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How Can You Determine If A Woman Is Right for a Relationship With You?


Discovering Deeper Beauty

The Exciting Journey to Finding Out Who She Is

Mike's Story... have you been there too?


It’s just not working out…

Mike has been considering breaking up with Amber for awhile now, but the fear of hurting her always pulls him back. She’s been wounded in the past, and he doesn’t want to add to that.

Plus, he figures, what’s the harm? 

Sure, the relationship probably won’t last forever, but having someone around is nice. All those years alone were painful for him. He’s grateful to have Amber now, even if she’s not the best for him.

No one’s perfect, right?

Now Mike and Amber are pulling into the parking lot of the Mexican restaurant she likes. He chose this place because it seems like everywhere else he takes her, she’s sending food back to the kitchen left and right, and all he can do is smile and shrug apologetically at the waiter.

That happened on their first date, he remembers, getting out of the car.

As soon as he opens the passenger door and she gets out, he’s again struck by how beautiful she is. That’s how she looked on their first date.

Is she wearing that same incredible dress?

Opening the restaurant door for her, he remembers something else about their first date: he was already starting to have doubts about her. It wasn’t just how she sent food back. The way she treated the waiter overall, the way she treated him, for that matter, didn’t feel good.

But back then, he couldn’t quite put his finger on what is now a very obvious anger problem. All along the way, his kind heart has been making excuses for her behavior and ignoring the warning signs, which were clouded by her genuinely great qualities…

She is beautiful and funny and intelligent after all.

So, like many reasonable men, he’s kept moving forward.

His stomach sinks as he flashes back to reality and realizes just how deep he’s in…

Settling into his seat at their usual table, he takes a deep breath remembering he’s even been talking about more commitment lately.

But his heart’s not in it. In fact, it almost feels like she can feel his anxiety. Maybe that’s why she’s become even more testy and irritable than normal.

This relationship isn’t working; that’s the truth.

He knows he needs to break up. But putting himself out there again feels like continuing the same pattern of attracting women who seem wonderful, but aren’t right for him…

What’s to say he won’t just end up with someone else like Amber, with another long and painful loneliness stretch in between?

How Can You (and Mike!) See If She’s Right for You Sooner? 


In Mike’s story, sadly…

This was not the first time he had gone further with a woman than he knew in his gut was best. In fact…

This cycle has been a recurring theme in his love life.

His whole relationship history has felt like a real, war-torn struggle.

If Mike breaks up with Amber and starts dating again, how can he tell if a new woman is truly right for him, without being unreasonable or having his standards too high?

How can he avoid falling head over heels for a beautiful face and quick wit, while he works to convince himself that she’s right for him when she’s clearly not?

Why does this keep happening?

If Mike’s experience sounds familiar to your own life, the fact is…

This is Not Your Fault


You see, most introverted men think that simply meeting a woman and getting into a relationship is the biggest challenge, and that the relationship will work itself out, but…

The biggest and most critical challenge is finding the right woman for the relationship in the first place.

When you’re a sensitive, introspective, kindhearted man connecting with an intriguing and beautiful woman, falling in love is easy…

Which is why it’s all too easy to overlook or flat-out miss the red flags when you’re infatuated with someone who seems amazing, but…

Creating a lasting relationship with the right woman requires more than just physical attraction or even falling in love.

Just because a woman might initiate and push the relationship forward, which makes you feel less at risk of rejection…

When her character turns out to be less than you’d hoped, you’ve actually created more risk by wasting months or years (which you have a limited quantity of!), when all the while you could have been with a woman who is attractive, intelligent, *and* full of character, loyalty, and real beauty.

The problem is…

It’s so tempting to fall into hopelessness which then makes us just believe what we *wish* were true about a beautiful woman… especially if she actively wants you to believe it too.

She’s beautiful and/or she’s into me, therefore bingo! Let’s move forward.”

But this leads us to sabotage our values and boundaries…

Ignoring the (sometimes quite subtle!) warning signs…

Only to end up with another failed relationship, and another wound to the heart.

But what if there was a way to “decode” the women you meet early on…

A way to figure out what’s going on in her head, and what kind of person she is…

Before you invest in a relationship with her?

Sure, dating can be exhausting…

But getting into and out of a relationship you know you shouldn’t be in is certainly more exhausting (and time-consuming during your prime years when you want to be available to the best woman for you!).

Discover deeper beauty in a woman, early on! 

Take heart!

It’s a new day and you no longer have to waste years investing in the wrong women…

… giving away your heart and soul too early, only to find out that she wasn’t right for you.

You can be authentic and in touch with your true feelings and intuition about a woman, armed with knowledge of green flags, yellow flags, and red flags, so you can always make the right choice at each point on the path of a new relationship.

You don’t have to settle for external beauty. You can discover deeper beauty.

Introverted Alpha to the rescue! 

Ever since June of 2014, Introverted Alpha has been hard at work. 
We’ve been able to help hundreds of introverted men just like you discover their innate masculine energy and confidence and naturally attract the most wonderful women for them. 
These guys are launching their dating lives with new skills that show them how and who to date.

Some have had their first kiss ever, some have attracted an awesome girlfriend, and some have met the woman of their dreams who they’ve married and started a family with.

Working with us to bring out their unique best and find out what to do at every point of their journey has enabled them to attract and enjoy the women who were best for them.

They talk with our IA Coaches and ask questions about the women they’re getting to know, so we can help them.

One point that has come up often with a lot of our guys is that in the past, they were burned by relationships with the wrong women.

Sometimes, they had fallen too easily because a woman was beautiful and they had fun together.

Other times, our guys weren’t even into her from the start but couldn’t put their finger on it and didn’t know how to say no.

So we helped them.

Our IA Coaches got to the bottom of what was really going on, and it WORKED.

Our introverted clients started feeling much more “choiceful,” as we call it, about who they dated and how quickly (or slowly!) they gave their hearts to women. 

As a result, their whole lives changed.

They became more empowered, and they attracted much better women.

We knew we had to help thousands more men save themselves from all these bad outcomes:

Wasting time on pointless dates…

Saying yes to more intimacy than they wanted to, giving themselves away too soon…

Falling for a woman just because she’s beautiful on the outside, or way worse…

Spending months in a relationship with the wrong women.

All those bad habits before finding us had led to heartache, pain, and frustration of investing themselves for years into relationships only to have them end up causing more harm than good.

Without even meaning to directly, we had uncovered the key to helping men to create fun, fulfilling, and passionate relationships with the quality women of their dreams, without all the heartache of investing in women who weren’t the best for them.

And, no…

You Won’t Find This in Any Dating Books, and You Definitely Won’t Find it in Any PUA YouTube Videos

This is a hard-won solution we discovered after spending years in the trenches with introverted men helping them vastly improve their love lives, and…

… after spending countless hours coaching introverted men *specifically* and uncovering this hidden gem of dating success.

This *only* works for kind, intelligent men of integrity.


As we continued our research, we realized that what we had found was actually easy for our clients.

It was an unnoticed effect of going through our other programs…

All we needed to do was isolate and define it.

You don’t need to master an encyclopedia of “Pick Up Artist” techniques…

You don’t need to understand psychology at a P.hD level…

And you don’t need to change who you are or how you act when you’re around women.

The truth is…

You can still be yourself, all of yourself, because not knowing how to choose women well is actually not about you, how you dress, or what dating apps you use…

It’s about them, but...

Not in the way you might think...

Because when you truly “get” this – you’ll understand just how easy it actually is – and you’ll shake your head for not figuring this out sooner.

And guess what?

Almost NOBODY knows about this.

The Secret To Making Your Dating Life Easy and Fun!

Just imagine for a moment… 

Effortless, successful interactions with women when you meet them for the first time because your head is finally in the right place (vetting *them* instead of feeling nervous about what they’re thinking of you), and…

Fun, entertaining, and lively first dates (since there’s no pressure because you have plenty of time to accurately and safely figure out if she’s right for you, as you go)… 

Plus, you’ll know with certainty if you should entertain the idea of a second date or third date or beyond…

Then you can avoid all the relationship-killing “rude surprises” that mysteriously pop up a month or two into a relationship (that makes you wonder if you made a big mistake)

What if you could have freedom from staying in a relationship too long, so you can avoid that pit in your stomach when you know a relationship isn’t the best for you, and …

What if you could enjoy the ability to be your authentic self around women as you get to know them, unattached to the outcome. 

That’s right. 

Just enjoying yourself, grounded in what is most important to you, connected to reality, and available and open to real, lasting, wonderful love.


It’s simple…

Because, again, connection is all about them. Or rather… 

Connection is about what makes them tick and your ability to decode where or not she is someone you would do well to invest your time and heart into.

Knowing what to look for in women before you invest months into a relationship gives you freedom.

Now, while that may sound so incredibly simple that you just gloss right over it, I urge you to read that last sentence again and pay attention, because…

Those simple 17 words are one of the key pillars responsible for the success of hundreds of our clients. 

They didn’t just end up in happy relationships because of their confidence, their ability to approach women, or their understanding of the principles of attraction…

Yes, all those are important skills, but deeper than that… 

The underlying reason so many of our clients have created active and fulfilling dating lives and loving and connected relationships is they now know what they’re looking for in a woman, and…

They can now accurately determine whether or not the woman they’re dating is a perfect match to go to the next step with her, and then the next. 

If you don’t know what you’re looking for in a woman, how will you know when you find the right one? But… 

When you do know what to look for?  

Now the doors swing wide open to reveal a new world of quality, connected, and passionate relationships with women who are truly good and nourishing for you… 

Women whose values and character align with what you’re seeking.

When you understand what you’re looking for and how to recognize those qualities in the women you meet, all the potential disasters that could have been melt away.

“This sounds too good to be true, at least for me!”

If you have never been on a single date in your entire life, this is the perfect opportunity for you! When you build a strong foundation of knowledge before you begin to date, you will already be ten steps ahead of everyone else. This will be a true gift you’re giving yourself because you will feel confident and prepared before you even start a relationship or even start to date. Now, how’s that for peace of mind?

Like any other actions you take in life, reading women is a skill that can be learned. While we don’t guarantee mind-reading capabilities, we will teach you how to pick up on the subtle cues and signs women give off so that you can feel confident knowing what to do next. 

While it’s never fun to end a relationship, we will teach you how to do so with grace and tact. You will discover how to gauge whether you can work on certain areas of your relationship, or if it’s truly time to move on to a better relationship for you. 

This is a common and understandable fear. Life is full of “what if’s” and we like to counter this question with, “What would your life look like ten years from now if you settled?” We don’t want that for you! You deserve a fulfilling life with a partner who is loving, supportive, and right for you.

While getting to know someone is an ongoing process, you will learn the key indicators and “red flags” to watch out for as you learn more about her. You will discover how to lead the relationship, step by step, at every stage so you feel confident in knowing what to do next and how to move your budding relationship along.

Your feelings are completely understandable, and we can empathize 100%! Of course you don’t want to hurt her, and it’s not fun and easy to go through a breakup. Still, this is your life, and we wholeheartedly believe that sometimes we have to make a decision that isn’t comfortable in the moment that will allow us to grow and experience greater fulfillment down the road. We will share how to end a relationship with sensitivity and understanding, and you will discover how you can process your feelings before you start a new relationship.

How Do We Know This Works?

Since 2014, Introverted Alpha has helped hundreds of introverted men just like you develop the confidence and skills to lead active and fulfilling dating lives. 

While our clients come from every type of background and age group, they share one common theme after working with us: 

They enjoy healthy and passionate love while being their natural and authentic selves.


What Other Introverted Alphas Experience At IA

"If you're really frustrated, you may figure it out [on your own], but I think working with Introverted Alpha can drastically speed up how quickly you can figure it out and feel comfortable.”
- D.L.
“I wish I could describe the power that you’ve awakened in me, out of my head into my life.”
- R.P.
"I’m really happy to get dates and experience going out with great people, but the thing I’m most proud of is the overall mindset shift that I’m able to accomplish."
- J.E.
“I’m meeting a new amazing woman every two weeks at this point. If I add any more to my rotation, I won’t be able to handle them all!”
- R.E.
“This is exactly what I needed. It would have taken me a lifetime to figure these things out.”
- A.L.
“I went from feeling pretty isolated socially, which I was for years, to actively dating again. And now, being in a relationship, I feel a whole different liberating attitude towards myself and the relationship."
- M.G.

Now, let us help you solve the puzzle of how to quickly “decode” the right woman for you…


Discovering Deeper Beauty

The Exciting Journey to Finding Out Who She Is

Here Is What You Are Getting:

Module 1: Who’s Your Type?


>> What kind of woman is the best fit for you? Uncover the 3 main types of women so that you can know with certainty if she has the potential you’re looking for in a woman…

>> Is she mentally and emotionally healthy? Discover the relationship health indicators that each type of woman has so that you avoid giving your heart to women who aren’t a great match…

>> “Was that a red flag?” Understand and detect warning signs so you can escape with your sanity intact…

>> Is she self-absorbed or a sweetheart? Unlock the “mystery” of what makes her tick so that you can feel confident in your decision to move forward or not… 

Couple With Coffee And Cupcakes - Discovering Deeper Beauty

Module 2: What Makes for a Quality Partner?


>> Don’t fall for a pretty face… Discover how to “get a feel” of her character and the quality of partner she’ll be.

>> How good will she be to you over time? Determine her relationship quality based on how she speaks and acts towards herself, others, and you so that you can spot the key indicators of whether or not she’ll make a great partner for you.

>> Is her character diamond-quality? Quality relationships are built on shared values and common morals (not just looks). Discover how to “peek under the hood” before choosing who to invest your time and your heart with.

Module 3: How Can You Tell If She’s Good for You? 


>> Early awareness is key… Spot the key indicators in her ways of being to aid you in your filtering process, as you consider what you are saying yes and no to in your life by being with her.

>> Trust, but verify… You can trust and give women the benefit of the doubt, but watch closely how she treats other people – her friends, strangers, family – and the surprising kind of person who gives the best tells about a woman’s character.

>> Beware of putting her on a pedestal… Get grounded so you don’t ignore warning signs or turn a blind eye to problem areas leading to heartache from someone you were never going to “click” with in the first place.

Couple On Mountain - Discovering Deeper Beauty
Couple With Dog - Discovering Deeper Beauty

Module 4: How Should You Lead The Relationship Over Time?


>> Not too fast, not too slow… Lead the relationship step by step while continuing to vet her to ensure you’ve truly found a quality match…

>> Keep your emotions in check… Honor yourself without overcommitting too early in the relationship (find out the “magic number of days” that anyone can pretend really well)…

>> Does she equally give and receive with gratitude? Ensure mutual fulfillment by knowing exactly what to look for in how she responds to your affection and generosity.

>> Understand the seasons and cadence of your relationship… Get all the wisdom you need to take your time and make a solid decision before becoming committed to a woman. 

And, much more!

How You Will Get This Great Information

Discovering Deeper Beauty is a self-paced program that will allow you to . 

This exciting program includes… 

Training from IA Founder, Sarah, directly, including 4 powerful, transformative training and Q&A call recordings

Worksheets, guides, and all the written materials you’ll need to help you powerfully implement everything you discover.

1:1 Implementation Call with your Client Concierge to celebrate everything you learned and make sure you’re all set with next steps for the road ahead.

Also receive lifetime access to all of the following materials...


All training calls recorded for you as mp4s so you can watch anywhere


All training videos as audio mp3s so you can listen on the go

Implementation Sheets

4 powerful Implementation Sheets


Full Transcripts of all calls so you can take notes and highlight key points


When you join Discovering Deeper Beauty today, you’ll also receive “The Quiet Hero” as a gift! This is our self-study program on how to slow a racing mind, overcome perfectionism, and safely let go of overthinking, a perfect complement to your “Discovering Deeper Beauty” journey. 

You get the entire program as a free bonus when you join “Discovering Deeper Beauty” today. 

Discovering Deeper Beauty is One-Of-A-Kind

“Discovering Deeper Beauty” is unlike any other program on the market today when it comes to men’s dating for one simple reason…

Most dating advice for men is focused on you.

What you need to do…

What you need to change about yourself, and… 

Tactics you need to deploy to meet and date the women you want.

Programs and courses like this have their place, but…

Discovering Deeper Beauty is different because it shifts the focus off you and onto the women you meet.

It’s not about anything you do, but rather…

How you qualify and vet women in order to figure out if they have the personality, character, and values that are a match for your efforts…

Spotting red flags so you can bow out as a gentleman before sinking months or years of your life into a relationship so you can focus your energy on women who are life-giving for you…

Feeling confident in your ability to properly vet women without creating stressful tension or making her feel like she’s being investigated by the FBI, so you can enjoy getting to know her over time while protecting your heart and soul…

Dating “ideal women” who share your values and have personalities that “click” with yours so you can finally have a fun and fulfilling dating life, and…

Leading your relationships from an origin point of confidence and strength within you. 

“Discovering Deeper Beauty” brings you the “secret sauce” of what has helped our clients lead active, wise dating lives and find amazing women to forge long-term committed relationships with.

As I mentioned earlier… our clients are able to do this naturally after working with us one-on-one in our customized coaching programs that can run up to $7,000, but…

The good news for you is that you won’t come anywhere near that price.

We’ve been able to isolate this pillar of success and formulate a simple method for “decoding” and discovering the inner beauty of the women you meet…

All in a convenient self-study format, for a fraction of our one-on-one coaching programs.

Normally, being able to get this level of in-depth training is at least $1,000, but…  

You can experience Discovering Deeper Beauty today for just $247.00.

Let Sarah’s training help you finally enjoy the dating success and fulfillment you want, with only the best women for you. 

Let’s be honest…

At the end of the day, there are only a few options: 

Continue dating the wrong women for you, leading to wasted time, frustration, and heartache…

Join our one-on-one coaching programs and naturally discover this process as a byproduct of the coaching (we’d love to have you!), or…

You can let us help you inside “Discovering Deeper Beauty.”


And, you can enjoy the program with your own personal Client Concierge, who will make sure you’re totally taken care of at every step! 

Bonus: Your Client Concierge

Sandy is your Client Concierge, and she will take excellent care of you at every step of the way during your Discovering Deeper Beauty journey with us. 

You’ll get to enjoy a 1:1 Implementation Call, to make sure you’re prepared with your next steps and all you need from here.

All you need to do is sign up for the program, and she will reach out to you to welcome you and send you her personal calendar link so you have it when you’re ready to schedule your 1:1 Implementation Call! 

We want you to feel totally confident joining and taking this powerful step for yourself today. 

All you need to do is go here and join:

From there, you’ll have instant access to your materials so you can get started immediately. 

Calls will be uploaded to your program dashboard every 2 weeks, over the course of the program, and you will have recordings of every call.

As each training and Q&A takes place, you will receive an mp4 and an mp3 of the calls and full, unrestricted access to all the materials including the helpful worksheets and handy guides, for life. 

We’re right here for you, by your side, cheering you on through this exciting journey of discovering the deeper beauty of the women in your life.

“Introverted Alpha was a hugely transformational experience for me and one I will never forget. From it, I have grown and had relationships and life experiences that have taught me even more. It has allowed me to live life a bit more on my own terms.”
- A.M.

Wouldn’t you like to have the same kind of transformational experience? 

Let’s make your story a beautiful love story. :)

Next Steps to A Fulfilling Relationship

Sometimes it’s scary to take a strong step for ourselves, especially when we’ve felt burned by advice in the past.

Of everything we’re passionate about here at Introverted Alpha, drawing out your unique genuine self and helping you to enjoy an active dating life is top of the list! 

We can’t wait to hear about the successes you’ll enjoy once you discover how to properly qualify and discover the deeper beauty in the women that you meet.

One more thing… what will life be like *without* this ability? 

Is that the life you want to lead, especially given that this opportunity is in front of you and it’s up to you to take it? 

Remember, you get a full refund if you’re not totally in love with all you learn! And that’s worst-case (not so bad!). ;) 

Best case, it changes your life. 

Let’s go…

At the end of the day, what’s your Plan B if you don’t get this figured out right now?

You owe it to yourself to enjoy a fun and active dating life with quality women who are the perfect match for you.

This is your life, so take advantage of this limited-time opportunity!

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