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At Introverted Alpha, we are BIG FANS of men who are thoughtful, logical, and sincere. We love helping good men attract smart, happy, genuine women.

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We’re curious… Does this sound like you?

  • Do you want to be in a relationship with a smart, beautiful woman you feel sexual, emotional, and all-around chemistry with, rather than chasing empty one-night stands with women you don’t even like?
  • Do you seem to either (a) get stuck in the friend zone or (b) date women who are completely wrong for you because you feel like you don’t have a lot of options?
  • Do you ever get impatient with the dating process because you feel like your prime years are quickly slipping by or already behind you?
  • Does your dating life feel either non-existent or like a hit or miss?
  • Do most or all of your dates come from online dating apps, and even when a date turns into a short-term relationship, you always feel like you’re settling, because to be honest you weren’t that attracted to her in the first place?
  • Do you feel way more comfortable with “structured” interaction over something spontaneous, but meeting attractive single women ALWAYS feels uncomfortably spontaneous?
  • Have you read a lot of dating and pickup advice material but it feels so foreign to you that you never really applied it?
  • Do you not like going out to bars/clubs, nor do you see much potential for meeting high quality women there, but you don’t know where else to go where women will actually be open to you approaching them?
  • Do you genuinely feel like you’re an awesome guy and have so much to offer, but for some reason you can’t get others to see that?

“Wait a second, that was creepy.
How do you know all that about me?”


In spite of what it seems, there are no hidden cameras. ;)

We understand you because we care about you, and we’ve been working closely with men like you for years.

You’ll find a lot of dating coaches and programs, but at Introverted Alpha, we are at the forefront of specifically understanding introverted men.

We help each of our clients connect with women in his own one-of-a-kind way based on tried and true principles and frameworks.

Our program is founded by a woman, with other women in mind.

So around here, you will NEVER hear us telling you to do anything disrespectful to yourself or to women.

At Introverted Alpha, we maximize introverted men’s natural charm.

We teach them linear, logical frameworks for dating and attraction that finally MAKE SENSE and feel natural for them, completely customizable to their own disposition, values, and preferences.

In short, we are the pickup-alternative for goodhearted, sincere introverted men.

How did Introverted Alpha begin?


San Francisco Dating Coach - Sarah Jones Introverted Alpha

Hi, I’m Sarah Jones, Introverted Alpha’s founder.

I’ve always loved introverted men.

My dad, my brother, my boyfriend, my ex, many of my friends and clients… all engineers.

I love linear, logical, thoughtful and introspective men like you, and I started Introverted Alpha to help you attract the right women for you in a way that FEELS REALLY GOOD for everyone involved.

How did I go from being a fan of introverted goodhearted men to starting and leading a company for them?

In 2011, I had a coach of my own to help me launch my art career, and one day I realized that more than art, what really excited me was making a difference in people’s lives.

The day of a big art show in Summer 2012, I found iPEC Coaching and enrolled in their professional coaching certification program.

As a direct result of being in coaching school, my own dating life was going AMAZINGLY for the first time in my life, in my mid-twenties.

Before then, I was either in a half-hearted longterm relationship or completely celibate and closed off to dating.

Finally, I was meeting and dating BEAUTIFUL men… really attractive, mysterious, kind, sexual men. I was absolutely in heaven.

I said to myself, “I want to teach other women how to do this! It’s incredible.”

A couple months later, I was coaching a man who said to me, “Hey I think this dynamic is really good: you as a woman coaching me as a man. It seems to come naturally to you, and I’m really enjoying it.

“Have you considered coaching men?”

That was all I needed to hear. I’d been thinking the same thing and was eager to make that shift.

In Summer 2013, I met dating coach Adam Gilad.

Adam used to work with David Deida, and I really liked Adam’s approach of helping men live an inspired life and attract women that way, rather than through pickup tricks.

In our first meeting, I told Adam, “I want to love men into their greatness.”

Every time Adam tells that story, he says, “And I hired her on the spot.” ;)

I became Adam’s Head Coach and started coaching the men who knew and loved his work.

The more men I coached, the more I saw how the men who were smart and introverted were my best clients.

We had the best connection, and they were able to understand and implement what I taught them really well.

Through being involved in the dating coaching industry for men, I saw there was a shortage of effective dating advice for introverted men.

There was plenty of advice encouraging them to be extroverts, which doesn’t work and isn’t respectful.

There was ZERO advice encouraging them to understand and bring out their own natural introverted charm.

I founded Introverted Alpha in Summer 2014 to fill this need in the industry.

I had taken Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch program that Spring, so I felt equipped to make an artisanal, sustainable online business.

I always knew I wanted to grow out of pure 1:1 coaching into a bigger business with a team of people to help carry Introverted Alpha’s impact beyond what I could do personally as a solopreneur.

Today, we are going strong and so are our clients.

It is my deep joy to run Introverted Alpha and watch it develop as each member of our team resonates with our commitment to “our guys,” bringing their own insights and strengths to our thriving team.

We came online in Summer 2014 when introversion was a hot topic thanks to Susan Cain’s brilliant book, Quiet.

I was honored when one year after our inception, her team reached out to see if I would kindly post on their website, Quiet Revolution. I was of course thrilled to.

I’ve also been honored every time Ramit Sethi has featured me and my business as a case study for his Zero To Launch program, and I’m happy to have written for his site GrowthLab.com.

You may have found us through Susan or Ramit, or you may have found us through one of these places…

In everything we do at Introverted Alpha, our intention is to be the clear and unequivocal choice for introverted men who want to attract women naturally without being someone they’re not.

We’re so happy you’ve found us! :)

Do you feel lost / overwhelmed when it comes to
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