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Become more comfortable, confident, and well-connected for life, on your way to attracting your life partner and lifelong friends, without forcing yourself to be extroverted or someone you're not.

How We Will Help You Become Comfortable, Confident, and Well-Connected in the Introverted Alpha Academy

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Lifelong confidence doesn’t happen overnight, or by accident. True confidence is by definition intentional, built with love, one day at a time. That is why we made the IA Academy, so you can develop all the confidence and know-how you need for a fulfilling dating, relationship, and social life, for the rest of your life. 

Improving your social leadership, dating life, and overall presentation and confidence is one of the most valuable gifts you could give yourself, which is why we made this program just for you.

If you’ve felt challenged in improving your dating or social life, we’re here to help! It’s normal to have a lack of experience in these important areas, and we want to resolve all unknowns together so you can move forward with confidence and skill.

Because you are wonderfully thoughtful and analytical by nature, we present everything in the IA Academy to you in a unique, personalized way that resonates with you as an introverted man. 

This all-inclusive program is a wonderful collaboration between you, your 1:1 Introverted Alpha Coach, and the rich program materials have been developed and refined over several years, since 2014. 

All the pieces work together to give you sustainable confidence for dating and social leadership that you can carry with you for the rest of your life… into a loving relationship, a fulfilling social life, and more.

How Does the "Introverted Alpha Academy" Program Work?

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The IA Academy is your all-access pass to the best that Introverted Alpha has to give you. 

This full Introverted Alpha experience offers you up to one year of personalized coaching through our top 1:1 coaching programs: Become A Benevolent Badass and Launch Your Dating Life, plus our most popular self-study programs as icing on the cake of your personal development journey as you become the man you were made to be. 

You will enjoy 1:1 coaching with your own dedicated IA Coach, exclusive training material, and additional resources like implementation worksheets and specific customized recommendations. 

You will also have lifetime access to training modules, full of material that has been developed and refined over many years of supporting hundreds of clients like you.

What makes this program so wonderful is the 1:1 feedback you get in your coaching sessions with your personal dating coach, 60 minutes each.

Each call is recorded and sent to you for your records, so you can enjoy listening back and hearing your voice and your thoughts having matured and become more confident and strong.

Unlimited email support with your coach is also included. Send her screenshots of your new outfit, dating profile, and text messages! She’ll be there to give you caring and candid feedback and help you navigate through any situation that comes up, which creates a truly uplifting vibe between you.

Also included is feedback on your style, grooming, overall presentation, and how you’re coming across. Your coach will tell you exactly what is working for you already and opportunities where you can improve. It’s a wonderful way to begin your journey. 

At Introverted Alpha, we love that there is no ceiling on just how good things can get. That’s why we continually update the material, and you will get lifetime access to all future updates. 

Introverted Alpha Academy

Become Comfortable, Confident, and Well-Connected for Life in This Comprehensive End-To-End 1:1 Personal Academy Experience

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Personalized Coaching

Receive up to one year of powerful 1:1 coaching with your IA Coach. Your 26 sessions with her plus unlimited email support will inspire you and grow you.

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Our Top 1:1 Programs

Receive all the teachings, resources, and worksheets of our exclusive flagship programs: Become A Benevolent Badass and Launch Your Dating Life.

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Self-Study Programs

Instant unlimited lifetime access to our most popular self-study programs: First Touch To First Kiss, Magnetic Confidence, and Casa Casanova.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the IA Academy:

Programs You Get in the Introverted Alpha Academy:

1:1 Support You'll Enjoy:

Why This Is So Powerful:

What's Included in the Introverted Alpha Academy

26 weeks of private 1:1 coaching calls with your dedicated IA Coach, plus all session recordings.

Unlimited email access to your coach for the entire 26 weeks. Get her personal guidance on whatever you need!

24 modules of in-depth content in our flagship 1:1 programs, for your lasting dating and social life success.

3 of our beloved self-study programs to absorb in your own timing: on confidence, chemistry, and more.

In summary, you get Become A Benevolent Badass, Launch Your Dating Life, First Touch To First Kiss, Magnetic Confidence, and Casa Casanova, worth $16,041, for only $14,000. (you receive a savings of $2,041).  

Next Steps

If you’re excited about going beyond the tips you can gather from blogs and videos, and you’d like to improve your dating and social skills in a tangible way with real results, we can do that together.

Here’s a summary of how we’ll accomplish this with you:

  • In Become A Benevolent Badass, powerfully shift out of old patterns, feel relaxed and at ease socially, and uncover your leadership strengths.

  • In Launch Your Dating Life, learn what is uniquely sexually attractive about you, make refreshingly natural connections with women, get numbers, and go on dates.

  • In First Touch To First Kiss, discover how to read a woman’s body, clear your mind, and exude the right vibe when it matters most.

  • In Magnetic Confidence, find your introverted edge, overcome people-pleasing, and become truly magnetic to those around you.

  • In Casa Casanova, revamp your kitchen, wardrobe, and closet, all while becoming super organized and embracing a style that is uniquely yours.

At Introverted Alpha, we help men build strong self-esteem by becoming their best selves, expanding their social circles, and improving their dating success, as we team up with them to apply our years of experience to their own lives.

We’ve worked with introverted men all over America, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

What could daily support from an IA Coach do for you?

We go well beyond what you’d expect from a men’s dating coach or life coach, because it’s our mission to provide you with clear, compassionate, refreshing dating, confidence, and social advice that addresses your unique challenges as an introverted man.

That’s why we can provide you with an especially resonant approach for increasing your social and dating success. We know you’ll never be the loudest guy at a party, and that’s okay! We never want you to pretend to be someone you’re not. You can become naturally playful in a way that truly suits you, and others will feel drawn towards that because authenticity is attractive.

Together, we can take your dating and social life to a new pinnacle that is refreshingly “you”. Don’t settle for anything less than connecting genuinely with the people you’re most excited to meet and get to know.


Want to become more comfortable and confident, on your way to attracting your life partner and lifelong friends?

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The IA Academy is your all-access pass to the powerful skills and 1:1 support you need to own lifelong confidence in dating, relationships, and your social life and overall vibe.

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