Do women see you as “just a friend” more often than you would like?

Is your lack of dating leadership skills hurting your chances with women?

What if you could dramatically lessen your chances of rejection so you’re no longer seen as a buddy but rather as a strong leader…


While greatly increasing your ability to attract and keep the right woman for you, having fun all along the way in a meaningful, fulfilling dating life?

Here's a helpful, relatable example in action:

Meet Jake, IA Reader-Turned-Client

Jake is a client of IA who, before learning from us, wrote us this: 

“Things recently fizzled out with a great girl I really liked, and she actually said she got confused because we were having great conversations but I never touched her!”

The thing is, he didn’t know how to lead in dating. He didn’t understand how to develop strong boundaries that were beneficial to the women he’d date and to himself.

As a result, chemistry was missing, and it was confusing not only to Jake, but to the women he dated! Sure, sometimes women wouldn’t call or text back, and he wouldn’t know what was wrong. But sometimes, he actually got feedback from them in their confusion.

Women would tell Jake they just didn’t know why they weren’t feeling that spark, when everything seemed great about him.

This was extremely frustrating and hard for Jake to come to grips with, as he shared with us:

“It’s tough to admit I am not as successful in dating as I could be, given the value I bring to the table. A number of women have pointed out their confusion after a few dates, that all the pieces should be there for attraction, but she can’t figure out why she doesn’t feel a spark. I look forward to working with you and Introverted Alpha this year to make some concrete improvements in my dating skills.”

And that, he did!


Jake’s Journey at IA

Over the course of his time at Introverted Alpha, Jake had some powerful realizations. Here’s the gist of what he learned:

  • He wasn’t missing anything fundamentally; he was already great (as he knew deep down!). He just needed to learn dating *leadership* skills, and those came from one place: clear boundaries and knowledge of how to connect to himself and others in a structured way.

  • Jake needed an established and developed identity. This went beyond knowing his likes and dislikes into knowing what he stood for. What would he and wouldn’t he do in any given situation? Once he really knew himself, women he met could see him as strong… and they wanted a stable mate. They wanted a man with established and predictable boundaries.

  • While women do like spontaneity, that is not the same as wishy-washy or unpredictable behavior. By spending the time to establish boundaries for all parts of his life, and living those boundaries every day, that’s how a woman could know who he was.

  • Without a strong outlined identity, Jake could not present himself, and women could see that! Discovering how to develop, express, and live by his personal boundaries allowed women to see him… see him as strong and a leader.

  • And once he had well-established boundaries, he could attract the right match for him. The more he knew about himself, the more she could see him, and the more he could recognize and understand about her!

  • For Jake and for all men, boundaries are the key to finding and building a successful long-lasting relationship with the right woman.

This all made sense to Jake.

Once he got example after example of boundaries in action, he wanted to know all he could about boundaries.

We not only took Jake through our boundary exercises, we also created an entire program on boundaries so every introverted man could live and date better!

And once he established boundaries in all areas and could “walk his talk”, things changed in my life in many ways including dating.


Jake’s “After” Snapshot

People reacted to him differently when they saw he was a person of established principles and that he knew how to express his boundaries without imposing them on others.

Instead of being left in the “friend zone”, he found that women wanted to skip that territory altogether. For the first time Jake felt like dating became a real opportunity to find the “real thing” instead of just another exercise in building more callouses from rejection.

And once he did start a dating relationship, he was confident and able to quickly assess if she was right for him.

Check out what he shared just ten months after first writing to us. He wrote to us gratefully…

“[IA] helped solidify the way I view myself and romantic relationships, giving me confidence and clarity in the pursuit of love and the normal rituals and routines of being in a relationship. It doesn’t end. The principles taught in IA are a key part of how I sustain and strengthen our relationship: the constant negotiation of boundaries and ongoing seduction and wooing of my girl.”


Do You Want the Same Results as Jake?

Our powerful program is called “Benevolent Badass Boundaries.” We developed this program after thousands of coaching hours and hearing many common challenges men were having in dating and in developing relationships.

There is nothing like Benevolent Badass Boundaries anywhere. Several introverted men over the years have expressed gratitude to us for teaching them what is inside this program. We’re deeply happy to be able to share all of this great information with you in one place, for the first time.

The Benevolent Badass Boundaries program will help you truly identify yourself in easy steps to give you the strength that attracts a woman.

You will…

  • Discover what healthy personal standards are and how those attract her.
  • Easily recognize “red flags” accurately without missing them or blowing things out of proportion.
  • Know what to share about your past and when or at what stages in dating you should or can go into more depth.
  • Become confident in communicating so that you send clear messages to avoid ever giving the wrong impression of not being interested or being overly interested too early.

That’s exactly what Benevolent Badass Boundaries is designed to do.

This program has been refined and perfected into a teachable form especially for men who are more introverted and thoughtful by nature.

Why This Works

Natural, Genuine Approach

As an introverted, thoughtful man, you need an approach to boundaries that brings out your natural kindness and also roots you in your natural strength. 

Happy Medium

You don’t have to come on too strong with your boundaries. And you also don’t need to ignore boundaries altogether. 

Balanced and Practical

What you need is a balanced, whole approach that not only helps you make practical and wise choices as you lead in a relationship, but helps you come across as thoughtful, strong, and desirable for a romantic relationship. 


Benevolent Badass Boundaries

Create The Perfect Dating Zone

Our Unique Approach

At Introverted Alpha, we love how genuine and thoughtful introverted men are. 

You’re not the kind of man who can “just do it”… and that’s a good thing! Because you are so in-depth in your thinking, you need to understand *why* a particular boundary is good and how to best implement it for your benefit and hers. 

Since 2014, we’ve been helping smart introverted men attract women naturally, and now we’re taking all we’ve discovered about how you best thrive and applying it specifically to creating the perfect dating zone. 

As you become your own benevolent badass self with strong boundaries that support you and everyone you’re in a relationship with, life and relationships will become easier, more joyful, and more intimate substantially over time. 

Made for You (with love!)

A lot of teachings on boundaries can come across as harsh for the introverted disposition. 

Because of your kindhearted nature, you may feel like the only way to make good boundaries is to be “in people’s faces” about it, which is the opposite of how you are deep down! 

And the great news is, you don’t have to do that. In fact, creating boundaries is one of the gentlest, most loving things you can do, not only for others but for yourself too. 

We made Benevolent Badass Boundaries to show you exactly how to do that, in areas you’re already wondering about (like pacing in communicating during dating) and in areas you haven’t thought about but which matter just as much (discerning potential conflict areas early so they don’t become a big issue down the line). 

In Benevolent Badass Boundaries, you’ll have everything you need to create your perfect dating zone, a place where you and the woman you choose can get to know each other in a safe, wise, open-eyed and joyful context. 

Have Fun While Learning

Awesomely, you don’t have to become a “boundaries expert”! You don’t have to go to some kind of seminar or sift through a book that doesn’t jive with your way of integrating information. 

Instead, you get to enjoy video after video (or audio after audio, or transcript after transcript, depending on your preference!) of curated, hand-delivered teaching just for you. Everything will resonate with your beautiful, thoughtful introverted mind so you can implement it with more ease and peacefulness than you could anything else. 

See Results Quickly

Rather than taking tons of time to research and sift through resources that aren’t made for you, you can go straight to the source of what works best for introverted men. Yay! This is such a blessing. 

Everything in Benevolent Badass Boundaries is custom-made for your linear, logical way of thinking. There are categories and subcategories, all mapped out and sequentially laid out… It’s like a white-sand Tahiti beach moment for your mind! 

Because you’re getting the full picture of what truly supportive dating boundaries look like, you can pick what stands out to you most and reference the rest later. You’ll have lifetime access to everything; you can start with what is highest-leverage for you to implement! 

Immediately after you enjoy the material for the very first time, you’ll already have changed. Your boundaries will already be stronger! Why? Because of awareness. Just being aware of what Benevolent Badass Boundaries are and how to implement them in your life already is the heavy lifting, and it’s fun and quick! From there, you’ll be inspired to keep going, to keep flourishing, and to keep reaping the benefits of all the wisdom you won in the program.  

"But wait, will this work for me?"

If boundaries are as familiar to you as a tropical mango is to a penguin, then not to fear! We’re going to teach you everything you need to know, from the ground up. We don’t assume you know *anything* about boundaries; that’s why we start with dictionary definitions of every single area we teach! This helps you build foundational knowledge with ease, even if you’ve never seen a mango before. ;)

First of all, excellent job on that! We’re so happy that you have developed those great patterns in your life. In Benevolent Badass Boundaries, you will build on that to fill in any pesky gaps in your boundaries knowledge, and to address anything that you could take to the next level. This way, your relationships will be even more satisfying, authentic, and joyful… and how nice will that feel for you and for those in your life, right?

If you’re one of our extroverted IA guys, awesome! By being here, you’re showing that you resonate with our approach at Introverted Alpha. And that indicates that you’ve got that gorgeous logical, linear mind! If you connect with the values and approach of Introverted Alpha, Benevolent Badass Boundaries is very likely to benefit you, since it addresses boundaries and not introversion specifically as its subject matter.

Let's imagine together...

What will it feel like to develop your “perfect dating zone”?

You’ll be successful at solving any and all challenges that come your way… 

With Benevolent Badass Boundaries, you never have to second-guess what you should or shouldn’t be doing or saying at each step.  

That’s because you’ll finally have direct knowledge you can rely on for all these critical (and crucially different!) stages… 

  • Before you’re exclusive
  • Before your first 90 days together 
  • Before making a long-term commitment 

With your new awareness of benevolent badass boundaries, you’ll feel healthy and empowered. You’ll be able to attract the right woman for you and create an environment for your relationship to flourish.

You’ll finally be able to connect deeply, with confidence. 

Because of your wonderfully supportive boundaries, you’ll be able to hone your dating leadership so she can follow your lead as you deepen intimacy. 

You’ll be able to show interest through your clear, attractive communication that puts each of you at ease.  

And you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re accurately discerning signs that a woman is healthily relating with you and is invested in the relationship, so you can continue building closeness with her.

Bottom line, you will have developed Benevolent Badass Boundaries. 

As a result, your relationships will be more fulfilling, connected, and nourishing than you even thought possible. And you’ll feel more confident too. 

And, women will be more attracted to you as a result… 

A man with a solid sense of self and strong leadership skills is a man that wonderful women want to meet! 

With all that you’re about to learn in Benevolent Badass Boundaries, you can’t help but become that man. 

All of this is within your reach because of Benevolent Badass Boundaries.

An Established Path to Success

Ever since Introverted Alpha was established in 2014, we have been committed from day one to smart introverted men. You are who we’re doing everything for! (You and the awesome women you’ll now get to lead well… so that everyone wins!) 

All you need to know is that in a sea of information for extroverts, you have found yourself at the best resting place for introverts. And here, there’s no brashness. There’s no demanding that you become inherently different. There’s none of that. 

All you’ll find here is story after story after story of the thousands of men we’ve gotten to help flourish into their very best selves as they enjoy relationships they only dared dream of having before finding us. 

This can be you!  

Even More Benefits For You

With Benevolent Badass Boundaries, you’ll finally have a template to leading well in any dating relationship, current or future, as an introverted man! As a result, patterns that have been challenging for a lifetime will melt away

You’ll finally have clarity and boldness to make the best foundation possible for you and the woman you’re attracting. 

You can feel peaceful and self-confident as you text her, take her out, and talk with her on date one, date three, date twelve, and date one hundred

The level of intimacy this will allow is one of the most fulfilling parts of being human. We’re made for connection, and the only way we can have that is on a bedrock of good, trustable boundaries, that both you and she can rely on.  

Whether you’re planning your second date, a milestone conversation, or a mountain vacation, you’ll be able to communicate and lead better than you ever could before. 

What other men like you have experienced...

“I am now a much better partner and understand my ongoing role in the relationship better… We’re flying to Chicago/NYC for her to meet my family, and generally are just really happy planning a future together.”
- T.
“I know what I have to offer, I know what I can contribute to the world and to a relationship. And having that confidence really allows you to pursue what you truly want, and maybe opportunities that you wouldn’t have allowed yourself to... I know what I want now. I know exactly, because I was able to think and reflect upon what I wanted in women, and what I wanted out of a relationship.”
- L.
“I met a beautiful girl with a very warm heart through my social circle. And we’ve been dating for a couple of months now and it feels really good with her. So I’m happy. :)”
- A.

Get ready to discover how to...

Part 1: Personal Boundaries

See “Red Flags” Accurately

  • Set healthy personal standards and be what you want to attract

  • Tell early on if a woman has a healthy relationship with money

  • Discern what is a “red flag” compared to a simple miscommunication 
Pen and Paper Budgeting Circle - Benevolent Badass Boundaries
Couple Embracing Circle - Benevolent Badass Boundaries

Part 2: Interpersonal Boundaries

Connect with Confidence and Clarity

  • Be a match to the healthy, respectful person you want to attract

  • Easily note everyday signs of how trustworthy a woman is

  • Determine healthy boundaries in terms of physical space, and in terms of intimacy in dating

Part 3: Pacing

Communicate Skillfully at the Right Pace

  • Reveal the right amount of information at the right time, even if you’ve tended to be either guarded or divulgent in the past 

  • Communicate at the right frequency for the level of relationship you have with a woman you’re dating

  • Understand what should be different before exclusivity, before 90 days, and before lifelong commitment
Couple Hugging Circle

Part 4: Growth

Grow in our Relationship Together

  • Use a helpful template for understanding what draws others to you and what pushes them away, so you can grow

  • Develop crystal clear uplifting communication in all your closest relationships, platonic and romantic

  • Discern whether or not a woman is invested in the relationship and equally invested in her own growth alongside you

What's Included...


1.5 Hours of Teaching Videos


Listen-Anywhere Audio

Implementation Sheet

Crystallize your learnings and refer to your personal reflections later.


Complete Transcripts for Each Class


For a limited time, when you join Benevolent Badass Boundaries, $50 of your $79 purchase amount will be deducted from the price of the next future program you choose at a value of $497 or higher at Introverted Alpha, for 1 year after purchase. Simply email us to ask for the $50 deduction to be applied, and we’ll take care of it for you right away!

Not only will you receive all of the above, you will also get...

  • The 2 most powerful questions that draw a woman closer to you

  • 8 specific boundaries that will invite the right kind of woman into your life

  • 5 clues that the woman you’re dating is as invested as you are in the relationship

You get all this for only $79.


That’s it.  

We want you to have this knowledge so much that we’re essentially gifting this to you. :) 

Because of how incredibly valuable Benevolent Badass Boundaries is, we don’t know how much longer it will be only $79.

That’s why this right now is your moment! 

60-Day Guarantee

If you’re not feeling it, just let us know! When you send us your completed implementation sheet within 60 days of your purchase, we’ll refund you in full, no questions asked

All you need to do is click this button. You’ll fill in your name, email, and card info, and there you go! You’ll instantly get an email with your login to Benevolent Badass Boundaries, which you can access immediately in your client dashboard. 

“It just leaves you so comfortable and confident in who you are and that you’re equal in this. You very much go out of this knowing that you’re a great person and you’re just going out to explore what the other person’s like. To see whether there’s a genuine connection.”
- D.

Don’t you want to enjoy the same assurance and confidence in your dating life? 

Next Steps to Creating Boundaries

Do you connect with even *one* of the challenges above? This could be life-changing for you, just to address that piece, much less all the other boundary wisdom you’ll instantly gain! 

Join Benevolent Badass Boundaries so you can build a loving, exciting relationship on solid ground.

One more thing…

What is your plan if you do not join Benevolent Badass Boundaries?

Don’t let a promising relationship slip through your fingers; set the foundation for a nourishing and fulfilling relationship that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Leaving Already?

Before You Go...

Schedule a call with us to improve your dating life immediately.

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