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Hi there, I’m Sarah Jones,
and I coach smart introverted men.

Even if you’ve had very little experience with women and don’t
currently know what you have to offer… As long as you’re earnest,
I can help you find your groove with women.

Sarah, I have been more enlightened on this call here with you than I’ve been with any of the other things I’ve done.

You are warmer and higher – way more personable and way higher!

… more genuine.


I could never accept the fact that the primary focus of pick-up was just getting laid, with very little focus on an emotional connection, if any at all.

I struggled with accepting the fact that pickup is the only thing out there for a long time – until I found your website a few days ago.

I find myself agreeing with everything that I’ve read of yours so far.


It’s bloody refreshing, this whole conversation, because you’ve been so sincere the whole time.

You are spot-on. Unbelievable! I’m so glad I found you. I can’t even tell you… your insight, your views, perception.

You’re one in about a million, at least.

You’re good. You’re damn good.


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What if you were able to land your dream woman with ease?

What if it was your day-to-day norm that all the beautiful, loving women you met saw YOU as the kind of man they wanted to know? Imagine your dream woman noticing you as someone she can see real potential with – not just as a friend… but as a lover, or even a partner.

You can have that. You can have the right woman not only feel that initial spark, but desire to go deeper with you over time, into a fun-loving shared adventure.

So how do you do it? Three steps: 

(1) Vibe. You need to uncover your own vibe and hidden attractiveness, so you can lead the way into her seeing the magic in you (you must first see it yourself).

(2) Skills. Learn the sequence of approach and conversation steps that match your particular attractive vibe.

(3) Fluency. You want to become so naturally confident that you get yourself out of the perpetual friend zone cycle and straight into the authentically attractive zone as your new norm for life.

That’s where I come in. Specifically, through Introverted Alpha, I support men who (1) have everything else handled except for this ONE missing piece (their love life), and (2) are ready to fill that piece once and for all.

If you’re that kind of guy, awesome! Click a link below so I can help you start attracting an amazing girlfriend: 


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