Program Track 2: Fill Your Dating Funnel

Fill your funnel by being and feeling sexually attractive, meeting and connecting with quality women, and getting numbers and going on dates.

Track 2: Fill Your Dating Funnel

1. Be and Feel Sexually Attractive

Learn what is uniquely sexually attractive about you. Showcase that in your presentation online and in-person.

2. Meet & Connect with Great Women

Meet the right women for you in the right places for you. Make easy, natural connections that feel great for both of you.

3. Get Numbers and Go on Dates

When getting numbers feels natural, going on dates is simply the next step for both of you to explore a connection.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Track 2:

Mastery Area:
Be and Feel
Sexually Attractive


Module 1: Lay Your Attractive Foundation (mindset, confidence, your unique sexual attractiveness)


Module 2: Discover Quality Over Quantity (defining your ideal life and woman, understanding dark and light vibes)


Module 3: Apply Quality Over Quantity (spring cleaning in preparation for all the new women/dates, looking the part) 


Module 4: Let Dating Apps Work for You (we help with photos, we co-write your profile, and we coach you on individual messages) 

Mastery Area: 
Meet and Connect
with Great


Module 5: Lay Your Approach Foundation (nail down your best venues according to your personality and preferences, and learn approach basics)


Module 6: Approach Her with Ease (learn how to approach in specific venues in a 26-page detailed doc, and discern whether she wants to be approached)


Module 7: Lay Your Flirting Foundation (establish your optimal flirting mindset, and learn how women get happily turned on)


Module 8: Flirt with Natural Confidence (layer touch and words into a seamless, exciting conversation masterfully and naturally)

Mastery Area:
Get Numbers
and Go on Dates


Module 9: Get Her Number (learn exactly what to do BEFORE you get her number and how to get it in the most natural way for each of you)


Module 10: Have Fun Texting Her (switch from date-planning texts to fun and light texts with ease — and watch the texts and dates pour in)


Module 11: Create a Smooth First Date Flow (take her to the perfect place for the two of you, and lead effortlessly)


Module 12: Enjoy Hot Second & Third Dates (know exactly what to do to deepen your chemistry date to date in that critical beginning time)

Pricing Options for Any Program You Choose:

Weekly Coaching

Twelve 1:1 Sessions

Slack Coaching Hours

Unlimited Email

Either $2,700 per month for 3 months

Or $7,000 in full

Bi-Weekly Coaching

Six 1:1 Sessions 

Slack Coaching Hours

Either $2,100 per month for 3 months

Or $5,400 in full

Monthly Coaching

Three 1:1 Sessions 

Slack Coaching Hours

Either $1,500 per month for 3 months

Or $3,800 in full

Before Track 2 is Track 1:


Track 1: Become a Benevolent Badass

Build your confidence, bring out your best, and become a social leader. This track is a foundational supplement to the following three tracks of our program.