Build Your Confidence, Enhance Your Vibe, and Improve Your Relationship to Women…

all while feeling calm and encouraged in your day-to-day.

Do you ever wonder, “Am I missing something here?”

A lot of introverted men feel out of the loop when it comes to the world of women, attraction, and being their own distinctive man.

They tell me that they feel like there was some kind of handbook they just didn’t get, some training they missed out on…

Or maybe everyone else was born with this innate understanding about how things work, and they just weren’t, so they wonder if there’s something wrong with them.

Do you sometimes feel that way? 

If you do, it’s okay. I hear you.

It really is truly okay, not only because countless other men can relate to you, but more importantly, because you and I can resolve these fears together.

We can have you feeling quite strong and wonderful in your own skin, around women and otherwise.

What we can do is make small incremental changes that build on each other and that are FUN to do.

Why fun?

Because when it comes to human nature, we are pleasure-seeking creatures.

When something comes along that makes the pleasure of growth becomes greater than the pleasure of hibernation, guess what happens naturally?

We start to grow, really grow, without all the old fears and small ways of thinking holding us back.

We become free. 

Hi, I’m Sarah Jones, Founder of Introverted Alpha.

For the past several years, I’ve helped thousands of introverted men build genuine confidence and have fun all along the way!

It always feels amazing to hear them tell me with delight how women are suddenly taking notice of them, wanting to be closer to them (at first, to these men’s utter surprise… but they quickly get used to it!). ;)

Until what I’m about to share with you, the only way to get the most in-depth training at Introverted Alpha was to become a client.

Now, I’m taking the same depth of material I’ve shared behind the curtain of our program, and I’m offering it to you within my private membership.

This way, you can feel refreshed and inspired with the best training out there on vibe, confidence, and relationship to women, for as long as you’d like!

Introducing the Private Introverted Alpha Membership:

Get the Freshest, Most Cutting-Edge Introverted Alpha Content to Develop Your Confidence, Vibe, and Relationship to Women.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside the Private Membership:

A new special theme each month, like touch, approach, confidence, vibe, and more.

10 inspiring emails each and every month with my freshest, best content.


Content-rich training booklet on that month’s topic as a downloadable PDF.

I am thrilled to have opened up this special members-only email list for you.

When you become part of this private Introverted Alpha membership, you will get beautiful emails centered around a special theme for each month. 

Specifically, you will get to enjoy 10 of-the-moment, super-fresh, insightful emails from me every single month, for as long as you want.

Not only that, you’ll also get a content-rich training booklet around each month’s theme!

I’ll send this booklet to you at the end of each month in PDF format for you to enjoy and go deeper with that month’s topic, all of which will help you develop your confidence, vibe, and relationship to women.

In the emails and booklets, we’ll explore topics like…

  • Touch and intimacy
  • In-person approach
  • Online dating and texting
  • Confidence and assertiveness
  • First impressions and presentation
  • Social leadership

And so many more! A new theme each month.

Along the way, you will be integrating key rituals and habits, whatever most resonates with you specifically from what I share/

These will also improve your quality of life and the way you come across and interact with women.

Here Are Some Themes We’ll Explore Together:

Understand how to read women and situations so you don’t have to overthink.

Two primary focus areas of the membership emails and accompanying booklets will be (a) getting out of analysis paralysis and (b) understanding how women really think and feel. These focus areas will help you become closer to the women you choose to, at a pace that feels good for everyone.

Build your confidence and distinctive vibe more naturally.

Everything you do in life is more effective and enjoyable when you are feeling wonderful in your own skin. People take note of you, you feel awesome and peaceful, and the world is just brighter and things flow more smoothly. My emails and booklets… every single one (!)… will help you enhance your confidence and vibe so you can become your most attractive, most high-performing self, almost effortlessly over time.

Feel encouraged and calm through your day-to-day.

Life is full of surprises. That is what makes it exciting! But it also can be stressful, especially when we aren’t supporting ourselves with a consistent, positive voice in our lives. Even with friends and family around you, it is so helpful to have someone who knows introverted men inside and out, who understands and appreciates your nature, who is in your corner. That’s me! ;)

Invitation: Join Today for Only $99 / Month

Here’s What’s Included:

>> Special Themes Each Month (Vibe, Confidence, Reading Women, Etc) <<
>> 10 Content-Rich Emails Each Month on That Month’s Theme <<
>> Downloadable PDF Training Booklets Each Month <<

Monthly Subscription for $99 per Month

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A Few “Thank You” Notes I’ve Gotten for My Emails…

“Hey Sarah, I must tell you that I’ve never ever found so much passion and so much dedication to actually help somebody in any of the dating material I’ve so far studied the way I’ve found in yours.”

“Thank you for the past emails this week; you have truly made a huge impact on my life.

“These last few emails have been perfect. They have such great insights, and I love that they really have more to do with building up oneself than about how to find someone to fill a gap. I just wanted to let you know how great these have been.”

“Thanks, Sarah. You don’t know how helpful this very newsletter is to me. I feel so liberated.

Ready for Your Next Level?

That’s what we’ll build in you incrementally, step by step, inside the Private Introverted Alpha Monthly Membership.

Each month’s theme will be centered around how to bring out your Introverted Alpha self:

  • developing your confidence as an introverted man,
  • understanding and expressing your unique vibe,
  • and connecting with women in a wonderful way.

Since this is not the same as my step-by-step comprehensive program, the investment is smaller too!

It’s very doable, and when I first made this available, I had guys who had been around Introverted Alpha for awhile email me, thanking me for making my support available in such an affordable way.

It’s my pleasure.

I’m so excited to send you all this great material, to inspire and educate you ongoingly into the sunset, for however long you want!

Together, we’ll keep your mindset strong and optimal day after day. 

Invitation: Join Today for Only $99 / Month

Here’s What’s Included:

>> Special Themes Each Month (Vibe, Confidence, Reading Women, Etc) <<
>> 10 Content-Rich Emails Each Month on That Month’s Theme <<
>> Downloadable PDF Training Booklets Each Month <<

Monthly Subscription for $99 per Month

Flexible Plan

Yearly Subscription for $990 per Year

Two Months Free

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