10 Benefits of Life and Dating Coaching

How would a life and dating coach help you?

If you’re curious about the benefits of working with a coach, check out this article to learn all about it. As you read, imagine yourself walking through a coaching journey.

How would you change on the other end?

I’m Sarah Jones, Founder of Introverted Alpha, where we help smart, introverted men attract women naturally. Today, I’m super excited to get into the 10 top benefits of coaching that our clients here at Introverted Alpha love the most about working with their IA Coach.

1. Leadership

The first benefit of coaching is the leadership that you get in your life when you have someone who can lead and guide you, especially along the lines of a structured program that has all the information that you want to have.

A leader…

  • Who is there with you to guide you,
  • Who has been there before with other clients just like you, knows the road ahead, and has the map,
  • And who can walk you gently down that path…

Is phenomenal and takes all the pressure off of you. All you need to do is follow along, take each step, and enjoy the ride.

2. Time-Sensitive Feedback

When you…

  • Get a text, or you’re not getting a text that you wanted to get,
  • Have a date or event coming up, or
  • Need to debrief what happened last night when you almost asked this girl for her number, but ended up not doing it…

Your coach is right there to help you, guide you, and give you specific advice that no amount of blog posts or videos can do for you.

While at Introverted Alpha, we have tons of blog posts and videos that are all helpful for you, none of those compare with the value of getting specific custom-tailored advice just for you, from someone whose career is to understand you and men like you, and to guide you to success in every situation that comes up in your life.

When you work with your IA Coach in one of our programs like Launch Your Dating Life, not only will you have your coaching sessions to debrief everything together, you’ll have emails in between sessions to get those quick responses.

You can ask for guidance on how to ask a woman on a date, or you can share about how your date went last night. You can send whatever it is that you want to send your coach in real time, and you will get her feedback.

That is infinitely more valuable to you for your growth because your time matters and you cannot be sifting through tons and tons of resources out there if that may not even be helpful for you. They may even leave you astray if they’re not meant for your exact situation.

Your coach is there to help you synthesize all the best information for you to just custom present you with a single top insight and branch off different actions you can take based on that insight. That’s what coaching does for you.

3. A Sounding Board

Anything you need, you can bring it to your coach. If something happens and you’re not sure what to do, ask her. This even applies to events in your life outside of dating.

Our clients love to bring situations that are happening…

  • In their family,
  • At work, or
  • Any kind of social situation.

They even bring up what they’re considering in a career move.

Your coach is there to be your sounding board for anything you need.

4. Guidance

Remember from the first point about your coach’s leadership is that she has that map in her hand, and she’s your guide?

Not only is she leading the way and showing you the end point destination of an amazingly fulfilling love life, she’s also pointing out the beautiful flowers along the way. She’s showing you interesting facts about the topography of your unique journey up your mountain.

She’s guiding you, and it’s extremely personal and special.


5. Confidence-Building

Your coach will help you become super confident in your choices because we want everything that you do here at Introverted Alpha to be from your heart.

If you and your coach are debriefing a situation and looking at possible ways that you can handle it, you’re going to land on what’s best for you. That final decision comes from your heart, which really builds your confidence.

Your coach will point out all the amazing qualities about you that she sees when she looks at your photos. She will go over the beautiful features that you have, and what’s attractive about you, and all of this works to build your confidence. Not only that, but watching yourself take the steps that you need to through your program journey helps you build your confidence so much, because you’re showing yourself that you matter and you are worth investing in.

You are worth it because you use the resources available to you. You do what you need to do to make progress and make your life better. That follow-through is super attractive, and watching yourself exhibit that improves your confidence so much because you know that any awesome woman is going to be looking for that kind of follow-through in her man.

When you’re walking through the program and you’re exhibiting that, your confidence deepens that much more.

6. Encouragement

Life can be challenging, right? You don’t get the text you were hoping for, or you get a text you didn’t want to see, or you’re on a date and you feel awkward in the moment and disappointed with yourself after it’s over. There are all kinds of ways to get discouraged. Your coach is here to encourage you, support you, cheer you on, and believe in you sincerely from her heart:

  • She’s seen other guys like you go from all the struggles that you’re facing in their own ways, and she’s seen them come through to success.
  • She believes in you based on what she’s seen in other guys and what she’s seen in you.

That information is super valuable for encouragement and that’s information that you simply don’t have on your own because your career is not coaching introverted guys, right? So how would you know all of that?

I remember how in some of our live events I’ve heard different clients saying things like,

“Hey Sarah, I know you always said that there were other guys like me, but it was really hard for me to believe you until I saw them face-to-face. They’re just like me.”

That’s what you get to experience and get a taste of in your coaching. You get to hear from your coach that there are other guys who have struggled with the same thing. That’s such a load off your shoulders and really helps to encourage you because if they could get from Point A to Point B, you can too, and you get a constant reminder of that in your coaching. The entire way the sessions are is super encouraging and uplifting for you.


7. A Safe, Accepting Environment

The seventh benefit of coaching is a safe, accepting environment where you can be really honest with yourself and your coach. We’ve seen some clients share in-depth details and really important parts of their heart that they may have felt ashamed to share with anyone else in other settings, even with trusted loved ones. There are some things that they share with their IA Coach and it’s the first time that they’ve shared it in their lives with anyone, because they finally feel like it’s safe to share certain parts of themselves.

When they share it with their coach, they receive even more support and guidance with how to process certain aspects of life that have been really hard for them, whether that’s…

  • Certain memories,
  • Experiences, or even
  • Shame.

Their coach is there to help them, and your coach will be there to help you create that safe, nurturing, accepting environment where you can be really honest with yourself and your coach.

This makes for such awesome progress because all of you can be on board with your journey in full integrity.

Integrity means wholeness, so when you’re honest and everything is laid out on the table, that brings integrity and helps you to move forward.

8. Reinforcing Positive Beliefs

There are all kinds of things that can be tempting to believe about life.

A lot of our guys say,

“Because of my height or my race or where I live or the amount of women in my city or the type of women in my town or whatever, then I just can’t be successful.”

That is absolutely not true.

While it’s one thing to hear that from me to you here in this blog post, it’s another thing to be able to process that with your coach, look at alternate ways of viewing things, and really come to an authentically positive belief that supports you to action, supports you to see your choices, and supports you to move forward with things that have kept you stuck for years.

Having a new positive belief that you come up with with your coach is the key to unlocking whole new possibilities.

9. Gaining Perspective

Our clients love to bring a situation to their coach like,

“Oh no, I was talking with this girl at this party and everything was going great. Then all of a sudden she was going to leave with her friends and I just didn’t know what to do. I didn’t get her number and I can’t believe it. I’m probably not going to see her again.”

When our client brings something like that to his coach, his coach says,

“Okay, I get that. I get how that’s frustrating, so let’s look at what you can do next time. At the same time, can we just pause to appreciate that this is the first woman that you’ve found attractive who you’ve talked to? She was single and you were out, and this is the first time this has happened in months or years. We can celebrate that, right?”

When you’re working so hard on something, especially as an introverted, logical guy, you may be focused on all the ways that you want to improve, which is fantastic and helps you to grow.

Your coach is there to balance that out, to help you gain perspective on all that you’ve already achieved. Even just being in a program with us at all is an achievement.

Showing up on your coaching calls and being all-in on this is an achievement. So are any other beautiful unfoldings that happen along the way that you may not notice if you’re focused on only what you can improve.

10. A Beautiful Story

Lastly, the tenth benefit of coaching, the culmination of all the previous nine, is a beautiful story.

You’re making memories, and your coach who helps you and supports you will always be a part of your heart, and you will always be a part of her heart and all of our hearts here at Introverted Alpha:

  • Your Alpha Advocate, who talks with you and helps you get started,
  • Your Client Concierge, who makes sure you’re all set with all your logistics that you need, and
  • Especially your IA Coach, who talks with you on a regular basis and supports you and gets to know you…

And me, of course, as well. Your coach debriefs me on all of her clients regularly, and I love hearing all about you from her because I get to know you too.

I’m super excited about that because your story is what makes beauty, and you get to make a beautiful story. We get to be part of your story, you get to be part of our story, and that is the tenth beautiful benefit of coaching.

Bringing the gift of coaching into your life

Woman Smiling With Computer - Benefits Of Life And Dating CoachingNow it’s time for you to take your next step into coaching. If you already have a call coming up with your Alpha Advocate, awesome job reading this post!

  1. Complete any other steps that we suggested to you to prepare for your call with your Alpha Advocate and have an amazing call considering whether this is the best next step for you. We can’t wait to work with you.
  2. If you do not have a call lined up and you would like one, you can look on our programs page to see which option would be the best program fit for you. There’s a program recommendation quiz at the top of the page where you can fill out whatever your focus area is that you’re working on, and your budget, and we will custom-recommend the best option for you.
  3. You can also reach out to us at team@introvertedalpha.com. Tell us about yourself and we’ll hop on the phone with you and get you in the right direction. You don’t need to do the program quiz if you’d rather just reach out and get that one-on-one touchpoint right away.

Do one of those three things, and we cannot wait to talk with you. See you soon, have an amazing rest of your day, and thank you again for being here at Introverted Alpha.

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Attracting An Amazing Girlfriend Starts With Finding Your Own Vibe.

In this powerful free 22-page ebook, "Why PUA Doesn't Work for Introverts And What Works Instead," you will uncover...


--> A 3-step exercise to find what makes you uniquely attractive
--> Why the “pickup artist” approach will never work for introverts and what works instead

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