How To Be More Playful As An Introvert [INTJ, INTP, INFJ, INFP]

How to become a more playful introvert

If you’ve ever wondered how to shine as an introvert while staying true to yourself, you aren’t alone!

One of the best ways to do that is by embracing your playful side.

For example, one IA reader shared…

“In identifying and developing my attractive factors… I know I’m fully capable of capitalizing on the dating opportunities I would’ve never known existed.”

One of the most magnetic traits an introvert can develop is a playful, light-hearted spirit!

However, that will look different from one introverted man to the next because of their unique differences.

Today, we’ll share exactly how to be more playful as an introvert, based on the eight different Meyers-Briggs introverted personality types!


Dating gets easier when you embrace your playful side

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Now, let’s dive in!


How to be more playful as an introvert based on the eight types

While introverts seem to have a lot in common, they also have noteworthy differences that pop up across different personality types!

According to Myers-Briggs personality research, there are 16 main personality types, eight of which describe introverts.

For each of the type names and descriptions below, we’ve referenced If you aren’t sure what your personality type is, we recommend taking the free test on their website!


1. INTJ | “The Architect”

If you’re an INTJ, you may be known for your independence, rationality, and curiosity. You are unknowingly attractive to women when you aren’t even trying to be!

When you simply enjoy the things you love and share your enthusiasm for those things, that’s when your more light-hearted side shines the brightest.

That’s also likely when you feel most comfortable. Women find you most attractive when you simply relax and be yourself!


2. INTP | “The Logician”

INTPs are appreciated for their problem-solving skills and deep creativity. Many INTP men make passionate partners.

The people who know you best have built a rich relationship with you. Even at the start, you tend to be refreshingly direct and honest!

That’s why INTP men have a lot of success with situational humor, such as making comments about whatever is happening, when they want to be more playful.


3. INFP | “The Mediator”

INFPs are deeply empathetic, creative, and idealistic.

If you’re an INFP man, you may be known for your altruistic, humanitarian desire to leave the world a bit better. People admire your commitment to doing the right thing, and it can make them feel very comfortable and safe around you.

For this reason, INFPs tend to have a lot of success using playfulness to dispel tension or to help others feel more comfortable.

Your thoughtfulness, kindness, and creativity are pleasant for anyone to be around, and your playfulness is a gift to those you share it with!


4. INFJ | “The Advocate”

While some people are dreamers and others are doers, INFJs are both. If you’re an INFJ man, you have an uncanny ability to develop your creative vision into an actionable plan and see it through.

That’s why INFJs wondering how to be more playful can let others into their brainstorming process. That can be as simple as sharing your thoughts joyfully and how you work through them!


5. ISTJ | “The Logistician”

You may be an ISTJ if you’re a person of great integrity. Because of your strong moral compass and commitment to rightness, people appreciate how dependable you are.

People rely on your stabilizing presence and respect your dedication to excellence.

Your rational approach to learning about your relationships and environments means that your playfulness comes out best when it has to do with the people you’re with or the location you’re in.


6. ISFJ | “The Defender”

If you’re an ISFJ, your superpower is your ability to connect with others intimately. This is so attractive due to the true joy you bring to any environment!

This quality can be attributed to your ability to connect with others deeply while establishing a positive vibe.

If you’re an ISFJ man who wants to be more playful, simply say what you’re thinking or feeling more often! Since you already gravitate toward positivity, you can trust that your light-heartedness will be authentic.


7. ISFP | “The Adventurer”

If you’re an ISFP man, you may be naturally charming, warm, and curious.

Your mysterious and spontaneous nature makes for vibrant relationships. The combination of your unpredictable, childlike spirit and your constant creativity makes you fun and interesting to be around!

You naturally make every day feel like a new adventure, so being more playful can look like fun, spontaneous plans (in little ways like a surprise lunch date or big ways like a random road trip)!


8. ISTP | “The Virtuoso”

Many ISTPs come from a place of practical realism. If that resonates with you, you may find mechanical creation to be cathartic.

Meanwhile, your creativity, sense of humor, and hands-on approach are well balanced with a relaxed disposition, relentless energy, and unpredictable creativity. You may be well-known for responding in positive, appropriate ways when a crisis arises.

To be more playful, consider building something fun together such as a new Lego set or a three-layer cake!


More advice for becoming a more playful introvert

Now you know what sets introverts apart from one another, you can find ways to be more playful that mesh well with your personality type!

When you embrace the wonderful things that make you unique, it can change your life in exciting ways. For example, your dating life may become much more enjoyable as you give yourself the freedom to be more playful in the ways that suit you best!

Let’s review what we went over today:

  • Eight different types of introverted personalities according to Myers-Briggs,
  • Defining traits of each introverted type, and
  • Ways to be more naturally playful.


Your next steps

man smiling in woods - how to be more playful as an introvertIf you’re looking for more advice for introverted men, here’s what you should do!

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In this powerful free 22-page ebook, "Why PUA Doesn't Work for Introverts And What Works Instead," you will uncover...


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