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Get Real-Time Feedback on In-Person Interactions
First Impressions, Body Language, Presence, and Vibe

(Though the event has already passed, feel free to
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From Sarah:

Awhile back, I sent you guys a survey asking what you wanted in an in-person offering. Then I talked with several of you about what you wanted, more in depth.

These were themes in your responses:

  • Want to look good
  • Want to make a great first impression
  • Want to relax, having benefited from honest, exacting feedback on how you come across
  • Want to bring a strong, safe, desirable presence that is natural to you and women you’re attracted to
  • Want to know the step-by-steps of attraction like the back of your hand, from having practiced in a safe, nurturing environment
  • Want to read women well, so you don’t get into your own head

So… let’s make that happen together!

Does this sound like you?

flirting couple

You don’t want to fake or force things.

No matter how much you read about social/dating confidence, something about it just isn’t landing for you. You want to find your social flow state.

instant feedback

You want candid, instant feedback.

You want to connect with women. To do that, you want real in-person feedback from the kind of women you’d meet at parties or events, and go on dates with.

guy working out

You’re ready to up-level your skills.

Maybe you’ve learned most of what you know through trial and error. You’re ready to take things to the next level, and you want guidance on how.


In-Person with Introverted Alpha Live in New York City, June 22-24

a casual meeting at a cafe

Live Feedback from Women

Understand how you are coming across and exactly how women feels in your presence.

a casual meeting at a cafe

Confidence Enhancement

Enjoy confidence-building experiences that boost your sense of self for the long term.

Areas We’ll Explore Together

  • Wardrobe: Learn to tell what fits you, what to wear to complement your vibe, simple ways to look really good taking into account height, body type, and your personality.
  • First Impression: Get direct, compassionate, honest feedback about how you come across to our team and to any women at the event: the good, the bad, all of it!
  • Instant Feedback: As you practice conversation, touch, and flirting with us; how are you making us feel? We’ll tell you.
  • Strong Safe Sexy Presence: Develop that “comfort in your own skin” that makes us and other women feel melty and so nice around you!
  • Relate to Women with Ease: Practice conversation and touch to take step-by-steps of escalation from head knowledge to visceral in-your-bones integration.
  • Read Women Better: As we tell you the ways you’re coming across and how it makes us feel, you will actually be able to SEE it and put two and two together: “Oh, when a woman feels tense around me, she looks like this… but when she feels really good around me, she looks like that.”

Here’s what we’ll do together

During every single experience you’ll enjoy over the course of the weekend, you will be led 100% by women (no male leaders in the event). 

Here’s some of what to look forward to:

  • Wardrobe consultation and feedback
  • Dance lesson
  • 1:1 Conversation and Touch Practice with Women
  • Intimate meals with Sarah, the IA Team, and fellow attendees
  • Private reflection time to integrate as we go
  • 1:1 Conversation and Touch Practice with Women

The investment is $5,500 for the live event, including all meals and pre-event and post-event 1:1 coaching.

Here’s how we’ll help you become more relaxed, confident, and uniquely you:


  • CHALLENGE: Perhaps a lot of your clothes don’t fit you, and you may not have paid a lot of attention to fashion in a long while, or ever, so there’s a real opportunity there to look and feel better about how you come across.
  • EXPERIENCE: You’ll get pointers and hands-on direct education on how to put your clothes together in a flattering way that fits your body, with polished details.
  • RESULT: Women (and people in general) will naturally find you more attractive, and you will feel more confident in the message you’re sending out to the world.

First Impression

  • CHALLENGE: Do you ever worry that you come off as cold, uninviting, or distracted instead of present with people? When you’re meeting new people, it might take you awhile to warm up, and you may sometimes come off as being too serious.
  • EXPERIENCE: Getting a multi-faceted female perspective through multiple women’s feedback and also bouncing ideas off other guys (your struggles and telling your own stories about dating and whatnot) will help you get out of being “in your head” and will help you make a stronger connection and therefore first impression with both men and women.
  • RESULT: You’ll know how to best portray yourself and the best you have to offer, without being too pushy. Vibe, presentation, standards: you’ll be clear on how to make that initial conversation without it feeling unnatural or awkward.

Instant Feedback

  • CHALLENGE: You might not be sure about how you’re coming across. There are things you don’t know right now; otherwise you’d say them to yourself. It’s hard to get feedback from women you first meet or being on a first date! So it’s very hard to improve things where you don’t know where you’re going wrong or where you can improve.
  • EXPERIENCE: In-person with us, you’ll get instant feedback that you’d not be able to get otherwise. We’ll tell you how our body feels next to your body. We’ll show you how to bring out your own uniquely flirtatious vibe. How you are in a static photo is different compared to how you are in-person for 3 days. We’ll be able to tell you straight, “Okay, here’s how we’re experiencing you.”
  • RESULT: You’ll develop your own flirty, calming, strong vibe. This way, you’ll finally know what to do around women who feel you’re smart and attractive. For example, you’ll learn how to engage your dance partner through your presence, even while being confidently still with her and barely moving during a dance, as well as how to give a hug that a woman can literally melt into. You’ll be able to take all this knowledge home with you because it will be in your body, just part of the man you are now, part of your life experience.

Strong, Safe, Sexy Presence

  • CHALLENGE: You might find it hard not to get into your own head when a woman is interested, whereas what you would LIKE to feel is more relaxed and accepting of positive attention from attractive women.
  • EXPERIENCE: At the live event in NYC, you’ll benefit from different perspectives in a group of people and have a greater opportunity to do different things with multiple people seeing, evaluating, processing and recommending things. This will be a safe, warm, interesting, and fun environment. It’s a comprehensive package for you to learn more and be more effective, internalizing a strong feel-good vibe that you will take with you into the rest of your life.
  • RESULT: You’ll develop a more fluid and calm presence. Your body language and movements will be more natural and at ease. You’ll feel more peaceful and less nervous: powerful in a calm way, at peace with yourself, understanding how to better interact in a way that you can feel genuinely comfortable in your own skin.

Relate to Women with Ease

  • CHALLENGE: When you see an attractive woman, you might routinely ask yourself… “But what do I do? I usually only get so far, and then it all fizzles / falls apart.” You want to get to the next level of comfort and knowing what to do, but you’re not sure how.
  • EXPERIENCE: At the live NYC event, you will get conversation and touch practice with women we bring into the event, and they will give you helpful feedback. As an all-women leadership team, we will be observing your actions and behaviors and giving you direct feedback on that as well. This is a time of loving focus on you: a full weekend of improving your presence with women.
  • RESULT: You’ll become more comfortable leading attraction and chemistry step-by-step, which will make you more confident taking things to the next level with smart attractive women you feel that spark of connection with… starting to better lead and enjoy the physical aspect of connection, a smooth continuum of intimacy.

Read Women Better

  • CHALLENGE: If you’ve had trouble reading people, it may have taken a lot of hard work just to get to the point you’re at now. If you can read people in general, just not women you feel attracted to, that’s a challenge as well. How can you lead a woman if you have no idea where she’s at? The worst is when you think you know where she’s at, but then it turns out you were off-base.
  • EXPERIENCE: In-person, you’ll be able to role play some situations that you might struggle with and get a woman’s perspective and feedback on how she felt with you. There will be lots of safe ways to get feedback: walking through conversation and touch with women, learning partner dancing fundamentals, and exploring how to hold a woman in a way that has her feel so good being close to you. Throughout the whole weekend, you will start experiencing yourself anew, understanding through feedback and debriefs how women feel around you.
  • RESULT: You will know how to hold a woman in your arms and have her feel really safe and relaxed. It may sound terrifying, but mastering the art of touch is the best way to simultaneously signal & read attraction with a woman. If you are looking to really get out of your comfort zone this will be an invaluable way to do so!

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