IA Enneagram Program

Understand yourself so you can live "in the zone."

Do you wish you could better understand others?

And for that matter, yourself?


If so, that’s wonderful! Human beings, while wonderfully complex, also share certain patterns and characteristics.

The key to successful and fulfilling relationships is… 

(1) understanding who we are as individuals, and 

(2) understanding who others are as well. 

Once we know those two things, we can operate as our strongest and best unique selves, in relationship to ourselves, others, and the world around us. 

It is only by understanding how we operate that we can effectively operate ourselves.


Think of a machine.

With anything mechanical, you read the owner’s manual, you tinker with it, and then over time as you use it, you gain mastery and can get “in the zone” with your machine whenever you use it.

Imagine having that kind of relationship with yourself, with your own unique vibe…

What if there were an “owner’s manual” to yourself as a distinct personality that you can read and digest and absorb?

As you tinker with different ways of thinking and doing, you would start to understand yourself on a truly objective (and deeply appreciative) level because the more we understand anything, the more we can appreciate its depth and intricacies…

And what a beautiful and relevant thing to explore how we are designed!

The more you understand yourself and make life choices that support your unique wiring, then the more fully you can live “in the zone”… 

By living this way, you naturally start relating to yourself and others with wisdom, freedom, and joy. 

That’s why we made this program for you.

Enneagram Program Notebook

For years, we have devoted ourselves to understanding and supporting human beings to grow and evolve, and now we get to share with you *exactly* how we operate as people across nine different personality typings. 

This program is wonderfully inspiring and goes far beyond any teachings out there on the Enneagram.

It is specifically focused on helping you understand yourself from an uplifting and objective viewpoint, so you can live “in the zone” as a way of life and effectively match with the types who are absolute best fits for you.

IA Enneagram Program

Understand yourself so you can live "in the zone."

Get deep insight into your own type, and learn how to
best relate with others for successful,
fulfilling relationships.

This program is helpful because it’s hard to grow when we don’t fully know ourselves. For example…

Why is all this so hard?

The reason you don’t already understand yourself fully is that the models out there are disjointed, and there isn’t a cohesive way to put them together in a way that you would be able to effectively integrate.

So where is the full picture?

Where is the master puzzle where all those pieces lay into?

The Enneagram is the key to the full picture…


The problem is there is not a super accessible, directly applicable way to learn it.

There is one website and two books on the subject, as well as small articles here and there.

Both top Enneagram books, while interesting, are skewed so negative that it’s hard not to judge yourself while reading and then end up in a worse headspace than you were in to begin with!

Plus, not only are these books difficult to read, neither covers the most important elements of APPLYING what you learn about yourself: relating to others in a wonderful and authentic way, which makes all the difference when it comes to something so nuanced and deep.

That’s why, in this program, you will learn all about yourself in the most refreshing and inspiring way, AND you will learn how you best connect with others so you can *choose* what kind of relationships you want to have!

From there, you will learn how to best prepare yourself for the top quality relationships life can bring.

IA Enneagram Program Content:


See your type intimately, so you can have deep compassion and leadership within yourself, helping you grow to your full potential.


Get to know how your type interacts with other types so you can have successful relationships.

IA Enneagram Program Includes...

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