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About Sarah Jones, founder of Introverted Alpha

First things first: I love introverted men.

My dad, my brother, men I’ve dated, and many clients… all engineers. Linear, logical guys are more irresistible than they know.

In fact, there were men I felt attracted to who I was 99% sure were attracted to me too… but their shyness got the best of them, and we sadly had to forfeit the adventures awaiting us.

I’m not sure how aware they were of what could have been. I was sorely aware.

I started Introverted Alpha for this reason:

To stop that from happening for the introverted men out there and the women (like me) who prefer them.

I wanted to give analytical men a roadmap to attract the right women in a way that FEELS REALLY GOOD for everyone involved.

Rolling Hills Alabama

The Backstory

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. (Alabama’s tagline is “Alabama the Beautiful” for a reason!)

As a girl, an enduring fantasy of mine was to have a cozy shop with my art, poetry, novellas, and music.

I’d imagine people coming into the shop and experiencing my world, feeling something wonderful from it, and leaving with a token.

(If you’re ever in San Francisco, visit Utsuwa on Polk Street. That shop is the exact fantasy I always had, but with plants and a charming Japanese shop owner. He doesn’t know it, but he is one of my favorite humans.)

Boy Studying on his Bed

The Joy of Teaching

As a teenager and young adult, I loved academic tutoring.

My focus was on helping people become more confident in themselves.

I brought a sense of fun and lightness and adventure to what had traditionally been drudgery for them (geometry, anyone?).

It was so meaningful for me, and I tutored on and off for 11+ years while I was also painting, writing, in school, and working other jobs.

In 2011, I had a coach of my own to help me launch my art career, and one day I realized that more than art, what really excited me was making a difference in people’s lives.

The day of a big art show in Summer 2012, I found iPEC Coaching and enrolled in their professional coaching certification program.

Couple holding hands

My dating life flourished

As a direct result of being in coaching school, my own dating life was going AMAZINGLY for the first time in my life, in my mid-twenties.

Before then, I was either in a half-hearted long-term relationship or completely celibate and closed off to dating.

Finally, I was meeting and dating BEAUTIFUL men… really attractive, mysterious, kind, sexual men. I was absolutely in heaven.

I said, “I want to teach other women how to do this! It’s incredible.”

A couple months later, I was coaching a man who said to me, “Hey I think this dynamic is really good: you as a woman coaching me as a man. It seems to come naturally to you, and I’m really enjoying it.

“Have you considered coaching men?”

That was all I needed to hear. I’d been thinking the same thing and was eager to make that shift.

Palm trees reflected in pool

In Summer 2013…

I met a dating coach for men in Los Angeles named Adam Gilad.

Adam used to work with David Deida, and I really liked Adam’s approach of helping men live an inspired life and attract women that way, rather than through pickup artist tricks.

In our first meeting, I told Adam, “I want to love men into their greatness.”

(Every time Adam tells that story, he says, “And I hired her on the spot!”)

I became a men’s dating coach, Adam’s Head Coach as he affectionately called me from the beginning (even though I was his only coach!).

I started coaching the men who knew and loved his work.

As I got more experienced as a dating coach for guys, I saw more and more how the men who were smart and introverted were my best clients.


They were wonderful!

We had the best connection, and they were able to understand and implement what I taught them really well.

Through being involved in the dating coaching industry for men, I saw there was a shortage of effective introvert dating advice for these guys.

There was literally no specific dating advice for introverted men, even though these men require a different approach. 

There was plenty of advice encouraging them to be extroverts, which didn’t resonate with them or me.

There was ZERO advice encouraging them to attract women by becoming the best version of themselves.

I founded Introverted Alpha in Summer 2014 to fill this need in the industry.

I had taken Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch program that Spring, so I felt equipped to make an artisanal, sustainable online business.

Dinner prep with cutting board

One summer night in 2014

I was at a friend’s house, and he was making dinner.

I told him I had started a site that week called The Attractive Introvert.

Through that site, I would help introverted men become successful with women.

As I was telling my friend all about the new The Attractive Introvert, he turned around, wooden spoon in hand:

“Have you considered a name like… The Introverted Alpha? I think that would really resonate with a lot of men.”

My eyes widened, and I whipped out my laptop and bought the domain name on the spot.

When Introverted Alpha came online in Summer 2014, introversion was a hot topic thanks to Susan Cain’s brilliant book, Quiet.

I was honored when one year after our inception, her team reached out to see if I would kindly post on their website, Quiet Revolution. I was of course thrilled to.

I’ve also been honored every time Ramit Sethi has featured me and my business as a case study for his Zero To Launch program, and I’m happy to have written for his site

Introverted Alpha has also been featured by, interviewed by, or contributed to Forbes, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Cosmo, Bustle, Elite Daily, Ask Men, Men’s Fitness, The Lively Show, Entrepreneur on Fire,The Startup Sessions, ManTalks, Self Made Man, Knowledge for Men, Order of Man, and many more.

Glass of wine in kitchen

Why is this so fun?

I think Introverted Alpha is so fulfilling for me because it’s the marriage of my two earliest loves:

(1) having a “shop” of sorts for people to come and experience my view of things, and (2) “tutoring” men into genuine confidence and ease, just as I did with academic tutoring.

From the day I started Introverted Alpha, I knew I wanted to grow it into a proper business with a high-touch refined system for men to walk through.

I wanted a team of people to help carry Introverted Alpha’s impact beyond what I could do personally as a solopreneur. Today, our team of six is going strong and so are our clients.

I literally have a crush on every team member.

I tell them often, “So, this is a little unorthodox… but I DO have a crush on every single one of you.”

They are just so good! Introverted Alpha’s team g-chat is an ongoing party of “Yay!!!’s” and creative emojis, as well as a stream of strategic insights and links to google docs and spreadsheets.

I love being there with my team every day, talking and sharing. We’re 100% remote, the six of us all over North America.

Friends on a hike

We get quite excited

We’d love to go grab a beer after work (especially when we hear extra exciting news from a client!), but it is lovely being in our own homes with our own families and friends, connecting with each other over all you guys.

We want so much for you:

  • The joy of attracting refined, quality women as your day-to-day norm.
  • Freedom to choose the right short-term and/or long-term partners for you.
  • An ever-deepening sense of happiness, sensuality, and connection.
  • The confidence that comes from attracting women naturally.
  • A mind-blowing, super hot and connected intimate life.

In everything we do at Introverted Alpha, our intention is to be the clear and unequivocal choice for introverted men who want to attract women naturally without being someone they’re not.

We’re so happy you’ve found us!

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Thank you for being here. What’s next?

I hope you get everything you came to Introverted Alpha for, and I hope to keep growing together every day. If you’d like to build strong easeful dating skills in a short matter of months, check out our Program page to see how we can help.

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