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Confidently approach values-aligned women in-person, so you can be totally free from dating apps and build chemistry naturally.

How We Will Help You Meet More Women In-Person

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If you haven’t put energy and effort into meeting women outside of the frustrating world of online dating apps, it’s time to finally get equipped to effectively meet values-aligned women in-person.

If you’re a man with deeply held values, it’s important to meet women in the right places for you… not bars and clubs or any place that could feel sketchy or creepy. Instead, there are fantastic places that the women you would be most attracted to, and they to you, are already going. 

Now it’s time for you to find them! 

That’s exactly what we’ll help you with inside Meet More Women In-Person.

How Does The "Meet More Women In-Person" Program Work?

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Meet More Women In-Person is a 6-week long virtual program, with online training material and 1:1 coaching calls.

As soon as you join, you will get 6 in-depth training modules and 10+ additional bonus recordings, full of material that has been developed and refined over years of supporting hundreds of 1:1 clients who have spanned the gamut of more social to less social, with different levels of comfortability meeting others. 

Everyone grows from his exact starting point, which is what the 1:1 aspect facilitates so well. What makes this program fully customized to your unique situation are the 6 coaching sessions you’ll get with your personal dating coach, 60 minutes each.

Each call is recorded and sent to you for your records, and it will feel so good to listen back and hear the change that has taken place in (a) your voice, and (b) the content of what you’re saying in the calls.

Unlimited email support with your coach is also included. Send her screenshots of your text message conversations and new haircut! She’ll be there to give feedback and celebrate your win’s, a truly special vibe between you.

Also included is feedback on your style, grooming, overall look, and the way you come across. Your coach will tell you exactly what is working well and what to improve. It’s a wonderful jumpstart to your journey.

When you start exploring new places in town, your IA Coach will be there to help. Since we’ve been supporting men in meeting values-aligned women naturally for many years, you will always get the best feedback just for you. 


Additionally, you will have materials, worksheets, “going out” schedules, and everything you need to succeed, given to you. 

At Introverted Alpha, we love that there is no ceiling on just how good things can get. That’s why we continually update the material, and you will get access to all future updates. 

Meet More Women In-Person

1:1 Dating Coaching Program Overview

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1. Relax Into A New Confident Mindset

Feel strong and confident in who you are as your own man, and showcase your uniquely enjoyable attractiveness!

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2. Meet Values-Aligned Women In Your Daily Life

Branch out gently from your comfort zone, meet people out and about, and approach women you're intrigued by, naturally.

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3. Build Chemistry with Women

Become comfortable with your sexuality and "friend-zone proof", and flirt with confidence while reading her well at every step.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Program:

Part 1:
Relax Into A New
Confident Mindset

Part 2:
Meet Eligible Women
In Your Daily Life

Part 3:
Build Chemistry
with Women

What's Included in Meet More Women In-Person

6 weeks of private 1:1 coaching calls with your dedicated IA Coach. You’ll get weekly calls, 6 in total, plus all session recordings.

Unlimited email access to your coach for the entire 6 weeks. Celebrate wins; debrief experiences with her; get her personal guidance.

6 modules and bonus recordings of in-depth content, leading you through three major phases: mindset, meeting women, and chemistry.

The total is $3,000. (An extended payment plan is also available.)

What Other Clients Have Said

“I’m meeting a new amazing woman every two weeks at this point. If I add any more to my rotation, I won’t be able to handle them all! And to think that months ago, I had never kissed someone… it’s just wild."
- R.
"I have a healthy appreciation for my qualities, a solid understanding of how to approach women in a genuine and confident manner, and I’m going out and meeting new people more consistently."
- C.
“I went from feeling pretty isolated socially, which I was for years, to actively dating again. And now, being in a relationship, I feel a whole different liberating attitude towards myself and the relationship.”
- M.
"I meet people every day that otherwise I would’ve just walked on by, with blinders on. And I enjoy the spirit of people so much more than I did, just six months ago, or even just six weeks ago."
- L.

The total is $3,000.

Next Steps

Discover how to confidently approach women who you organically meet in-person, in a natural enjoyable way. 

No longer will you have to rely on online dating to meet women. 

Finally, you’ll be able to meet women in-person by expanding your social realm and activities in a way that brings you energy, joy, and meaning. And you’ll be able to generate chemistry with women you meet, so you can develop new exciting connections.

Here’s a summary of how we’ll do that together:
  1. In Part One, you’ll develop a new relaxed confidence.
  2. In Part Two, you’ll start approaching women naturally.
  3. In Part Three, you’ll be able to flirt with confidence.

At Introverted Alpha, we help men become their best selves, as we team up with them to apply our years of experience to their own lives. 

We’ve worked with guys in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and many other cities and small towns all over America, Canada, Europe, and Australia. 

We only have a limited number of spots available this year. Will you take this step to improve this very important part of your life today?

What could daily support from your own dedicated IA Coach do for you?

To break free from dependence on online dating by meeting amazing single women in your everyday life, join Meet More Women In-Person today. 

Are you ready to free yourself from online dating once and for all?

Meet More Women In-Person is a personalized 1:1 coaching program to equip you with the lifelong skills you need to meet and talk to women, building chemistry and reading them well at every step.

The total is $3,000.

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