For Smart Introverted Men:

Date the right women for you
without being creepy or “trying too hard”.


What if you could go out and have attractive, discerning women warming up to you…

Leaning in when you have something to say, and dropping hints that they’d like to see you again?

These connections are not reserved for men who are tall, handsome, and the life of the party.

These connections are available to you.

Yes, I want to learn more.

As a smart introverted man, you are sitting on
sexual attractiveness GOLD.


Being an introverted man makes you much more attractive to women than you might realize.

Ever heard of the “strong, silent type”?

Or that guy who has an amazing sense of humor women love (but they’d never suspect it, making it all the more alluring)?

Your unique introverted attractiveness is something we talk about a lot here…

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Your attractiveness as an introvert (even if you’re shorter than you’d like, heavier than you’d like, currently less social than you’d like, et cetera) is all over everything we create for you, because it’s true.

It’s our fundamental understanding here at IA.

“If I’m so great, then why was I alone last Saturday night?”


It’s a painful situation, and it’s complex.

There are missed opportunities….

When I’m talking with an attractive woman and I have a hunch she likes me, why do I just stand there and let her walk away without getting her number?

Worries about the future…

How come all my friends are paired off now, but I’m still single? I feel like my prime years are behind me.

Day-to-day awkwardness…

All I want is to be able to see a beautiful woman on the street or at a party and be able to TALK to her. It sounds so simple, but I get stuck in my own head.

And doubting whether what you want is realistic…

Are there even any single women I can connect with out there? It seems like all the good women are already taken by men who can communicate their worth better than I can.

If all that hits a little too close to home, you’ve got to wonder…

What if you’re making it too complicated?

That’s what these three men had to ask themselves along the
way from struggling to now have amazing girlfriends:

From broken heart to meeting his love…

The beginning:

One client of ours had married young. His wife cheated on him, said she felt like she missed out on her 20s, and then left him. By the time he came to us, he’d come to peace with that and was ready to start dating again for the first time (his first wife was his first love). But he was a little concerned that he didn’t have that “sexual spark” women are looking for — that the same thing his wife left him about would come back to bite him in the ass later.

The turning point:

We worked through what is uniquely sexually attractive about him and what he specifically wanted and why. This gave him the confidence to start meeting women, going on fun dates, and having sexy adventures. He even had the guts to tell his friend who discouraged him from approaching a group of beautiful women, “She may or may not be interested in me. But I’m going to go find out.” He went ahead, and that moment resulted in a few very passionate nights he’ll never forget.

These days:

After a while, he met his now amazing girlfriend one night, and they are still going strong months later. Here’s an email he sent about her:

I just watched your 3 Secrets to Effortless Charisma webinar and it was really good! Brought back some great memories of working with you and some warm fuzzy feelings lol. You are so awesome. I admire your business and all of the value you are providing.

Quick update over here. I’m still seeing ___, the girl we talked about back in June. She is pretty incredible and I love being with her. I also love surprising her, doing lots of things for her, and being myself around her. I feel confident that I make her happy and that’s really incredible (not that she needs me for happiness, but it’s still so much fun to see her smile or get really excited when I do something for her).

I’m happy about how things are and eager to keep relaxing more into my authentic self as well as exploring the connection between ___ and I. I wonder how close you can get to someone. I wonder what happens when you love a girl so much that she can completely relax and melt fully. I’m staying tuned to find out! lol.

From bad Tinder dates to, “She gets me”…

The beginning:

Another client of ours didn’t even think truly good women were out there. He was deep in work mode, and had WAY too many bad Tinder dates to have any spark of excitement left about women he’d meet. He felt disenchanted with the whole dating scene and was frustrated by years of disappointing dates and women who ghosted him.

The turning point:

Soon, he met a woman in an UberPool, and they had such a fun conversation. This opened him up to the idea of meeting more cool women — it was a welcome surprise. Then he went to his friend’s birthday party, and for the first time in his life, women were flocking to him. They were everywhere around him, touching him, flirting with him. This had NEVER happened before, and he ended up going on a few awesome dates with a woman he met that night.

These days:

Soon, he unexpectedly met his now-girlfriend on a dating app. Things became passionate very quickly, and it just “clicked” and felt right to both of them. It was very relaxed, and she was the first woman who ever really understood him, and vice versa. Here’s an email update he sent us:

I could NOT figure out what the fuck was going on. She’s way more extroverted than me, she’s a party girl, she’s bad ass street smart, talks shit, and drinks hard. So I flat out ask what the hell does she find so interesting about me? She says it’s that I’m mysterious, bold, and true to myself.

She loves that I have all these things going on in my head. She’s teaching me how to have fun like I never learned when I was younger, and I’m showing her how to take risks, adventure, and talk deeply. It finally clicked with me tonight. I could never have chemistry with someone just like me because there’d be no mystery, no learning, growing.

I relate so much better to women that our more outgoing than myself. ___ and I are both teddy bears inside and we see and respect each other’s limits, and that lets us safely explore all of these new things. It’s this wild mix of a deep similarity in how our hearts work, with exciting differences on the outside. 

From failing at cold approaches to incredible fiancee…

The beginning:

This client felt really shy, so he started reading pickup artist blogs that told him, “Feel the fear, and do it anyway!” After work several days a week, he would go to the library for hours and wait to finally make his first cold approach. But he never did. This was extremely demoralizing, and he knew he had to do something different, or he’d give up altogether.

The turning point:

He met a woman at work, and they started dating, but the more he liked her, the less bold he was with her for fear of making her uncomfortable. By his fifth date, he was friend-zoned. After that, in tears, he made the strong decision to never hold back again. The very next woman he dated is now his fiancee.

These days:

He and his fiancee have such a deep love and connection. Here’s what he told us about her:

I asked ____ about how I attracted her and some of the things that she said that drew her to me by me being myself, being interested in her, being strong and caring, my purpose, my open expressing of affection for her without being needy or clingy, and by showing her the respect by being honest about my dating situation.

As time grew on, I noticed more and more that she is the epitome of the woman I want to be with and she viewed me as one of a kind. Put that together, and it felt right for me to commit to being with her for life.

Once I got settled in we continued talking and we just kept falling more and more for each other. A couple months later, she expressed interest in the possibility of moving down here so we had a long distance relationship and then she moved down here in May 2015 before we got engaged in October 2015. We live together and every day I appreciate being with her.

The question is… how did these stories happen? And how can you make a similar story for yourself?

As an introvert, you have something special to give.

Because of your specific nature and because you want GENUINE connections with women, not pseudo-connections…
advice that tells you to be someone you’re not around women will never work for you.

The good news is, you’re not limited to that option.
You can rise above the noise and date the women who are truly right for you.

There are 3 keys to doing this well:

Embrace quality over quantity.

Maybe you’re not getting many dates, or maybe you’re getting plenty of so-so dates, and you want to start dating amazing women. Either way, if you’re an introvert, you must bring an “intentional quality over excessive quantity” approach to dating.

Understand how women see you.

While every woman is different, you are the common denominator between all their experiences of you. You must be able to read how they feel about you and navigate that in how you talk with them, touch them, and lead the interaction at each stage.

Treat dating as a skill to build.

You can build dating as a skill because it is a learnable blend of “art” and “science.” Just like any other skill you’ve built in life, getting quality dates involves critical thinking, focused persistence, and a willingness to take small measured risks.

Introducing Launch Your Dating Life

For good-hearted, discerning men ready to attract women naturally.

Launch Your Dating Life is an invitation-only, 8-week program.

It includes twice-weekly Q&A calls; two 1:1 coaching calls;
and step-by-step material on meeting, attracting,
and dating the right women for you.

The video and written material is all-encompassing. Then we
apply it to your specific situation in the Q&A Sessions.

As a client, you’ll be invited into an intimate, exciting experience:

2x Weekly Q&A Sessions

Bring your text conversations, online profile and messages, stories: anything for us to review / refine.

Tell us about specific women coming into your life, and we’ll help you take it where you want it to go next.

Two 1:1 Coaching Calls

Get started making the most of your 8 weeks with an introductory 1:1 call to go over your presentation.

Then you’ll have a 6-week check-in call to go over your progress thus far and make sure you finish strong.

Step-by-Step Material

As soon as the program starts, you’ll get access to your first module on making sure your vibe, mindset, and presentation are strong.

In your second module, you’ll see where to meet women in person and online, as well as how to read women really well and always know what they’re thinking about you.

In your third module, you’ll learn how to approach, flirt, and keep the momentum going towards the first date and beyond in person and through texts.

In your fourth module, you’ll understand how to build electric chemistry with women you’re attracted to, subtly and comfortably.

What we’ll cover in Launch Your Dating Life:

Here is a sampling of what you’ll learn in the general course material
and how we’ll apply it to your situation in the Q&A Sessions:


Whether you should do online, in-person approach, or both, and which venues to go to and/or which apps to use.


Signs a woman is flirting with you through body language, touch, and/or words, based on your personality and vibe.


Insights from 1:1 coaching on your specific situations, like the woman who hasn’t texted you back since Tuesday.


Whether to be exclusive with someone or continue dating multiple women, and when to transition into relationship.


10 steps from first touch to first kiss (and the secret Steps 11-20 on first kiss to first time having sex).


How to ease into going out at a pace that feels really good for you, even if you’ve been staying in 6 or 7 nights of the week for years.


4-step approach sequence, and 26 detailed pages on how to apply that sequence in specific situations, including approaching women in groups.


What is sexually desirable about you specifically, even if you don’t feel very desirable yet.

Why Launch Your Dating Life is the best
option for discerning, introverted men:

Nothing else out there has been designed with the nuances of your introverted nature in mind.
If you’re going to meet wonderful women, it’s…

Not by a weekend bootcamp. Why? A high-pressure environment is not conducive. Just take it from our clients who tried bootcamps first, only to feel defeated with zero dates from it.

Some guys do have success during the bootcamp, but then they get home and have no idea how to incorporate those skill into their normal life. That’s why the best approach is to apply these skills to their day-to-day life from the start, not in some artificial reality of a bootcamp.

Not by matchmakers or an online dating concierge. Why? They can get you dates, but they can’t make sure the dates go well.


Not by reading blog posts, asking friends, and hoping it works out one day. Why? You didn’t learn the skills of your trade that way, did you? So why would you treat something as key to your happiness as dating with such little regard?

Not by anyone (female or male coach) who doesn’t understand the specialness of introverted men and their unique challenges, needs, and desires. Why?

You don’t want to “go out and get laid tonight.” You don’t want 597 notches on your bedpost.

You want breathtaking experiences with quality women who you have a genuine connection with.

Why Launch Your Dating Life is structured the way it is:

Why is it 8 weeks?

The reasoning behind 8 weeks is that it’s enough time for you to go through the full process of meeting women, texting and messaging for first date, and going on the first date (usually with multiple women). This way, your coaches can see you through the full process and refine so that you can maintain that on your own.

Why is it in a hybrid format?

The program is a hybrid of group, 1:1, and training material because we’ve tested structures over the years. This particular combination gets the best results for our guys: the personal support of your coaches in 1:1 calls and Q&A Sessions; as well as the organized library of knowledge in the module videos and worksheets.

As a client, you’ll get lifetime access to the best…


Continually Updated Material:

As the material is updated, you’ll get the freshest, most up-to-date teachings on the ever-changing landscape of online dating, texting, and everything Launch Your Dating Life covers.

Your Personal Library of Call Recordings:

You’ll get call recordings of each Q&A Session and each of your 1:1 coaching calls so you can go back and listen whenever you want.


Two devoted coaches who will…

> hold you accountable week by week;

> celebrate your mini-wins (you finally said something to the beautiful woman at the gym!), your big wins (your amazing new girlfriend), and for years to come (we love updates from our alumni!);

> give you honest, personal, loving feedback on how you come across;

> answer all your questions along the way: who did and didn’t text back, who was warming up to you at the party, and how to handle that really beautiful woman you keep meaning to say hi to.

Is Launch Your Dating Life right for you?

While that’s something you’ll explore in relaxed depth with your Alpha Advocate on the phone, let’s paint some broad strokes:

Launch Your Dating Life is right for you if…


You truly want this to be the solution you need, even if you’re skeptical by nature. Your mindset is, “I am not going to let myself down. If I invest in this, I need to get results.”


You wish you were already “good at” dating and attracting women. Yet you know if you keep on doing what you are doing, something will NOT “just change eventually.”


You really like the accountability factor. You may have tried programs in the past and seen that it is really hard to stay on track and motivated when you’re doing it all on your own.


You are willing and open to investing in this permanent life change. That is the criteria for being invited into the program, NOT your “status” or looks.

Launch Your Dating Life is NOT right for you if…


If you feel embarrassed that you don’t yet have control of your dating life (our society has a lot to say about that), that might prevent you from wanting to take the next step. We understand that this kind of vulnerability is challenging, and we support our clients in seeing things through to the other side, while also being gentle on themselves.


If you’re worried about people finding out that you’re getting coaching for dating to the point you’re not willing to go there, then that might keep you from moving forward. It’s okay if it feels a bit tender. The key is putting that into perspective of the life-changing effects the program will have.


If you’re so strapped for time that you struggle to get the basics done, this wouldn’t make sense for you. It’s reasonable to ask yourself if this is the right time for you to make the leap and even worry that your very busy schedule might be a reason for you to fail at this, but the truth is that the busiest of clients have done exceedingly well. We will go over time management with you in the course as needed.


If you’re extremely depressed or apathetic, it’s best to handle that first. That said, it’s completely normal to think, “I need to be in the right frame of mind first to do this,” but the truth is that mindset is a big part of the program. Many of our clients have mentioned that this program actually changed much more than just their dating lives. They leave feeling “like themselves again.”


If you’re sure that nothing will help you and it’s already game over for you, then that is going prevent you from joining. That said, it’s good to ask, “Will this really help me? Have they helped other guys solve similar challenges?” You can talk about your specific concerns with your Alpha Advocate on the phone.

A Tiny Fraction of Real Client Results…

Dating is a fun activity now. Just another part of my life. Dating is no longer something that worries me. I don’t have thoughts that I’ll settle.

I’m seeing how it’s just so easy to get numbers! At this point if I meet a woman in person it’s hard to imagine her saying no.

I am now with a wonderful woman — better than I could’ve imagined. Literally, my daydreams, checklists, etc never would’ve hit upon the combination of things that make her so great and make us a great fit…

And it doesn’t end — the principles taught in your program and your writings on IA are a key part of how I sustain and strengthen our relationship — the constant negotiation of boundaries and ongoing seduction and wooing of my girl. You helped me understand the psychology of it from the woman’s point of view and provided a structure for me to understand and act on all that.

What is your next step?

The investment is $1,900 per month for 3 months.
When you pay in full, there is ~12% off,
so it would be $5,000.

A new cohort is starting next month, and enrollment is open.


Important: Read this before you apply.

The only way to be invited into our program is through a personal 1:1 conversation with one of our Alpha Advocates.

Your Alpha Advocate will talk to you and get to know you: your particular challenges, strengths, personality, and preferences. If it seems like a fit up to that point, she will then share with you the exact qualities we need to see in our clients.

Once you confirm that you have those qualities, and once both you and your Alpha Advocate feel that you are truly understood… then and only then does she open the doors of our program to you.

You can join if you want to, but there is no obligation.

Does all that make sense?

If it does, and if you don’t want to let another day go by without you doing something tangible about this, then it’s time to apply for a Clarity Consult.

That is undoubtedly the next step, and we’ll take it from there together.