s single. Does she talk about being single and ask about your relationship status? That’s when you know that a woman is interested in you!
  28. Her responses are engaging. You aren’t the only one keeping the conversation alive, whether that’s in person, via text, on FaceTime, or even through social media DMs.
  29. She follows up on the information you share with her. Whether that was about a job application or your favorite song, she purposefully brings those topics up so that you know she’s genuinely invested.
  30. Her calendar proves that you’re a priority to her. If a woman likes you, she’ll make time for you no matter how busy her schedule is. It’s as simple as that.
  31. She asks for your help with little tasks. When it’s something you know for sure that she could have done by herself or with someone else’s help, you can rest assured that she asked YOU because she wanted to be around you more!
  32. She has uncrossed arms and legs, leans in, and moves closer to you. Know that this body language means she’s into you!
  33. Her “accidental touches” aren’t accidents at all! Staying physically close, brushing your hand, lightly touching your arm, and letting her shoulder graze yours at the table are all great examples of flirtatious behavior.


Conclusion on how to notice female body language signs of attraction

female body language signs of attractionNow that you know how to pick up on these subtle signs that a woman is attracted to you, you’ll be able to confidently take your interactions with her to the next level.


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Attracting An Amazing Girlfriend Starts With Finding Your Own Vibe.

In this powerful free 22-page ebook, "Why PUA Doesn't Work for Introverts And What Works Instead," you will uncover...


--> A 3-step exercise to find what makes you uniquely attractive
--> Why the “pickup artist” approach will never work for introverts and what works instead

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