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I’m Sarah Jones, founder of Introverted Alpha. Welcome to my review of Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch.

Here’s what has happened since I joined Zero To Launch in April 2014.

In short, amazing things.
Here’s a summary:

  • Revenue: $335,491+ (from August 8, 2014 to September 12, 2016)
  • Subscribers: 6,763+
  • Customers: 200+
  • Features: AskMen, Cosmo, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness, San Francisco Chronicle, Elite Daily, Quiet Revolution, Entrepreneur On Fire, The Lively Show, and many more.
  • Intangibles: So much LOVE! My team and I love our Introverted Alpha guys, and they love us. It is honestly a big love fest around here, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m so grateful to Ramit for creating Zero To Launch. It is truly an amazing course.

Before joining Zero To Launch…

I didn’t know where to start.

All I knew was I wanted to start a business helping men with dating and attraction.

I’d been Head Coach for a mid-size dating coaching company for about a year, which had given me insight into how to sell, coach, and strategize on some level behind the scenes — but not how to build a company from scratch.

I really wanted to have my own voice out there helping men directly on the front lines.

The trouble was, I didn’t know what my niche or angle would be exactly, and I had almost no experience with lead generation in any context.

I had so many ideas about what my business could ultimately look like, and while I enjoyed thinking and writing about my ideas, I felt powerless when it came to creating a sound, reliable strategy and then implementing on that strategy.

I was accustomed to keeping my dreams distant-future-focused and hypothetical, where it felt safer. I was also accustomed to waiting for “permission” to start my own business.

I felt really loyal to the company I was working for at the time. Even though the other coaches on our team openly had their own businesses on the side, I still didn’t think it was “right” to start one of my own.

I couldn’t get past the fuzziness of my vision and my perceived lack of permission no matter how I tried, until I enrolled in Zero To Launch.

As soon as I enrolled, in the spirit of transparency, I told the company owner that I was taking the course. He had already known from the first day we met that after working with him to help make his business as successful as possible, I wanted to go do my own thing — “make my own baby” — is how I saw it.

Within a few months of joining Zero To Launch, I felt confident that my business was going to do well, and I gave notice that September 30th, 2014 would be my last official day at the other company. And it was.

Though it was scary as anything and I would *definitely* recommend having some sort of savings before quitting your job (!!), that transition dramatically freed my time and energy for my new business, and two months later, it completely exploded in growth with my first $10K month.

Today, I have been running Introverted Alpha full-time for two years, and it is steadily growing in sales, reputation, reach, and impact.

I love having Introverted Alpha, because every day I get to devote my attention and love to helping smart introverted men attract women naturally.

Here are the 5 major takeaways I got from Zero To Launch:

1: The concept, culture, and “permission” to create an artisanal brand.

Before I heard Ramit use the word “artisanal” to describe an online business, my whole idea of business, especially online business, was overcome with tacky brashness.

This set up conflicting desires inside me, because I wanted to create something beautiful, AND I wanted to create something effective.

Until Ramit and Zero To Launch, I literally thought beauty and effectiveness were mutually exclusive.

Thanks to him, I began my entire business journey on the foundation of well-crafted artisanal excellence, which alone was probably my biggest ZTL revelation.


2: Speaking to my audience with genuine care and respect.

In my market of dating advice for men, there is a lot of sleazy advice that is disrespectful to both men and women. (See more about my views on that inside my email marketing material here.)

Not only disrespectful towards the women “targets”, but towards the men who are earnestly trying to better themselves with women.

The whole vibe is just not something I resonate with, and before Zero To Launch, a part of me thought I had to be tough like those PUA teachers and use a challenging tone with my readers.

Turns out, they really don’t like that.

My readers, students, and clients come to me because they want to be respected.

My guiding intention in all my communication is to write and speak as an intelligent and genuine person, to intelligent and genuine people.

The more skillful I become at this, the more deeply thankful emails flood my inbox, and the more people want to hang around Introverted Alpha and do business with us.


3: The peace of mind that comes from creating a funnel that works.

When I first started Introverted Alpha, I created a Core Confidence 5-Day Email Training as a free gift (you can get the most current gift I have here), which led into a strategy session with me.

From there, we would begin a coaching relationship if we both felt it’s the right fit.

Just like Ramit suggests with a 5-email series, the first 3 emails were content-only, and the 4th and 5th I invited them into a strategy session with me (a valuable and fun sales call).

Now I have multiple updated funnels, but that’s what I started with, and it worked great!

This email series is a crucial part of what makes the business work.


4: Systematic mindset and solid strategic thinking, including long-term consistent output.

This is HUGE.

One of the main reasons I enrolled in Zero To Launch was to integrate into my own life the strategic mindset and success habits Ramit exemplifies and teaches through his life.

There are many success habits I learned in ZTL and by watching the way Ramit goes about his business.

One habit is creating weekly blog posts as well as regular guest posts and interviews. That content creation is a cornerstone commitment for me.

Hearing consistent, heartfelt thank-you’s from readers and having a steadily growing email list and customer list shows me that I’m making an impact in a genuinely helpful way.


5: Freedom to only collaborate with people I genuinely like and respect.

In the world of dating advice for men, there’s a lot of advice that just rubs my guys (and me!) the wrong way.

I’ve had to search to find teachers I truly respect and resonate with, and the search is worth it.

The example and leadership of Ramit helped me make that decision early on not to partner up with dating teachers I feel weird about, even for something small like a guest post.

This has freed up so much energy and really makes all my interactions a pleasure. Also, it creates trust with my readers and clients and other teachers who I’m on the same page with.

All in all, I am so happy and grateful to Ramit for helping me establish solid footing quickly with a bright road ahead.

Ramit has had a profound impact on my business and life, arming me with the courage, tools, and mindset necessary to create an artisanal business right out of the gate.

I plan on Introverted Alpha thriving for a long time to come, and I will forever be deeply thankful to Ramit for his indelible role in that.

Should you join Zero To Launch?

It all comes down to “Fierce Devotion.”

The one important question…

If you’re not sure if you can do it / if Ramit can teach you / if it will be worth it, there’s only one important question at the root of all those questions:

“Do I have FIERCE DEVOTION to creating an online business that helps myself and others?”

If you are fiercely devoted to being an artisanal resource for the men and women you care about in the world — if you are willing to do whatever it takes — AND if you resonate with and trust Ramit, I think you should go for it.

You can start now and start small and grow. Just because you join a course doesn’t mean you’re signing your life away! But it does mean that you’ve taken an important step forward on what you truly want.

That said, if you’re not “fiercely devoted” –- if that idea doesn’t have you feeling excited, or if you’re not sure what you want –- I suggest you sort that out first.

Knowing what you want deep inside is the prerequisite to making any intelligent decision.

Spend the time to really consider this. Think on it, and use your intuition and knowledge to see what you truly want.

When you know what you want and are unapologetic about that, you absolutely know what you must do.

Want to peek into my business at how things work?

Visit these pages to learn more:

If you really want to make your own version of this and if you arm yourself with the resources you need to do it, you can absolutely build a successful, fulfilling, profitable, fun business.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes to you!

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