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What Will You Learn In First Touch To First Kiss?

The 10-Step Seamless Sequence To Earning Her Trust, Turning Her On, and Always Knowing What To Do Next

Inside the course, you’ll learn how to touch a new woman you’re attracted to, from the very first brush to the first kiss.

You’ll learn not only the science-like sequence from first touch to first kiss, but also the subtleties of connection and vibe.

This includes how to read a woman’s body, clear your mind, and exude the right vibe at all times.

You’ll also learn… 

  • how to touch a new woman you’re attracted to, including how to master the art of initial escalation
  • the right timing, so you can ensure the first kiss is as natural as possible
  • how to NOT come off as creepy, and how to make sure you’re not overstepping
  • how to read her, so you can gauge whether she’ll give you a positive reaction
  • mindset tools, including how to get out of your own head and focus on her 

What Will You Learn In Magnetic Confidence?

How to Get Noticed by Quality Women, Replace “Nice Guy” Patterns with Genuine Strength, and Develop an Unshakable Sense of Self.

Inside the course, you’ll learn how to find your introverted edge, overcome people-pleasing, and be magnetic.

You’ll learn why it’s so important to have a strong foundation of confidence when it comes to dating, and how it will help you stay out of the “friend zone.”

Your mind will be at ease, you will enjoy life and dating, and you will become more successful in every area of your life.

You’ll also learn… 

  • how to determine what is already attractive about you
  • how to showcase those qualities to others
  • practical ways to catch “nice guy” thinking
  • a helpful metaphor that is easy to use when you need it the most
  • step-by-steps to navigate sticky situations in all areas of life

As an extra bonus, you will receive our Benevolent Badass Boundaries program where you can create the perfect dating zone.

What you’ll find inside all three of these programs has taken years to discover, refine, and perfect into a teachable form especially for men who are more introverted and thoughtful by nature.

Inside First Touch To First Kiss:


Module One:
10-Step Sequence

Let this 10-step escalation sequence handle guesswork for you: 

1. Get Comfortable with Her (Steps 1-3): Become a natural at social touch to easily connect.

2. Flirt with Her (Steps 4-6): Understand exactly what needs to happen well before the kiss.

3. Kiss Her (Steps 7-10): Seamlessly ramp up physical intimacy so the first kiss is inevitable.

Module Two:
Read Her Body

Read her body, so you always know how to touch her next: 

1. Know how to tell if she’s just being friendly, so you never come across the wrong way.

2. Decipher her body language to see exactly how she feels, as if she’d told you outright.

3. Amaze her (and yourself) ;) by touching her exactly how she wants, where, and when.

First Touch To First Kiss - Woman by Flowers

Module Three:
Clear Your Mind

Clear your mind, so she can feel relaxed and happy with you: 

1. Learn how to come across in the most attractive way possible.

2. Establish comfort with her early, even if you’re an introvert and you’ve just met.

3. Effectively deal with insecurity, nerves, and fear of rejection, so you’re free to connect.

Module Four:
Stay Relaxed

Give off the right vibe so she’s comfortable and excited with you: 

1. Ensure that your touch will never be (or be misinterpreted as) desperate, creepy, or sleazy.

2. Overcome lack of experience so you look and feel like you know what you’re doing.

3. Make a first move while staying casual, confident, and relaxed, while not overstepping.


Inside Magnetic Confidence:

Circle Man with surfboard on beach - Rock Solid Confidence - Introverted Alpha

Section 1:

Find Your Introverted Edge

Know deep down why you as an introverted man are attractive.

As an introverted man, you might feel marginalized. But in fact, you are AMAZING.

You’ll find out how to identify all your awesome qualities, where these qualities can go “wrong” and how to redeem them into something amazing.

Then you’ll be given practical steps and ideas to harness your introverted strengths and bring them into the real world.

Section 2:

Overcome People-Pleasing

The “nice guy” situation is unfortunate because it’s not attractive! 

The great news is it doesn’t have to do with YOU deep down; it’s simply a pattern on top of your true nature. 

Learn a powerful system where you can point out any “nice guy” vibes in two seconds flat, and move to a healthier place! (This is the exact powerful formula we’ve taught our clients for years, and it is often their very favorite thing they learn with us!) 

Equip yourself with 8 practical ways to catch “nice guy” thinking and upshift into a much better place. You’ll get exact scenarios and exercises to do this with confidence. 

Couple feet on beach
Couple holding hands on beach - circle

Section 3:

Be Magnetic

If we don’t have strong boundaries, our lives aren’t ours anymore. That is no way to lead! That’s no way to date or raise a family. Awesomely, we can fix this! 

Learn how to become strong within yourself, knowing and honoring who you are and who others are, so you can lead well. You’ll also find out a special metaphor that is easy to visualize and remember when you need it! 

Get step-by-steps to navigate sticky situations across all the areas of life that impact you most (dating, relationship, family, work, friends, even with yourself) to keep your confidence rock-solid consistently over time. 

What other men like you have experienced...

“This is exactly what I needed. It would have taken me a lifetime to figure these things out.”
- A.
“I love how personalized and caring you guys are at Introverted Alpha! It's so wholesome and refreshing.”
- I.
“I can't remember ever being so comfortable in my own skin... confident and grounded.”
- S.

What's Included...


Absorb the information for each section through downloadable mp4 videos.


Listen to each class on your commute, taking a walk, anytime anywhere!


Read through each class to learn everything on that deeper visual level.

You’ll also get Implementation Worksheets to internalize all your learnings and bring it into strong action!

For all this, the investment is only $897.

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We’re right here for you, by your side, cheering you on through this exciting journey of creating chemistry and building magnetic confidence for yourself! 

“Introverted Alpha was a hugely transformational experience for me and one I will never forget. From it I have grown and had relationships and life experiences that have taught me even more. It has allowed me to live life a bit more on my own terms.”
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