What If You Approach a Woman and Her Boyfriend Walks Up?

Do you sometimes not approach a woman in case her boyfriend soon walks up?

It’s nerve-wracking enough to approach a woman as it is. Add her boyfriend into the mix as he suddenly comes to her side staring at you, and the whole ordeal becomes near terror.

Take this Introverted Alpha reader’s thoughts, for example…

When I’ve seen an attractive woman at the grocery store, a few moments later, her man shows up.

In those moments, I have sighed with relief that I did not approach her because I don’t want things to get awkward.

Can you offer any advice for that nervy situation when you have already approached a woman and then her partner appears?

How to deal with that kind of situation in a friendly way without any conflicts or awkwardness?


Can you relate?

If so, 100% understandable.

Not only could that be super embarrassing for you, but you’d then also feel like everyone’s day is ruined, especially your own.


Before tactics, let’s put this fear to rest.

If there are few thoughts scarier than approaching a woman and then watching her boyfriend walk up three seconds later, then not to fear any longer!

We’re about to take care of this together with step-by-steps.

You’re going to learn exactly what to say and what to do when her boyfriend walks up so you’re never afraid of that again.

It will actually become a PLEASANT situation for everyone involved.

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So before we go further, let’s all take a deep breath together since this is not only possible, but simply what ends up happening once you’ve read the rest of this post.


If her boyfriend walks up, here’s what to do:

As soon as he approaches her and puts his arm around her waist or whatever he does to indicate that they are in fact a couple, that’s the time for you to act.

Here’s how:

First, simply acknowledge the man with graciousness and confidence.

That’s it!

Make eye contact with him.

With your body language and in your heart, direct your attention from the woman to him.

This is very respectful.


Here’s what to say when her boyfriend walks up:

You can then offer a compliment to them both by saying to him,

You have a beautiful girlfriend.


You’re a very lucky man!

From there, smile kindly from your heart, and excuse yourself.


Now, everyone’s day is made!

By your boldness and grace, you’ve just created an uplifting interaction for everyone that wouldn’t have been there otherwise,

If you’d not approached her, then you’d not have gotten a chance to give him the compliment. That alone is a wonderful thing you do!

If  I see a lovely man with his wife and child at a restaurant, I like to tell him,

You have such a beautiful family.

The men I tell this too are always so pleased. Their eyes get bright with thankfulness for their family.

So if you are talking to a woman about the kinds of cereal y’all like and her boyfriend walks up, what a wonderful opportunity to turn a potentially awkward situation into a nice moment for all of you!


Conclusion on What If Her Boyfriend Walks Up …

This was a valid question to IA reader posed, which is why I addressed it for all of you in this post!

But sometimes, these surface questions are masks for the deeper questions and insecurities that are lurking underneath.

If you feel that, and you’d like to weed out any excuse-makers, shed light on them one by one, and replace them with (a) deep-rooted confidence and (b) sequential skills, then awesome!

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Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones
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