Are Introverts Attractive? What Women Think of Introverted Men

Do women like introverted men?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Are introverts attractive?” or more specifically, “Do women find introverts attractive?”, this is a post you won’t want to miss!

Have you ever felt like extroverted men seem to have an easier time attracting women? If you’ve ever felt curious how you can shine as an introvert while staying true to yourself, you certainly aren’t alone.

For example, take this quote from an IA reader we’ll call Daniel, who went on a wonderful journey with us from feeling less-than to super confident!

“When it came to women, I always thought, ‘She’s too attractive for me,’ or some other excuse. “But now, I’m aware of who I am. I’m aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and from a positive standpoint, I know what I have to offer.

“I know what I can contribute to the world and to a relationship. Having that confidence has allowed me to pursue what I truly want, including opportunities that I wouldn’t have allowed myself to before.

“In identifying and developing my attractive factors… I know I’m fully capable of capitalizing on the dating opportunities I would’ve never known existed.”

If you’re ready to take the same steps as Daniel and find out what makes you so attractive as an introvert, we’ve got your back.

Today, we’ll share exactly how women answer the question, “Are introverts attractive?” based on the 8 different types of introverts!

By the end of this 5-minute read, you’ll never have to wonder, “Are introverts attractive?” again! Instead, you’ll know exactly how introverted men are unique from one another and why introverted men are so irresistible to women.


Dating gets easier when you embrace what makes you attractive

If you’re an introverted man who wonders if women find introverts attractive, that’s totally normal.

Happily, with help from the right resources, you’ll understand why you are uniquely attractive and know how to develop those traits to make dating easier and more enjoyable!

You can get that process started right now through the exercise in this free ebook. If you’re ready to build your confidence as an introverted man, get your copy here.

Now, let’s dive in!


The 8 types of introverts and why they’re attractive to women

While introverts tend to have a lot in common, there are also some key differences among introverts when it comes to personality types!

According to Myers Briggs personality research and tests, there are 16 main personality types. Of those, 8 personalities describe different types of introverts.

No matter which description resonates most with you, each type of introvert possesses unique traits that are attractive to women! For each of the descriptions below, we’ll be referencing information from

Let’s take a closer look at each of those 8 types of introverts…

1. INTJ | “The Architect”

If you’re an INTJ, you may be known for your independence, rationality, and curiosity. INTJ men are said to be most magnetic to women when they aren’t even trying to be!

When you simply enjoy the things you love and share your love for those hobbies or pastimes, that’s when you truly shine. That’s likely when you feel most comfortable and confident… and those traits are extremely attractive to women.

That’s wonderful news, because women find you most attractive when you’re simply being yourself!

2. INTP | “The Logician”

INTPs are appreciated for a combination of relentless problem-solving skills and a deeply creative approach. Many INTPs make enthusiastic, passionate, and loyal partners.

If you’re an INTP, women find your introverted nature attractive because they see the potential for developing a rich relationship with you. Even at the start of a new relationship, you tend to be refreshingly direct and honest!

This is very attractive to women because they know it will bring clarity, create security, and prevent misunderstandings.

3. INFP | “The Mediator”

INFPs are deeply empathetic, creative, and idealistic.

One thing women find very attractive about you if you’re an INFP man is your altruistic, humanitarian desire to leave the world better than you found it. Women admire your quiet belief in doing the right thing, and it can make her feel very comfortable and safe around you.

Women are easily won over by your thoughtfulness, kindness, creativity, and loyalty. These characteristics are pleasant for anyone to be around, and women find your soothing and inspiring presence very attractive.

4. INFJ | “The Advocate”

While some people are dreamers and others are doers, few can be both as naturally as INFJs are. If you’re an INFJ man, you’re attractive to women because of your uncanny ability to develop your creative vision into an actionable plan and then take the steps to see it through.

INFJs dislike injustice, and there are few things more attractive to women than seeing a man stand up against something that isn’t right.

Women also love introverted INFJs for your insight and passion!

5. ISTJ | “The Logistician”

You may be an ISTJ if you’re often described as someone with great integrity. Because of your strong moral compass and commitment to rightness, people appreciate how dependable you are.

Women are especially attracted to your stabilizing presence, and they deeply respect your dedication to excellence. Your rational approach to learning about your relationships and environments means that you’re unlikely to jump to conclusions or make incorrect assumptions.

This is incredibly attractive to the woman you’re with. She’ll feel cared for by your natural curiosity and great questions, as well as the fact that she knows she can rely on you.

6. ISFJ | “The Defender”

If you’re an ISFJ, there are few other introverts who can compare with your ability to connect with others intimately. Women are attracted to ISFJ men for the joy you bring to any environment! This quality can be attributed to your ability to connect with others deeply while contributing to a positive vibe.

Your supportive nature and enduring patience become increasingly more attractive to women the more they get to know you. Women are also drawn to ISFJs as your enthusiasm for relationships (and other worthy causes) grows into passionate loyalty.

Women can’t help but see the potential there, and there are few things that could be more attractive or exciting!

7. ISFP | “The Adventurer”

If you’re an ISFP man, you may be naturally charming, warm, and curious.

Women are attracted to your mysterious nature, and they love how vibrant and spontaneous a relationship can be with you. The combination of your unpredictable, childlike spirit and your constant creativity makes you exciting and interesting to be around.

Women are attracted to introverted men like you for your ability to make every day a new adventure while treating them with lots of love and warmth!

8. ISTP | “The Virtuoso”

Many ISTPs come from a place of practical realism. If that sounds like you, you may be someone who enjoys the catharsis of mechanical creation.

Women find you attractive for your creativity, sense of humor, and hands-on approach as you create and imagine practical solutions… whether those solutions arise as tangible items, relational improvements, or broader ideas.

Women love introverted ISTP men for your relaxed disposition, relentless energy, and unpredictable creativity. ISTPs are known for responding well when a crisis arises. Women love that you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty to solve a problem!

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what sets you apart from other introverts and how those things are extremely attractive to women, it’s time to review what we’ve learned!


So, are introverts attractive? Women everywhere agree that the answer is “YES!”

Man and Woman Smiling - Are Introverts AttractiveNow you know the answer to your question, “Are introverts attractive to women?” You also have a better idea of what makes you unique, even among other introverts.

Happily, when you embrace the wonderful things about you that make you unique and attractive, it can change your life in wonderful ways. For example, your dating life may become much more enjoyable as you come from an authentic, confident place!

Let’s review what we went over today:

  • 8 different types of introverted personalities according to Myers Briggs,
  • Defining traits of each introverted type that are attractive, and
  • Reasons those qualities mean so much to women.

Now, if you’re looking for more on the attractive traits of introverts and what makes introverted men so magnetic to women, finish reading this post and then check out these insightful posts.

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In this powerful free 22-page ebook, "Why PUA Doesn't Work for Introverts And What Works Instead," you will uncover...


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