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If that’s you, find out how to…

Become A Virtual Virtuoso

Get noticed online with a profile that suits you perfectly; send the perfect message each time; and go on more dates with quality matches!

Have you experienced any of these online dating challenges?

Attracting Women’s Attention in a Sea of Other Men

“I don’t get matches. I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong, but I just don’t seem to get any. I had my friend check out my profile, and she thought it was fine. So just a little frustrating.”

“I’ve made a couple profiles, had the words curated until they said it looked good, put some photos up, have sent about 20 messages between the two and…. nada… Honestly, as it stands right now, dealing with these apps is all work and no fun. I’d much rather spend that time doing something else.”

Being ___ (Vegan, Gamer, Alcohol-free) & Finding The Right Women

“My biggest challenge is finding vegan women or women that are willing to date a vegan man.”

“Getting matches is hard for me. Not sure if it’s pictures, responses to prompts, or just the fact that I’m really short (5’5″).”

“For personal reasons, I don’t drink alcohol. I’ve been having trouble finding matches who also don’t drink.”


Sending Messages That Stand Out & Lead To Real Dates

“When is typically a good time to suggest an in-person date vs. investing time messaging? “

“What are some good ways to organically start dialogue when there’s not as many mutual things on a profile that are easy to leverage as conversation starters?”

“The biggest struggle is keeping interest once I’ve matched.”

“The conversation gets started in some cases, but I get ghosted soon after.”

To solve all these challenges, you don’t just need to know what to do; you need support in exactly how to do it in your particular case. 

And since online dating is a long game, one or two weeks of advice won’t do you much good. Instead, you need support in making your profile the best it can be and then utilizing it over a long period of time so you can meet and attract a loving, fulfilling relationship. 

That’s why we’ve made Virtual Virtuoso: to give you everything you need over a full year to get noticed online with a profile that suits you perfectly; send the perfect message each time; and go on more dates with quality matches! 


If we haven’t yet met (or if we have!)...

Since 2014 we’ve supported many, many men like you through dating challenges into flourishing success. 

The reason our approach works so well is that it is geared specifically towards introverted men.
So if you’re linear, logical, and reserved by nature, awesome! Everything we do is already catered to your natural way of thinking and doing.

Not only that, in your 1:1 coaching experience with us, the feedback and guidance you’ll get is tailored to you specifically and your 100% unique challenges, goals, situation, and quirks. This is what makes it so effective.

All your coaching in Virtual Virtuoso will be used on things you couldn’t learn any other way: direct feedback and guidance for what is happening in your life, your dating app accounts, your mind, your heart.

When you join Virtual Virtuoso, you will all you need to set yourself up for success, create a strong profile, and send compellingly attractive messages that are genuine to you.

Everything you’re about to learn is the culmination of countless hours we’ve invested in finding out exactly what works best for men just like you!

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Start getting success with online dating in
Virtual Virtuoso.

Everything in this program, down to the details, has been distilled and refined over years of working with introverted, thoughtful men like you.

Why Virtual Virtuoso?

There is no one out there doing what we do.

Are there dating coaches? Yes! 

But are they presenting things in an uplifting, linear, logical way that is meant to resonate specifically with introverted men, compassionately meeting them where they are and walking them through to success, on a track record of six years and counting? No. Just us. :)

The goal of the program is to make things as easy as possible! 

The best part about Virtual Virtuoso is you don’t have to send endless messages or become a master at all the in’s and out’s of online dating!

You only need to become great at being yourself online in a way that showcases your best and connects effectively with the right woman for you.

And that, happily, is what we are already experts at. So let us help you!

You will see the results rather quickly.

Because you’re getting your profile revamped and you’re learning everything in your Virtual Virtuoso dashboard right away, you’ll start getting more matches and better messaging conversations, and as a result, more dates very soon. 

It doesn’t take long once you start approaching it the right way! 


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s true that some women may filter you out based on height preferences. That’s okay! There are plenty more who won’t, and those are the ones we’re here to help you find and attract. 

We can take care of that! You might have pictures you didn’t think were good but can be spruced up with some cropping and filtering. And if you need new photos, we’ve got so many good tips for you and will personally help you pick your final photo array! 

There’s a reason for that, and it doesn’t have to do with you fundamentally! It has to do with how you’ve been presenting, and where you’ve been looking. Every single man we help is shocked at how many more options open up to him once we support him in making key changes that showcase his best better. We’ll help you with that too! 

First of all, it’s wonderful that you’re on your own fitness journey! Second, many beautiful women also are! So you’ll want to focus on attracting women who have a growth mindset and embrace your growth in this area too. Many of our clients have successfully attracted relationships with such women! 

We get it! It’s hard to like something you’ve never been good at. That’s why we’re going to help you get good at it, and it’s so much easier than you think once we dive in with that customized 1:1 support and are there for you at every twist and turn for an entire year. Soon, you’ll absolutely love online dating, because you will have met the woman of your dreams that way and will be forever grateful! 

Let's take a look into the future for a moment...

What will be different once you're getting success with online dating?

Imagine what it will be like when you…

Start matching and messaging with kindhearted, intelligent, beautiful women, and then you start going on dates with them and getting to know them, everything in your world becomes brighter.

You’ll feel thankful, confident, and attractive, because these women keep telling you so, 

You’ll never have to deal with the struggles you used to have with online dating because they are firmly in the past, never to reappear because now you have built the skill and are in control of your future.

From there, you can meet the best woman for you in a matter of time, the one who stands out among all the rest. And when you’re in a loving and supportive relationship with her, every single ounce of effort you spent to meet her will be worth it, without a thought.

Your life will be richer, full of laughter and meaning and closeness.

Because of Virtual Virtuoso…

No longer guess which photos you should have on your profile. Get the exact best array, order of photos, types of photos, and which photos you should *not* be including. (The saying, “You’re judged based on your worst photo” is true! So find out which that is for you and eliminate it from your profile.)

Craft a truly genuine, compelling profile that has quality women think, “How is this guy still single?” and quickly message you.

Send initial opening messages that get quick responses, and keep the conversation(s!) flowing by being your most relaxed, playful self (hint: the more ACTUAL fun you’re having, the more fun she’ll have too! We’ll show you how).

Never feel stuck in a messaging exchange again! Have you ever had a messaging thread die and wonder what happened?

With the personal 1:1 guidance and feedback from your IA Coach, you’ll know why messages drop off and what to do about it (sometimes it was you and you can fix it; sometimes it wasn’t! Knowing this is a huge anxiety-reliever and empowers you to message more women and get more dates!)

And then, you retire your dating apps. ;)

… because you met an incredible woman you’re exclusive with!

How wonderful will it be to have a woman to come home to at the end of a big day, sitting down to dinner she made for you, debriefing your days and sharing laughs?

And how special will it be to take her on trips, exploring the world together, enjoying the big moments alongside the small, unexpected ones, the sweet closeness you get to share?

This is all waiting for you, and the first step is becoming a Virtual Virtuoso

What other men like you have experienced...

“I never took a critical eye to my online dating profiles, so now seeing them now through the IA lens, they admittedly need a lot of work! I will send them your way once they get to a better place I’m happy with, which I’m hoping will be this week.”
- M.
“I am finding more success via dating apps. I had several matches on Hinge recently and reached out to a few via the transcript Introverted Alpha had sent, and got a number of a woman who I’m excited about seeing.”
- L.
“I always feel so much more energized after our calls. I feel like I’ve made so much progress and I am leagues ahead of where I’ve ever been in my life. It’s baffling to me that I am having such FUN conversations on dating apps already!”
- J.
“About halfway through the program, I really felt confident in being able to match with somebody on Tinder or Bumble, and with just a few short messages, be able to set up a date and meet them in person.”
- J.
“When I first messaged you to inquire about IA, I felt like there was a game being played around me and yet I had no idea how to play myself. I would date, not hear back. Or I would write endless messages that led nowhere. Now I’m totally confident and relaxed and naturally connecting with women.” ​
- D.
“You’ve taught me what to say in messages. I’m no longer aimlessly messaging women hoping for an opportunity to set up a date. I can lead the conversation and quickly set up an in-person date, which is the goal.”
- C.

Virtual Virtuoso

Get noticed online with a profile that suits you perfectly; send the perfect message each time; and go on more dates with quality matches!

How This Works: The Complete System

Your Step-by-Step Strategic and Tactical Training

Virtual Virtuoso is the complete system designed specifically for you as an introverted man…

It provides a clear and unobstructed pathway to attract awesome women online so you can meet and attract the right woman for you and delete your apps!

Get ready to…

  • Harness a powerful mindset, impenetrable and strong (for all aspects of life, not just dating).


  • Know exactly what you are looking for in a woman (so you can actually find and attract her!).


  • Develop a deep appreciation of yourself (to know why an attractive woman would want to date you).


  • Set up your online profiles with ease (so women can see in 3 seconds flat how amazing you are).


  • Use effective messaging strategies (that get responses and lead to dates).

Awesome, right? 

If we were to simply hand you this knowledge alone, that would be a start… 

But what makes this SO EFFECTIVE for you personally is that we don’t just show you what to do, we do it *with* you… for a whole year of support!

In Virtual Virtuoso, you will have your own dedicated IA Coach who will walk you through everything step by step.

Undivided Attention of Your Dedicated 1:1 IA Coach

Your awesome IA Coach will help you develop your most powerful, authentic online profile (drawing upon her wealth of experience coaching other Introverted Alphas in getting to Virtual Virtuoso status!).

She will encourage you and keep you feeling motivated and on track (debriefing messages you send and receive online, giving you feedback on photos, everything you need!).

And she will celebrate what makes you uniquely attractive, helping you start to feel attractive, which is an indispensable key to… you guessed it… attracting wonderful women!

And you don’t just get your IA Coach via email. 

You don’t just get to talk with her here and there. 

We call her your “dedicated coach” for a reason…

She is with you, for you, available to you in monthly full-hour sessions and in unlimited (yes, unlimited!) email support between sessions for your entire Virtual Virtuoso journey.

Every single month for a full year, she will speak with you for 60 minutes to…

  • answer all your questions,
  • help you apply the materials to your own dating life, and
  • celebrate your wins along the way.

And she will be available to you via email, ready and eager to answer anything you need…

  • When you match with a woman online, your coach will be there, coaching you on the best replies to send! 
  • When you get a new blazer, send her a photo and get her objective feedback.
  • Anything you need, she’s right there for you month after month.

Here is exactly what your IA Coach will be walking you through, helping you apply in practical detail to your own personal life situation…

Your Virtual Virtuoso Curriculum

Module 1: Set Yourself Up for Success!

  • Get everything you need to succeed with online dating. 

  • Discover a powerful mindset framework to keep your head in the right place.
  • Find and communicate what’s uniquely attractive about you in every aspect of online dating. 

  • Benefit from a special training visualizing your future and the woman you intend to attract, so you can resonate with her.  
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Man On Phone Circle

Module 2: Online Dating Profile How-To

  • Determine what is most attractive about you, to lead with online.

  • Pick the right apps for you based on your personal preferences.

  • Choose your very best photos, which is critical! Having your coach’s eye on these is key because it’s the first thing a woman sees about you.

  • With your IA Coach’s help, easily make the best profile for you, showcasing your unique personality!

Module 3: Profile Editing Examples

  • Learn from other photo examples. (What works? What doesn’t?)

  • See other profiles as a guide. (How do other guys describe themselves?)

  • Curate your own photos with precise awareness and savvy. (Get the eye for catching these details!)
Man Holding Camera Circle
Couple Circle

Module 4: Messaging Examples

  • Revive messaging threads that have died, and breathe new life to them!

  • Prevent conversations dying in the first place.

  • Discover where there is an opportunity for improvement to connect with the best women for you.

  • Become super strong and consistent with your messaging approach online, and let that lead to more and better dates.

Virtually Irresistible includes...

1:1 Dedicated Coaching Calls

Enjoy 12 full 60-minute calls with your IA Coach.

Share what's going on in your online dating world, go over messaging conversations, debrief dates. Get her objective feedback.

Unlimited Email Support

Send your dedicated IA Coach your thoughts and even messages.

You can send her screenshots and get her candid, warmly delivered responses and feedback between sessions, at every step.

4 Modules of In-Depth Content

Step by step, become a Virtual Virtuoso to the right women online!

Make online dating an enjoyable way for you to meet great women. Find the one you get off the apps with, to embark on a wonderful relationship.

And there's more...

All of your sessions will be recorded so you can listen back to all coaching calls. This allows you to be present in the moment during your call with your coach and listen back for more detailed note-taking.

The program may end up being the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done in your life. What could be more fun and interesting than making real connections with awesome women who find you to be a Virtual Virtuoso (all while you know deep-down… they’re right!)?

The Coaching Is Invaluable

I want to emphasize again how very helpful the coaching will be for you.

Some of our clients have explained that when they had first enrolled, they hadn’t been fully aware of just how helpful the coaching would be.

They thought the program materials were the main part of the program and that the coaching might just be a check-in to make sure they were getting through the materials or a nudge to help them stay on track.

However, once they were in the program, yes the materials were amazing for them, but also… 

They were blown away by how helpful and deeply supportive their IA Coach was!

Reason being, your IA Coach’s support is 100% personalized.

She is dedicated to your success, and she gets to know you well. Working with her is like having a cheerleader-mentor who loves and understands you!

You have someone on your team, helping you become a Virtual Virtuoso.

What kind of great things could you achieve with that level of support?

What would your life be like as a result?

Limited Time Bonus…

For a limited time, get an extra teaching on style and presentation, as our gift to you.

You will also get our full Resource List for extra material you can read as you complete each module! This helps you expand your knowledge and implement what you have already learned.

The investment for the whole Virtual Virtuoso experience (coaching, email support, and all material) is $3,300.

(There are payment plans available as well.)


Because this is 1:1, there is a limited amount of openings right now, both for consultations to see if it’s a fit and for your coaching journey itself. 

Also, you are never going to regret this! What is more important than ensuring your dating life is as successful as possible? 

If you are interested, now is the time to act.

We are so certain that you’re going to flourish that we will extend a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not over-the-moon excited after your first session with your coach, let us know and we will refund you in full.

On the phone, we’ll get to know you! 

Specifically, we will talk about…

  • your unique situation and challenges
  • your online dating goals
  • whether Virtual Virtuoso is best for you

Apply to speak with us about Virtual Virtuoso below.

After talking together, if you’d like to move forward, we’ll get you all set. :)

You’ll get an introduction to your IA Coach and your login credentials to your very first module.

And then we start getting you to Virtual Virtuoso status, together!

And one more thing I want to say...

If you’ve struggled with online dating, I’m so sorry.

I know it’s extremely frustrating when you’re not confident in your approach.

The good news is, you don’t have to let that frustration continue.

You also don’t have to pretend like it’s not important to you (when you know deep down that it is!).

Apathy is not your only option (and certainly not the option we want to choose!).

Instead, you can actually attract quality women online.

You can!

And if you are an introverted man who’s dedicated to his success, it will work for you.

Don’t waste another day sending messages that get no response.

Don’t let another promising messaging conversation drop off.

And don’t struggle anymore with moving your conversations to in-person dates.

Start getting dates from online (so you can delete your apps alongside your new girlfriend!). 

Apply for a call to discuss Virtual Virtuoso today:

“Since my last email to you I’ve had one woman respond to my eHarmony message to say that she read and liked my profile (you sound really awesome!).”
- I.

So, what about you? Wouldn’t you like to have the same kind of experience? Let’s get your story right here on this page. :)

Next Step to You Becoming a Virtual Virtuoso...

If you have gotten this far on the page, let’s have a real conversation.

Let me ask you this…

If you don’t sign up for Virtual Virtuoso, what is your plan to achieve success with online dating?

Are you just going to continue doing what you have been this whole time?

That is an option you might take.

But let’s take a moment to think about that…

If you don’t change anything, what do you think will change?

The laws of “cause and effect” indicate that nothing will change unless you change them.

Things don’t improve until you improve them!

If you are an introverted man and are committed to your success, I’m 100% confident that Virtual Virtuoso can fix your challenges with online dating.

We’ve had years of experience helping clients just like you make permanent and incredible improvements to their online dating success.

This is your life!

You owe it to yourself to at least get on the phone with us so we can address any of your concerns and questions about how the program will work for you.

Apply to schedule your complimentary call with us below:

When you do, our amazing Alpha Advocate, Lauren, will get to know you and help make sure this is truly right for you.

Already know you’re in? Apply to speak with us about Virtual Virtuoso today:

Become a Virtual Virtuoso.

This call is complimentary to help you decide if this is a fit for you!  Start attracting awesome women online today. 

For a detailed discussion, assuming the investment of $3,000 would make sense for you, let’s hop on the phone! 

Apply to speak with us below:

Thank you for submitting your application. We will be in touch shortly.

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