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Raising Up Strong Family-Man Leaders By Helping Single Christian Men Attract A Devoted Christian Woman And Build A Strong Christian Household

About Introverted Alpha

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Introverted Alpha is a Christian-led online coaching company founded and run by Christian woman, Sarah Jones. Founded in 2014, Introverted Alpha became focused on a Christian perspective in 2018 as Sarah’s own faith grew. In 2022, the program Christians In Love was launched, led by an Introverted Alpha Christian Coach. 

At Introverted Alpha, we help thoughtful analytical men attract the right women for them naturally, by growing as men and bringing out their best to lead well. Christians In Love is completely focused on Christian men, helping them to date from a godly Christian perspective. 

Since many single Christian men today have been told conflicting messages about dating, this program has been designed to help them grow in knowledge, skills, and ability to communicate well with women, discern character, and lead a promising relationship forward. 

Christian men who have not dated actively, or who have dated in a way that is outside of God’s plan, will benefit greatly from having the leadership of this program to date in a God-honoring way step by step that also honors the women they date and the woman they choose to build a marriage and family with long-term.

Wholesome, Christian-Oriented Creation of Families

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Family is the cornerstone of any healthy, thriving church body, and yet young people today are not trained in how to create a strong Christian family. 

As young men start to find and attract wonderful Christian mates they can raise a family with, church congregations can blossom with families who plant roots and involve their whole family in church activities and service opportunities. When a family is started with a strong leader who discerns and builds a life with a kind and mature Christian woman, the whole family can flourish from the beginning in their church home. 

This is why we focus on helping Christian men prepare for, start, and flourish in a long-term successful relationship that leads to the beautiful creation of family. 

Why Christian Men Need Support In Dating and Relationships

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In today’s confusing world of mixed messages, Christian men are looking for clear boundaries of dating specifically for their values and convictions, on which they can build a loving committed relationship filled with lasting wholesome love. 

These men need guidance on how to meet and attract the right women for them. First, they need to know where to look in their church congregation or the Christian community at large. Then, they need to know how to best communicate in a way that demonstrates benevolent masculine leadership in a dating context. Finally, they need to know how to build and deepen a loving relationship over time. 

All of these areas are covered in “Christians In Love.” 

“Christians In Love” Is Deeply Rooted In Christian Values

Here is the 4-part curriculum for “Christians In Love,” each part containing four modules of material: 

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1. Bring Out Your God-Given Best

Uncover your attractiveness, build confidence, and set yourself up for longterm success.

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2. Meet & Connect with Lovely Women

Approach and flirt with ease, as you confidently meet and get to know women in the very best venues for you.

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3. Develop Chemistry with Her on Dates

Build a sweet flow of communication through text and on dates, as you lead the relationship forward.

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4. Build A Strong Christian Relationship

Attract your ideal woman and make a firm foundation for each of you, as you explore your future.

Your Invitation As A Church Body

As the men of your church congregation participate in this program, they will be able to plant families right there in your church. Additionally, as you offer information on this program, new potential members will be drawn to learn more and become more involved in your church as a result of having this deepest need met by you. 

For every new client we receive from your church, your church will receive a 10% ($500) donation from Introverted Alpha. 

We have complimentary training materials, as well as additional information about this program, for your congregation. 

Please set up a time to talk with us below, so we can learn more about each other and see if this is a fit for your church: 

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What Introverted Alpha Clients Have Said

"I know what I want now. I know exactly, because I was able to think and reflect upon what I wanted in women, and what I wanted out of a relationship."
"I told her that I really like her and wanted to see her exclusively. She got such a big smile on her face and said she wanted that too."
"I have started to see the signals that women like me, something which I was quite blind to. Suddenly I started to see the smiles, the interest. I think they were always there, but totally missed them! Of course, they might have also come from the program, and I am now projecting this confident vibe in a backwards fashion."
"The last six months have been wonderful! Not only is my girlfriend great, I am now a much better partner and understand my ongoing role in the relationship better… We’re flying to Chicago/NYC for her to meet my family, and generally are just really happy planning a future together."

For audio reviews by clients, go here. Many churches have told us that hearing success stories from Introverted Alpha clients themselves was helpful as they considered whether our Christians In Love program would be a fit for their congregation members.

For FAQ’s, go here. We’ve compiled answers about Introverted Alpha and how we work.

Next Steps

We’re excited about this opportunity to help men in your congregation grow and flourish in this important area of their lives. 

Here’s a summary of how we’ll do that together:

  1. In Phase One, men will learn how to tap into their God-given best so they can easily attract the best woman for them.
  2. In Phase Two, men will meet and connect with quality potential matches in the best places for them.
  3. In Phase Three, men will enjoy amazing first, second, and third dates with wonderful women.
  4. In Phase Four, men will get to build a strong Christian relationship with a beautiful Christian woman. 

At Introverted Alpha, we love helping Christian men attract genuinely wonderful women by becoming their unique best selves, applying our own years of coaching experience to their own lives. 

We’ve worked with guys in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and many other cities and small towns all over America, Canada, Europe, and Australia. 

Book a call below to talk about Christians In Love, so we can see how we can support men in your church gamily to live their best lives within God’s design for them.

What could daily support from an IA Coach do for men in your community?

In the vast world of dating, we go well beyond the typical men’s dating coach because we’ve made it our career to develop relevant, gentle, and effective dating advice that fits the unique challenges of dating as a Christian man.

We are passionate about Christian men meeting the most beautiful women who are compatible with their Christian faith, so they can enjoy synergy on what is most important, delighting in the beautiful relationship, as they take each step.

Together, we can improve the future relationships that form in your congregation in a way that has nothing to do with pickup-focused dating experts or the “dating game”. We don’t suggest that men settle for anything less than real, genuine connections that feel wonderful for all involved and that honor their own personal Christian faith and closely held convictions. 

Want to see if Christians In Love is right for your church family?

Christians In Love is a 6-month customized 1:1 training program to equip Christian men with lifelong attraction skills.

Introverted Alpha provides premier dating coaching services for Christian men looking to find love and invest in long term, healthy relationships. We help men learn how to find potential matches, improve their personal growth, navigate the modern dating scene, and succeed in the online dating world by following our dating and relationships coaches’ advice tailored to their unique situation, personality, values, and Christian faith. Our kind and encouraging female dating coaches for men will help men reach their specific dating and relationship goals of finding love, becoming their best, and benefitting personally from the best relationship advice for Christian men with a kind heart.
If you would like to discuss how you could help men in your church family get support from one of the best dating coaches for men who are Christians and want to attract a Christian woman, please book a 1:1 conversation with us just below:

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